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Your sink and basin area forms the focal point of your bath space, and it is this area that determines the style and ambience of your bathroom. This is why it becomes vital for you to decide on your countertop sinks before you give shape to your entire interior and...

Your sink and basin area forms the focal point of your bath space, and it is this area that determines the style and ambience of your bathroom. This is why it becomes vital for you to decide on your countertop sinks before you give shape to your entire interior and incorporate your details accordingly. 

A practical solution for your home improvement plan comes with the perfect balance of luxury and convenience. This finds itself in the range of bathroom countertop basins

Tapron offers a practical range of countertop basins designed to bring out the best of what your space has to offer. With the right blend of Victorian essence and modern, these countertop sinks are designed in the round and square shapes for maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal. 

Countertop basins being incorporated on your sink surface rids you from the hassle of having to drill holes on your walls that can cause permanent damages to your space. These countertop sinks are also made available in colours like matt black, rich gold and ceramic white, and stainless steel, among many others. The refined and thin edge design makes it a must-have piece that gives magnificence and extravagance to your area. 

Countertop sinks are essential products you can buy while purchasing sanitaryware products. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or adding a washbasin, there are many variations and finishes to choose from. 

Our countertop sinks and semi-recessed basins can be the perfect embellishment for any bathroom, and as a plus, they are available here at Tapron at amazingly discounted prices!

We offer countertop basins intricately crafted with sturdy brass, making it a permanent home solution for your space. The arrangement of high-end materials that go into their construction greatly enhances the anti-corrosive properties ensuring that they do not rust or tarnish even with constant exposure to moisture and condensation. 

Our range of basins is also fulfilled with easy installation and fixation properties that make it highly adaptable to your room. The arrangement of stylish basins we offer can be paired with a tall basin tap or wall mounted basin taps for a striking effect.

Browse our premium collection and find the perfect one for you, we have a variety of Countertop Basins from ceramic with matt white finish to matt black and exquisite stainless steel.

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Countertop sinks are a popular choice for bathrooms, offering a stylish and practical solution that can enhance the overall look and functionality of the space. These units are designed to sit on top of a vanity unit or countertop, creating a striking focal point. Available in a wide range of shapes, including square, round and rectangular, this addition enables every homeowner to customise and suit any design aesthetic.

One of the key advantages of bathroom counter top sinks is versatility as these can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including wood, stone, or glass, allowing for endless design possibilities. This flexibility makes them ideal for both new construction projects and bathroom renovations, as they can easily be integrated into existing design schemes. We offer exquisite shades of white, gold, black and stainless steel in brushed, polished and glossy finishes.

The raised height of these bathroom countertop sinks makes them more comfortable to use, reducing strain on daily usability. Additionally, the countertop space around the basin provides valuable surface area for storing bathroom essentials such as toiletries, towels, and cosmetics, helping to keep the bathroom neat and organised.

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Installation and Maintenance

Installation of countertop bathroom sinks is relatively straightforward as every buy is offered with detailed instructions and all the necessary fittings and fixtures for installation. The detailed product specifications online and ready-made resources at Tapron make the shopping experience more worthwhile. It is also important to ensure that the basin is securely mounted to the countertop to prevent accidents or damage.

In terms of maintenance, counter top bathroom sinks are relatively easy to clean and maintain. As these units are raised above the countertop, there are no hard-to-reach areas or awkward corners to clean. The lightweight property further enhances the accessibility, making installation more comfortable.

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Quality and Material

Ceramic: Made from a mixture of clay, minerals, and water, ceramic basins undergo a firing process at high temperatures to create a hard and durable finish. These top mount bathroom sinks are hygienic and easy to clean. Ceramics are also known to be resistant to scratches, stains, and fading, making them suitable for busy bathrooms and high-traffic areas.

Stainless Steel: A stainless steel countertop sink bowl offers a sleek and modern alternative to traditional ceramic basins, with a shiny finish. Made from a combination of steel, chromium, and other alloys, stainless steel basins are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and hygienic properties. It is known for its resistance to scratches, stains, and fading, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting usability.

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Additional Pairing

Basin Taps: Countertop basin taps control the flow of water into the basin, allowing users to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water to suit their needs and can be ideally paired with the basin units. From deck to wall mounted structures featuring mono to multiple tap holes, these taps are adorned with advanced features including aerators and ceramic disc technology.

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Basin Waste: The basin waste is a plumbing fitting that connects the basin to the waste pipe, allowing water to drain away efficiently. Basin wastes come in various types, including slotted and unslotted structures. Invest in a rectangular countertop basin with overflow and waste for quick waste water draining without damaging or clogging pipes.

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Bottle Trap: A bottle trap enhances the workability of the countertop basin with overflow by preventing unwanted odours and gases from the sewer system from entering the bathroom through the drain outlet. It is located under the basin or sink and forms a water seal that blocks the passage for gases, enabling a blissful and fresh ambience daily!

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