Dual Flush Concealed Cistern

As the name recommends, the cistern component of the toilet is concealed, either behind a wall or inside a furniture unit, with simply the toilet dish visible. This adds to a cleaner, more moderate style washroom that is simple to keep up with and effortlessly trendy. Some concealed cisterns are as meagre as possible 75mm, which means they can squeeze into the wall cavity of a stud segment wall, giving the ideal answer for more modest restrooms. 

 Size and location 

Concealed cisterns are possibly going to be an alternative if you have some space in your toilet. However, from a design point of view, cistern toilets are a great way to use less space and give an illusion of more surface area with wall-hung toilets. If it is utilized in a smaller area, be sure to check the sizes and measurements correctly to avoid any problem at the last minute.

Remember that concealed cisterns are just practical for a back-to-wall container, making them an excellent alternative for a back to wall or wall hung toilet. If you are hoping to introduce a back to wall toilet with a furniture unit, your concealed cistern should fit perfectly inside.

Keep in mind that your concealed cistern should fit inside the furniture unit perfectly.

When looking for a wall hung toilet, you must be searching for a concealed cistern that likewise consolidates a wall mounting outline. This casing will sit behind the wall and hold the heaviness of the skillet just as giving a slight lodging to the actual cistern. Whatever the container, ensure it’s completely viable with the cistern you need beforehand. 

 Valves and access 

Concealed cisterns are valve worked, with either a link or pneumatics. We’d recommend you go for pneumatics as they are more averse to seize up over the long haul and won’t require any fixes now and then. 

Also, consider access when introducing your concealed cistern. On the off chance that something turns out badly, can you access it rapidly and productively? Would you be able to get to the flush line, and would you be able to segregate the water without any problem? 

By utilizing an effectively removable board (like the flush board on our concealed cistern and mounting outlines), you can guarantee that access is never an issue for crises or general upkeep. 


 Picking a flush style can prove to be a daunting task; however, with a cutting edge concealed cistern utilizing pneumatic valves, you’ll need to go for the press button flush. This will (normally) give you the alternative of either a 3 liter or 6 litre flush. By picking a double flush, you get the special reward of saving water.

If you’re truly set on the conventional switch style flush, you’ll need to take a look at more established style concealed cisterns. Remember that switch flushes consistently require more upkeep and are less dependable than press buttons because of their link and ball activity.

Concealed Cistern Features 

Now that we’re done with size and fitting, we can continue to the features that make concealed cistern items so famous with Tapron customers. Brands are truly taking toilet usefulness higher than ever in this inventive field with their concealed cistern contributions. 

Dual Flush 

Concealed cistern dual flush ability is an excellent step towards caring for the environment as we hope to protect the valuable planet on which we live. Indeed, the dual flush ability is presently really turning into a legitimate necessity in an ever-increasing number of nations throughout the planet! 

Cash and Water-Saving Flush Settings 

As we just referenced, dual flush concealed cisterns open a universe of natural potential. This is further improved by driving innovators empowering you to set aside cash with progressive fill and flush valve innovation. 

 Reduced Flush Noise 

You might believe a secret cistern to be a tasteful advantage, yet hold tight; if your cistern is inside the wall, may the toilet flush not be as noisy? 

A genuine decrease in flush noise is one of the most unexpected and, at this point, most liked advantages of the secret cistern toilet! 

And with a bit of soundproofing within your wall, you could transform that noisy flush into a quiet flush. Would you be able to imagine it? With a secret cistern approach, this wild thought is presently not a fantasy! 

Slimline Design 

The essential feature in a cistern is its slimline design and slimline covered up cistern units that can demonstrate as thin as 75mm! These limits work needed to make walls and altogether makes a toilet set up negligible.

Looks of the Concealed Cisterns 

While some washrooms change every other day, some are here to stay. Redoing our bathrooms and toilets with the latest technology is one such trend that is here to stay.

Hands down concealed cisterns are the best when it comes to cluttered washrooms. Stowing away all pipes in the wall or furniture unit is an arrangement that can be accomplished brilliantly for minimal space bathrooms at a very low expense. 

The concealed cistern does wonders for your washroom by allowing you to have more space and a clean toilet without having to spend a lot of money.

Is Concealed Cistern Maintenance Hard? 

In a word – no. Even though many people expect this to be a challenging job yet, by doing some research, you can take care of your concealed cistern toilet similarly as effective as an ordinary cistern toilet. 

Everything relies upon the location of the concealed cistern access board as designed by the maker. This will either include at the top or front of the unit and impact how you make your partition wall. 

Just add your access board to your parcel wall in the right spot so that arriving at the secret cistern is easy. You can likewise utilize a furniture unit to hide your cistern or conceal your access board behind a mirror! 

Makers of furniture units for covered up cisterns will coordinate access boards into their items, and secret cistern makers will make dual access covered up cisterns (front and top, for instance) for your convenience 

Type Of Concealed Cistern  

  1. Back To Wall Toilets 

Back to wall toilets keep your washroom looking as moderate as could be expected, yet keep a little platform at the bottom for a neat and enclosed style. We’re big lovers of this design because of its insignificant look and little gesture to conventional toilet design because of its skillet-to-floor platform look! 

  1. Wall Mounted Toilets 

Wall-mounted or wall hung toilets are toilets attached to the wall and don’t have any platforms or plumbing under them, as it is in the back to wall toilets. As a result, wall-mounted toilets are a phenomenal decision for en-suites, cloakrooms, or tiny washrooms! The extraordinary thing about these toilets is that thanks to their wall hung design, the hole between the bottom of the container and the floor makes the deception of an additional room in your restroom.


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