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5 Steps to Installing a Tap

by Sandip Pol 12 Aug 2021 0 Comments
Gold Kitchen Tap Tapron

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You bought a tap to replace an old one or equip a sink with a new headset and decided to do it yourself. The installation of a sink tap is pretty simple, and anyone can do it. It should be noted that, even with experience and knowledge of the rules, you can do the work incorrectly or entirely ruin the product, for instance, by causing the thread to break or by bending the carts. It's also necessary to hire a plumber due to the lack of plumbing tools. Nevertheless, this problem is easily solvable, since you can always ask for help from your friends. As clearly and accurately as possible, we described how to assemble a tap with our own hands and do it correctly and safely.

The tools needed for the installation of a new tap

  • Sealing tape
  • Open-end wrench for 10 or 11.
  • Tubular wrench - used to tighten the tricky nut during the installation of the mixer to the sink.
  • The mounting kit must contain rubber O-rings, half washers (2 pcs. ), a horseshoe-shaped metal half washer, a stud and a nut. You can buy a thicker and stronger O-ring if you wish since manufacturers do not always include high-quality gaskets with this kit.
  • Sometimes pliers and screwdrivers are also required; 
  • Additionally, a rag, bowl, and flashlight will help see everything; 
  • Additionally, the main thing - 2 plumbing liners - are supplied with the kit, but it is wise to buy other liners since the factory liners are often short 

Focusing on the liners. 

  • Liner length should be sufficient to withstand a semicircle bend without breaking; 
  • Purchasing a new liner is the best option if the factory liner is too short;
  • Installation of flexible hoses is easier than connecting rigid ones, but they are considered less reliable; therefore, it is better to install them together with taps; 
  • Gaskets must be included in the set of liners; 
  • A kitchen mixer will need to have its old liners replaced since they wear out as well.

Step 1. Installation of a new tap after dismantling the old one 

It's a good idea to turn off the water and put a rag on the bottom of the sink before installing a tap so that small parts won't fall into it, and large ones won't damage it.

-It is necessary to dismantle a tap before replacing it. 

First, remove the old hoses from the cold and hot water pipes, either by hand or with a wrench. 

-Don't forget to put a basin under them, after which the pipe threads must be wiped clean. 

-You should then use a tubular wrench to loosen the clamp on the stud connecting the mixer to the sink- right below. 

-This nut must be unscrewed to remove the metal half washer. 

After that, you will need to pull out the mixer, along with the hoses, from the sinkhole. 

-There you have it, and you can now proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Assembling the tap and its connections  

The installation of a tap begins with its assembly, that is, with the connection to flexible hoses or rigid inlets.


-A two-value sink is most likely to be assembled first

-To do this, insert the spout (tap) into the body up to the stop ring and then, without tightening too much, screw them together. 

-With the tape, wrap just a little around the liver end. Due to the sealed nature of the hose, taping is not necessary. 

-Then, we insert the end of the first liner into the corresponding hole and fasten it first with hands, and then tighten it a little with an open-end wrench. 

-In a similar fashion, secure the second hose.

-It is essential not to overtighten or damage the lining! But not holding out is also wrong. After that, we screw the pin upwards with its thread into the hole. 

-It is almost time to install the assembled tap. 

-All that remains is to thread both connections into the O-ring, place it on the body of the tap, and secure it.

Step 3. Install the tap on the sink

The sink is ready for the tap now. It is more convenient to install the tap in a sink that is still not built-in because it is not comfortable to climb under the countertop to do the installation.

-In addition to placing the hoses into the sinkhole, you should ask someone to hold the tap so that you are comfortable.

Then, put a second rubber pressure washer on the liners from underneath the countertop or beneath the removed sink.

-The two rubber seals above and below the sink serve as protection for the body. 

-A metal washer in the shape of a horseshoe completes the assembly.

To tighten a stud-nut from below, use:

-A tubular wrench, in case the tap on an existing sink needs to be replaced.

The open-end wrench must be used if the tap is installed on a new sink or a sink that has been removed. 

To use the tap, you will first need to install the sink itself on the countertop, and then you will attach the cold and hot water pipes. 

-Be careful not to overtighten the nut.

Step 4. The connection of pipes 

Pipes connected to water outlets are attached to the hoses

-Outlet for hot water - is the suitable pipe; 

-From the left, you will find the cold outlet.

-Coldwater is discharged through the top pipe while hot water is discharged through the pipe on the bottom.

-Bends with taps are recommended on the pipes when using flexible hoses.

Step 5. Verifying your work

Test the connection by letting in hot and cold water. 

-There may be leaks, but if the wires are bent smoothly into the shape of a U, then you are good to go.

-Most likely, leaks occur when the seal has been damaged somewhere - you must replace it.

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