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Body Jets

Body Jets

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Tilting Square Bodytile
Tilting Square Bodytile
Sale price£72.80 Regular price£139.00
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Tilting Round Body Tile 075LPTilting Round Body Tile, 0.75LP
Tilting Round Body Tile, 0.75LP
Sale price£72.80 Regular price£138.00
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Round Body Jet Round Body Jet HP 1 [W3025]
Round Body Jet HP 1 [W3025]
Sale price£36.90 Regular price£41.00
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Square Body Jet Square Body Jet, HP 1 [SQ145]
Square Body Jet, HP 1 [SQ145]
Sale price£61.20 Regular price£68.00

Body Jets Description

A perfect spa-like experience is enhanced by the choices that you make for your bathroom. Why not get a body jet for your home improvement this time? Shower jets work wonders when boosting the bath experience with its modelled designs and the purpose it serves. The shower body jets are effortless maintenance and have a polished finish with a relatively easy installation process.

The shower jets system is made of sturdy brass and is here to stay! Assured with a manufacturer’s guarantee, these shower jets come with a revolutionary sketch to allow maximum precision, control, and water flow. With our body jet shower system, we yield to deliver to our customers a luxury bathroom experience that comes with great delicacy.

You can always pair our series of showerheads with body jets or a slide rail kit. These shower body jets bring an equal balance of grandeur and convenience and are designed only for the best! Enliven your ideas and make the right choices for your home with us!

Also, you can have look for our other Shower Accessories at Tapron for your bathroom design with different styles & finishes.


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