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Tapron presents a range of concealed cisterns and frames in various designs, styles and brands to meet every bathroom requirement in any household at amazingly discounted prices.  The perfect bathroom is all about these finishing touches. These details make or break the look of your bath space, and wall hung...

Tapron presents a range of concealed cisterns and frames in various designs, styles and brands to meet every bathroom requirement in any household at amazingly discounted prices. 

The perfect bathroom is all about these finishing touches. These details make or break the look of your bath space, and wall hung toilet cisterns play a significant role. 

We offer our concealed toilet cistern units for push-button plates and cistern levers in modern and traditional styles. This means you can customise your bathroom's look and make it perfect for you, whether in an elaborate period style or a more contemporary one. These steady and easy-to-install concealed toilet cisterns are ideal for bidets, urinals, WCs, and wall hung toilets

The rich assortment of concealed cisterns with frames are offered in three shades to best suit your space's demands. This includes the classic white, elegant black and embellished grey tones, all designed to stand out with their distinct and unique appeal.

Each of the products offered in our range of products under concealed cisterns for toilets is structured with a high-quality build that gives it durability for long-lasting usability without glitches. These additions are also easy to maintain and rid you of any extra effort to keep them clean.

What makes the toilet concealed cistern ideal is its no-noise functionality that eliminates the problems of flushing sounds from ruining the ambience and feel. An advanced dual flush property minimises water wastage by providing two flush options, making your home friendly and practical.

Quick and easy fixation adds to the many benefits of getting a dual flush concealed cistern from our collection and is served with readily assembled parts to rid you of unwanted inconvenience and discomfort. These hidden toilet cisterns are further provided with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer, ensuring a quality product worth investing in.

Varying from various sizes to give you what your space requires, the concealed cistern frame kit is offered to suit your budget. With us, there is always something that you will find to complete your space with.

Our range conveniently includes a wide variation of finishes, so whatever your toilet's style, you can always find a cistern button to complement your bathroom decor. Our sophisticated flush plates help tie the whole bathroom together, perfect for anyone looking to create a minimalist, clutter-free space.

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A concealed cistern frame fixing kit is an innovative solution for modern bathrooms, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. Unlike traditional designs that are visible and mounted on the wall or attached to the toilet bowl, concealed structures are hidden behind the wall or within a furniture unit. This not only enhances the bathroom’s appearance by providing a clean and uncluttered look but also saves space, making it an ideal choice for contemporary and minimalist bathroom designs.

Tapron’s collection of in wall toilet cisterns comes in various sizes to accommodate different bathroom layouts and toilet types. The size ranges from compact models designed for tight spaces to larger units for more spacious bathrooms while the dimensions can vary in height, width, and depth, including the 1150x500mm to 800x400mm structures and more!

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Understanding Concealed Cisterns and Frames

Concealed cisterns: Compact enclosed toilet cisterns are ideal for small bathrooms, en-suites, and cloakrooms as these are designed to fit within narrow wall cavities or behind slimline furniture units. These fittings provide a balance between size and capacity, ensuring efficient flushing by reducing noise while maintaining a discreet appearance.

Concealed Cistern Frame: The toilet fixing frame is a crucial component that provides support and stability for the toilet and cistern assembly. These frames are designed to be mounted within the wall cavity or a stud wall, ensuring that the toilet is securely fixed and can handle significant weight.

Polystyrene is a lightweight, durable material that provides excellent thermal insulation and marks the construction of the concealed cistern with frame. It removes the challenges of the potential for condensation to form on the cistern surface, especially in humid environments which can lead to moisture damage, mould growth, and unpleasant odours.

Front and Back Flush

The concealed wall mounted toilet cistern at Tapron is designed either for front or back flushing, providing flexibility in installation and user preference.

Front Flush: In a front flush configuration, the flush plate or button is installed on the front wall, directly above or beside the toilet bowl. This is a common configuration and allows for easy access to the flush controls. Front flush concealed cistern frames are often used in residential bathrooms and provide a sleek, modern look.

Back Flush: In a back flush configuration, the flush plate or button is installed on the back wall, usually behind the toilet. This setup can be beneficial in certain bathroom layouts where front access is restricted. Back flush cisterns are often used in commercial or public restrooms where the back wall provides more convenient access for maintenance.

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Dual Flush Properties

One of the key features of Tapron’s modern concealed toilet cistern frame is the dual flush mechanism. This system offers two flushing options: a full flush for solid waste and a reduced flush for liquid waste. This design promotes water conservation and provides users with the flexibility to choose the appropriate flush volume for their needs.

Typically, a full flush uses around 6 litres of water, while a reduced flush uses around 3 litres. This can significantly decrease the amount of water used per flush, contributing to overall water conservation efforts. Paired with flush plates that feature two buttons, each corresponds to a different flush volume and is available in various styles including square and round buttons. Some flush plates are also equipped with touchless technology, providing a more hygienic and convenient operation.

Convenient Installation and Maintenance

To simplify the installation process, the enclosed toilet cisterns include all necessary brackets and soil pipes. These components ensure that the cistern is securely fixed and properly connected to the plumbing system. The brackets provided with cistern systems are designed to securely hold the cistern in place within the wall cavity or behind the wall. These brackets are adjustable, allowing for precise positioning and alignment.

The soil pipe connects the toilet bowl to the drainage system, ensuring efficient waste removal. The soil pipe included with the cistern is made from durable materials such as PVC or ABS plastic, providing a reliable connection that resists leaks and corrosion. The inclusion of brackets and soil pipes streamlines the installation process, reducing the need for additional components or modifications.

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