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Bathroom Storage Space

by Cherry K 26 Mar 2019 0 Comments
Mirror Cabinets with Demister and Shaver Socket

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Regardless of the size of the bathroom, it is a dream for every owner to have a bigger bathroom space while spending the least on remodelling it. Lesser the clutter is in the bathroom, the less insane you feel. So, without wasting much time, below are some great storage hacks that will give you a spacious bathroom space with everything organized properly. Let’s begin:

Mirror Cabinets

Mirrors are the must-have in every bathroom and so is storage space. Considering both requirements, here is the hack. Instead of fitting a stand-alone mirror on the wall, replacing it with Mirrored bathroom cabinets will fulfil dual purposes for the homeowners. These cabinets come in attractive designs and are spacious enough to store the bathroom essentials and help you get ready in the quick morning.

LED Demister and Shaver Socket Cabinets

Mist on the bathroom mirror is very annoying and is a great hindrance in routines related to post-shower beauty. Even after cleaning it, many unsightly marks remain on the mirror. A solution to the mist problem and storage is the bathroom mirror cabinets with shaver socket and demister. There are many top qualities of illuminated bathroom cabinets available which enhance the overall look of the bathroom and provide the storage space for your bathroom essentials.


Mirror Cabinets with Shaver Sockets

Another unique option associated with bathroom storage space is the mirror cabinets with shaver sockets. This type of cabinet option is perfect for the lovers of the electric toothbrush and shaver. These cabinets will provide you with easy storage and simultaneously, retain a huge aesthetic value of the bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Type of Cabinets

If you want to add enough storage in your bathroom with limited floor space, you should add wall mounted bathroom cabinets. They mostly include towel racks, shelving, and cabinet space. One of the best places to place wall storage cabinets in the bathroom is above the toilet, as it will save space to add another piece of storage in the bathroom by covering just one wall of the bathroom.

Illuminated Cabinets with Plenty of Accessories

Illuminated bathroom cabinets give an excellent style statement to the bathroom. Many illuminated cabinets even come with outstanding technologies and latest accessories, including shaver sockets, Bluetooth accessories, and demisters etc. to make your bathroom space quite interactive. These cabinets provide superior storage space along with giving a modern touch to the bathroom. One can easily store makeup products, bathing essentials and other stuff in the storage space provided by these cabinets.  

Bathroom Cabinet -

These were just a few tips to upgrade the storage space of the bathroom and make it a more spacious place with no countertop clutter, no towels on the floor, and no electronics scattered.

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