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Accessories Guide for a Modern Bathroom

by Globo 07 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Accessories Guide for a Modern Bathroom

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Your bath space is not only defined by the bathroom furniture like cabinets and mirrors but the overall blend of your bathroom is also determined by the accessories you choose. Bathroom accessories include many adornments and attachments like toilet roll holders, toilet brush holders, basin plugs, hooks, hangers, etc. However, thousands of designs out there should be carefully selected only to meet the best. We cover a wide assortment of bathroom accessories, starting from soap holders to hangers and dispensers, which will make your bathroom look simply extravagant and make your bathroom experience comfortable and worthwhile.

Here is a selection of some of the best bathroom accessories that you can always opt for a classier and modish bathroom design that is both practical and trendy!

Soap Dishes

Soap dishes and soap dispensers are a must-have on your list, which is why we have carefully curated this list to help you decide which one you need and which one you don’t. A voguish soap dish will elevate the overall setting of your bathroom, no matter how much of a minute detail it may seem.

 Tapron’s collection of soap dishes are marked with the finest finish, including gold and matt black and comes in varied designs. The VOS Glass Soap Dish with Holder is marked with an exquisite design that will undoubtedly make your basin area look sleeker than it already is. The soap dish holders also come with a design that ensures a polished touch and long durability. The VOS Soap Dish With Glass Brushed Black and the VOS Soap Dish With Glass are also some bold statement soap dishes from our collection marked with fine quality and durability.


Soap Dispensers

There is a clear distinction between what soap dishes and soap dispensers are. While soap dishes hold your bar of soap, soap dispensers are used to hold your liquid soap and lotion. Imagine how a grandiose-designed soap dispenser would make your bathroom look more pleasurable and appealing, and this is why we bring our collection of soap dispensers wired for perfection and elegance!

The bathroom soap dispenser is handy and ensures sanitary means by allowing non-contact use of soap, which has become essential during the pandemic. Our VOS Soap Dispenser is designed to make your bathroom design look neater and organized with its sleek visuals and applicability. The brass finish comes with guaranteed maximum durability and adds colour to the interior of your space.  We also present our collection of soap cases like HIX Soap dispenser and  HIX Gold Soap Dispenser, which you can always match with other accessories from our assorted collection.


Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet accessories are never outright without a toilet roll holder. As much little significance you think a simple toilet paper holder might have, you will be surprised to know how such little details work together to bring out the complete persona of your bathroom. The intricate design presented in Black Toilet Roll Holder might be the thing you didn’t know you needed, but now you do! The toilet roll holders are uniquely designed and comfortable to use and an eye-candy to look at. The HIX Gold Toilet Roll Holder is another toilet roll holder that comes to give your toilet a classic touch, while the HIX Toilet Paper Holder comes with a mobile phone shelf. In Tapron, we associate quality with allure. Our products ensure your bathroom space will be comfortable and marked by accessories rich in visuals and durable.


Bathroom Hooks and Hangers

Bathroom hooks and hangers at Tapron are designed to meet maximum utility while bringing a stylish look to your bathroom. We offer a wide variety of designs, including wall-mounted design hooks, towel hangers with bar, and unparalleled robe hook designs. The VOS Single Robe Hook Brushed Black is marked by a fine brass finish that does not allow it to erode easily, where the simple yet modern design adds a minimalist touch to your bathroom. Other options to browse from include the VOS Brushed Gold Towel Rail, the VOS Single Bathroom Robe Hook, and the Matt Black 600mm Towel Bar, which will make your bathroom space look more organized, neat, and dainty. Dip into our collection of robe hooks and towel hangers at Hooks and Hangers to find the perfect choice for you!

Tumblers and Holders

It is always better to keep your toiletries arranged neatly than keep them scattered around, which can be an eye-sore for everyone. Our tumblers and holders help to make a difference in keeping your toilet amenities more integrated and adds a shade of charm to your bathroom space. Our bathroom tumblers add a timeless appeal and make your bath space state of the art. Delve into our unique collection of tumblers and holders at Tapron. Choose your bold tumbler ranging from designs like the HIX Tumbler Holder , the HIX Gold Soap Dispenser, and HIX Tumbler Holder, among many others.


Bathroom accessories add a finishing touch to your bathroom and contribute boldly to your overall space. Tapron also offers a range of bathroom accessories marked with a clean finishing of gold, matt black, brushed black, chrome, and stainless steel, which are all designed to bring out the best.

Gold Bathroom Accessories

Tapron has a vast collection of gold bathroom accessories ranging from tumblers, soap dispensers, soap holders, etc. The accessories designed and finished with a gold touch add a statement suitable for traditional and modern bathrooms. The metallic gold glamour gives a punch to the interior of your bathroom. The gold bathroom accessories also come with high malleable quality and possess high corrosion resistance properties, and can help bring a tone to your overall space.

Black Bathroom Accessories

Black has always been a classic when picking out bathroom designs and decors that give off a timeless and indefinite look. It not only adds an ornamental value but also highlights an ageless look you can never get tired of. If you are planning to stick with a black theme for your bathroom this time, you might want to go through our collection of black bathroom accessories today!

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