White Lever Chrome Taps

Bathroom Section:  In the bathroom, you want beautiful and durable fixtures, a joy to use, and long-lasting and durable. In addition, they should be easy to install and user-friendly. Our White Lever traditional lever bathroom taps collection offers an extensive range to suit any home. With our Chrome fittings and...

Bathroom Section: 

In the bathroom, you want beautiful and durable fixtures, a joy to use, and long-lasting and durable. In addition, they should be easy to install and user-friendly. Our White Lever traditional lever bathroom taps collection offers an extensive range to suit any home.

With our Chrome fittings and accessories collection, we have created a complete range of products, from taps and shower systems to bathtubs, basins, and much more that is stylish, traditional and functional.

The white lever design is the epitome of traditional styling, with a rustic farmhouse style that reflects its English heritage. It features crisp, clean lines and a smooth, elegant finish, perfectly complementing the classic layout of any bathroom. The collection of Victorian lever taps has been designed using advanced manufacturing techniques to produce products that are not only stunningly good-looking but a joy to use.

Marked with a superior quality build, the traditional bath shower mixer taps allow prolonged usage and is completed with a graded chrome finish. Bring an opulent element with a selection of bathroom taps and showers from this range and build a timeless space.

Available both in deck mounted and wall mounted shower mixer tap designs, you can choose according to the prerequisites of your space. These products are also favourable as they pose no damage on any surface installed, making them a safe choice for all homes.

Bath mixer taps with shower attachment are also popular as they serve multi-functionality and bring a complete combination to fit well with all homes. The bath spouts offered under this selection adorn a neat and refined design with a minimal appeal to blend perfectly with all interior designs.

Basin Section:

Basin mixer taps are designed with white lever handles and unique spout structures to fit well with all that is demanded by your space. The mono basin mixer tap is perfect if you want a vintage element in a minimal design.

Your options are diversified with designs ranging from a single hole to 3 hole basin mixer tap. An advanced feature that adorns these deck-mounted and wall mounted basin mixers are the drip-free ceramic disc cartridge that allows smooth water regulation through the outlet.

Considering the space limitations of smaller bathrooms, the cloakroom basin taps take minimal space while allowing maximum accessibility for all your amenities and functions parallel to all other taps. These Victorian basin taps are also available in the nickel shade, giving a sense of sophistication with minimal effort and investment.

A pair of basin pillar taps also serve excellent practicality and are distinguished by the long nose design. Manually operated for comfort and suitability for anyone who accesses the bathroom, these cloakroom taps are fashioned to serve with minimal maintenance effort requirements.

Install a chrome basin trap or a sink bottle trap to grant your space maximum efficiency with the quick draining properties. A popular buy is the click clack basin waste that prevents clogs and unwanted gases from ruining the ambience with its simple push mechanism that turns it on/off.

Shower Section: 

Eliminate the need to install multiple outlets for all your fittings by adding a dual or 3 Outlet shower valve. Whatever the number of outlets, including a single outlet shower valve, it can easily be paired with a shower arm or hand shower from our extensive collection.

A thermostatic shower valve helps balance the water temperature without sudden changes, preventing the risk of bathroom hazards and accidents like scalding. These traditional shower valves are easy to use and can be installed without hassle.

Another advantage of getting a concealed shower valve is that it aids in tucking pipework behind the walls, giving your home a compact-looking interior.

A slider rail kit allows you to adjust the ceiling shower head as per preference conveniently. This adjustable shower riser rail can be matched with a Victorian shower head offered in our arrangement and can be used to create the perfect rainfall-effect shower.

These shower riser rail sliders can be installed on the wall and operate with the round lever handles. The high corrosion resistance and tarnishes make the array of products in our collection stand out.

Leave no room for discomfort in the daily accessibility offered by your space by bringing a stainless steel shower niche, which fits well on any wall surface and provides room for your daily toiletries and commodities.

Towel Rail Radiators: 

A heated towel rail is a classic for all homes owing to its functions while adding a sense of completeness to the overall space. The chrome towel rail comes in a diverse range of sizes to complement the needs of all homes. You can bring a sense of embellishment by installing an angled or corner radiator valve for the smooth functioning of your product.

Towel radiator valves are essential as it helps to regulate the proper water temperature that flows through your towel rail. According to what your traditional towel radiator demands, you can match it with a straight, corner or angled radiator valve. With this addition, you completely rid yourself of the hassle of dealing with damp towels, drastically enhancing the overall practicality of your home.

Toilet Section:

Shop for a highly functional concealed toilet cistern with dual flush properties. The array of products also includes a back to wall cistern design, allowing you to choose one as per your requirements and preference.

These concealed cisterns can be paired with a pneumatic flush plate for maximum practicality. The design of these flush plates stands out with the unique button styles, adorning a minimal yet chic appeal. What makes it distinct is the dual flush property that helps to minimise water wastage by allowing two options for flushing.

A bidet sprayer from the same range can be matched with toilet and WC units. This toilet shower spray is a combination of the handset, wall outlet and hose for maximum comfort in usability. The sturdy build and easy operation provided by the single lever controls ensure the overall quality.

Bathroom Mirrors Cabinets:

Getting a bathroom mirror with lights and shaver socket for your space is a wonderful idea that can rid you of many problems that frequently arise in the bath space. Owing to the high moisture resistance feature of these bathroom mirror cabinets, your products are kept safe without contact with water.

A wall mounted bathroom cabinet offers storage for storing commodities in a neat and uncluttered manner without ruining the appeal of your bathroom. With these LED mirror cabinets, you can get the right amount of lighting without any worries. Some of the products offered also allow you to set the temperature from cool to warmer tones, making it an investment that is worth making!

These illuminated bathroom cabinets are fashioned with heated pads that act as defoggers and keep the mirror surface clean without misting, regardless of weather and temperature. The sensor detection that turns the lights on/off is another advanced property of this buy!

Another statement product is the bathroom mirror with lights and Bluetooth. Now you can enjoy a spa-like luxury in the comfort of your home at a cost worth the quality it comes in!

Vanity Units: 

Bathroom vanity units are fully-functional pieces but can also be space-consuming most times. For this, we offer a diverse range of vanity units with basins, serving as two-in-one products for all homes. The ceramic basin on top is perfected with a versatile design and blends well with all other adornments and accessories.

These floating vanity units and free standing bathroom cabinets feature soft-close doors or drawers that avoid noise and bangs that can cause possible damage to the surface. It can also be paired with basin taps from our collection for an embellished look.

Constructed of high-quality egger board, the wall mounted design and free standing bathroom cabinet with sink possess moisture resistance. It remains a brand-new product even with years of vigorous usage.

Give your home a balance of a vintage element that meets a modish twist with the range of white lever chrome taps, pairing it with bathroom furniture and accessories. Adding to the overall sophistication, each of these products is completed and assured in quality by the trusted manufacturer’s guarantee.

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