Bronze Bathroom Taps

A bronze tap is an efficient choice if you are looking for a way to make your bathroom stand out with a touch of modernity that stays timeless even with changing trends. Tapron brings you a wholesome collection of bronze taps to meet all that your space demands at a...

A bronze tap is an efficient choice if you are looking for a way to make your bathroom stand out with a touch of modernity that stays timeless even with changing trends. Tapron brings you a wholesome collection of bronze taps to meet all that your space demands at a price that is worth the quality it is structured to serve.

The range of bronze bathroom taps is manufactured using the highest quality brass materials, making it durable with hardwearing properties to withstand rusting and oxidation even with vigorous usage.

Basin Section:

Elevate your bath space and sink area with a bronze basin tap from our assortment! These basin mixer taps breeze modernity in every way possible and balances a high-quality build with aesthetics. The graded finish adds the right amount of opulence, ensuring your choice of bronze basin tap stands out in any space it is installed.

Bronze bath taps are also a preferable choice you can make from the wide assortment. The selection of tall basin taps is suitable for all plumbing systems and ranges from high to low-pressure adornments, meaning that you no longer remain limited by the number of choices you get while shopping with us!

Depending on what is demanded by your space, you can install a mono basin mixer tap readily available with us. Starting from single to up to triple tap hole designs, the brushed bronze taps keep the surface it is mounted on from damage and cracks and leave your interior looking posh.

These single lever basin mixer taps are distinguished by the balance of appeal and features it provides, including an advanced ceramic disc cartridge that prevents leaks and drips. A 3 hole basin tap is also ideal if you want a modish sophistication with a minimal look. It can be installed and fixed on any surface without hassle and requires no complicated manual for installation.

Choosing whether you want a deck mounted or wall mounted basin tap depends on your preference and the prerequisites of your space. The bronze basin tap, regardless of mounting type, allows maximum accessibility to ensure your everyday routine is completed in a more manageable way and minimises inconvenience.

A deck mounted basin tap breezes style with a vintage yet voguish charm, making it worth installing. A bronze spout can also be installed if you want a sleek, clean-cut design piece. Installed on the wall surface, it can be paired with a valve and leaves a statement with the neat lines it is fashioned to serve.

After installing the basin tap that suits your tastes, getting a bronze bottle trap can help bring increased practicality and workability. Not only does the colour scheme aid in unifying the various elements of your space, but also brings with it various modern features including quick draining for blissful usage.

A bronze overflow cover adds the finishing touches to the sink area and completes the look. Adding these elements, including the basin overflow cover, prevents clogged pipes and allows sanitation, ridding you of the hassle of constant renovations.

Shower Section:

Give the same sense of a captivating charm to your shower area by installing a bronze shower valve. These are essential products for a bath space as they can rid you of the problems of installing various fittings for outlets. The thermostatic shower valve is a product you ought to have and is available in both vertical and landscape orientation.

A 2 Outlet shower valve allows you to pair other fixtures, including shower heads, handsets or rigid riser kits. Being concealed in design, it helps do away with exposed pipes by neatly installing them behind the walls. The bronze range also covers a selection of single outlet shower valves, allowing you to choose one according to your preference.

To create a bronze shower, the next step is picking a shower slide rail kit. Wall mounted in design, these products sit intact for years without allowing discomfort in any way. The shower rail kit is so well-made with adjustability to best suit the demands of users who face limited mobility problems.

Providing luxury and comfort when paired with an overhead shower, the long shower head arm allows for a never-before venture! The shower arms are marked with their solid construction for prolonged usage and bring the assurance of a quality product. A bronze shower arm adds a sophisticated essence and allows for the perfect rainfall shower experience, ideal for a rejuvenating bath after a long day.

Installing a shower waste is ideal to ensure your space works with glitch-free functionality. This eliminates problems of clogged pipes or slow draining of wastewater that can often degrade the overall experience. A bronze shower waste performs these purposes and adds an alluring charm with a lasting opulence that makes the overall area stand out with an impressive look!

Toilet Section:

Pick from an array of stunningly detailed toilet flush plates designed for style and pizzazz. With all the advanced features you can expect from a well-embellished product, the brushed bronze flush plate is propelled to serve with a dual flush property. This reduces the amount of water wasted daily with the two flush options, making your home friendly and more efficient!

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