Chronos Chrome Bathroom Taps

Tapron is home to a wide assortment of Chrome bathroom taps marked with skilful craftsmanship, where every detail has been intricately designed. The selection comprises an advanced range of products carefully crafted using high-quality materials to create an elegant and refined look. The collection contains everything you might need to...

Tapron is home to a wide assortment of Chrome bathroom taps marked with skilful craftsmanship, where every detail has been intricately designed. The selection comprises an advanced range of products carefully crafted using high-quality materials to create an elegant and refined look. The collection contains everything you might need to complete your bathroom, from taps, showers, mixers, and mirrors.

Bathroom Section:

Bathroom tapware is essential when building the dream space, and installing a chrome tap might be the one element you are missing from bringing maximum functionality. Made from high-quality brass, this is a professional-grade tap that ensures a trouble-free operation for years and years to come. It has a stunning polished finish and will look perfect in any modern bathroom setting.

The chrome bath shower mixer taps feature sleek, pure designs crafted with the latest engineering technology. The simple design is easy to use with a concealed design, which means it can sit behind your sink without protruding onto the countertop.

All of these products are manufactured with hardwearing properties, making the bath shower mixer taps highly resistant to the rusting and oxidation process in the bath space. With minimal structures adorning neat and refined lines, the range covers designs, including floor standing bath shower mixers, detailed while keeping all home requirements in mind!

If you are looking for an air of professionalism with a concealed design, the modish 4 hole bath tap stands out with its unique handle designs and can be installed conveniently on any surface without posing damage that can harm the overall quality of your bath space.

The bath mixer tap with shower attachment is an efficient choice for those looking for a complete set and includes the mixer tap, hose and valves with refined base plates. Pair your chrome bath taps with a bath waste or plug for maximum sanitation.

Whether a pop-up or click clack bath waste, these adornments help prevent drainage odour while allowing for smooth draining without clogging the pipes, enhancing the overall utility twice fold, making them an essential piece for any home looking for a modish twist.

Basin Section:

The basin mixer taps are designed to suit well with all that is demanded by your space, so even if you are running low on space and looking for any possible ways to minimise space wastage, we are here for you! The collection offers a diverse assortment of cloakroom mixer taps that functions without any negotiations like all other taps.

With water pressure requirements ranging from low to higher systems, the wall-mounted, deck mounted basin mixer taps include designs that suit well everything your home might require. Added perks, including quick fixation and installation, add to the overall sophistication of shopping from us!

The 2 hole basin mixer tap breezes style with its simplistic and chic outlines and an easy-to-use manual. These products sit intact for years without posing any problems and are fashioned with adaptability to the plumbing of all homes. The 3 hole basin tap is another choice you can make if you want to diversify the amount of appeal in your home!

Balanced with comfort and luxury, these mono basin mixer taps prepare your home to serve with minimum to no inconvenience by assuring you in every way possible. Including single lever basin taps, each design features anti-drip properties and prevents spillage that can cause stains on the wall surface.

Bring a chrome bottle trap and make your sink area look more refined in quality and appeal. These basin bottle traps work effortlessly to allow quick draining and keep your pipes safe with sanitation in and around the basin. You can also pick a basin plug and waste for added opulence and uniformity.

Shower Section:

Having a warm or cool shower after a long day and to bring that rejuvenating shower experience is made possible with our products, including shower valves. It is also vital that the shower section offers as many advanced features as any other bathroom space. Fit for all modern homes looking for a sleek design, the concealed shower valves eliminate problems of exposed pipes and make your space look more compact owing to their neat lines

The chic thermostatic shower mixer valve with bath spout enables a complete venture and serves as a statement with the stunning spout desigshower mixer valve n and handles, operated either manually or thermostatically. A thermostatic is ideal because it maintains a constant temperature without sudden bursts or changes. All these products are available in both portrait and landscape orientation, making it more exciting to shop from!

A triple outlet shower valve removes the need for multiple outlets and combines other fittings including shower heads, arms and risers. The twin outlet valve is also one popular selection from this polished range that creates a lasting impression in utility and aesthetic appeal.

Ensure your space is allowed with maximum functionality and adjustability to meet everyone’s needs with a shower riser kit. These adornments are to be mounted on the wall and efficiently save space while connecting your other additions, like a fixed shower head, creating a favourable rainfall shower effect.

Adjustable shower riser rail kits offered in our collection include a flexible hose, handset with holder and valve and help to create the perfect air and ambience of never-before luxury. It also provides maximum accessibility for people with limited mobility, adding to the many benefits you get with it!  

Towel Rail Radiators:

A heated towel rail is an essential element in all voguish modern-day bathrooms. This addition is popular as it rids you of the problems of damp towels while also allowing you to hang them dry in an organised manner without cluttering the space. Bring a universal look and match it with the rest of the interior by installing a chrome towel radiator.

The traditional towel rails are available in a range of sizes and a varying number of bars, giving you a choice to pick one according to the preference of your home and your taste. The towel warmers bring a sense of embellishment and heighten the quality of the whole area while serving with prolonged usability owing to their solid construction.

Also offered in a range of dual fuel towel radiators, these adornments range in heat output (BTU) and are mounted vertically on any wall surface with ease. All our products come with detailed specifications making your task of selecting the right one a hassle-free task.  

Toilet Section:

Installing a concealed cistern frame is an essential decision to ensure that the toilet area of your home is devoid of unwanted inconvenience and to create pleasant usability. The addition of either a concealed or back to wall cistern helps reduce undesirable flush noises significantly while also preventing gases and odour from ruining the overall ambience.

Concealed toilet cisterns can be installed behind any wall surface with no damage ensured, giving you no reason not to have one! These wall hung toilet frames are to be paired with a toilet flush plate and offers the dual flush feature, which aids in preventing water wastage, making your home friendly.

The concealed cistern flush plates are wall mounted and feature distinct button styles. This combination can be complemented with toilet shower spray, offered in a set of a hose, bidet spray and wall outlet. It gives you the most of what your already embellished space can offer, and the top-notch manufacturing leaves no room for compromise in quality.

Vanity Units:

Constructed using the best quality and highly moisture resistant egger board, the collection of bathroom vanity units serve as multi-functional details. These vanity units with basins offer enough storage room for all your products while also serving their purpose with the high-quality ceramic basin mounted on top.

The freestanding bathroom vanity units feature soft-close technology that prevents the doors and drawers from loud bangs, protecting the surface and ensuring it lasts long, making it worth the price it is offered in. The freestanding vanity unit with basin is also known for its cleanly built structure, making it all the more worth having in your home!

Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets:

A rising trend in bathroom ideas is the illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets. With adequate space for storing your go-to toiletries neatly while also serving as a mirror unit, these LED mirror cabinets require no hassle for installation and provide the desired amount of lighting one requires in the bath space.

The temperature settings that these led bathroom mirror cabinets with demister and shaver sockets are built with provide warm and cool tones, allowing you to set the mood accordingly to create the perfect air of extravagance. With the in-built shaving socket, you can store your electrical toiletries away from contact with water.  

LED bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth speakers give you the most of a bath and shower experience and are further complemented by the motion detection and touch sensor options that grant comfortable usage. These wall mounted bathroom cabinets adapt well to all bath spaces’ needs and prevent the hectic task of frequent cleaning owing to the heated pads that prevent condensation and misting.

Tapron’s range of Chrome detailed adornments and tapware is perfect for any bathroom looking for a way to allow your personality to shine through. With different sizes and immaculate quality, the products are offered with trusted guarantees, making your shopping experience more worthwhile.

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