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Be Bold, Try Gold: The perfect Gold Taps for your home!

by Globo 04 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Gold Bathroom Taps

Gold is classic and never goes out of style. If you are looking for that one step to elevate your home space, it is never too late to embellish a detail as good as gold. Tapron offers you a wide variety of gold taps and the perfect details carefully selected to meet your home needs. Every home deserves the touch of luxury and elegance, and here at Tapron, we offer only the best and the choicest picks.

As much minute detail, a tap may seem, it undoubtedly goes a long way in making your space look sleek and stylish. Gold taps are a well-liked trend today as it adds both a modern touch and an antique feel to it. In the curated list, we guide you through the variety of taps available on our website, which are not only designed for appeal but the best feel! The collection of taps vary in two distinct categories –the bathroom taps and the kitchen taps.

  • Kitchen Taps

If you are looking for a bold statement for your kitchen and want to add a persona, the gold kitchen taps do the job. Here are some widely loved gold kitchen taps that will serve your purpose with great functionality with just the right look for your kitchen! The gold collection is adorned with elegance, smoothness, and refinement.

The Tapron Stainless Steel Gold Kitchen Tap

Tapron offers the refined Tapron Stainless Steel Gold Kitchen Tap with Concealed Dual Function Pull Out Spray Head which will fit right into your taste of either a modern or a contemporary kitchen. The gold kitchen tap falls under the most reputable gold brushed taps and ensures an easy and smooth water flow. The tap also fulfils its functionality with its pull-out spray head that allows maximum flexibility and minimum water drippage. It ensures that your kitchen remains as elegant as it is by avoiding spillage and is easy to clean. The gold kitchen tap is everything you will ever need in your kitchen and certainly is worth investing in.

The VOS Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Spray, and the Tapron Stainless Steel Gold Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Spray are also suitable choices that come with the pull-out spray technology and add a stylish touch to your home. The taps are further elevated in quality due to their ceramic disk valves and the no-drip technology that makes them ideal for any home.

Blink Gold Kitchen Tap

The Blink Gold Kitchen Tap with Long Swivel Spout comes with a unique design that will certainly appeal to and enchant your guests. Its distinct long swivel spout adds an appealing and eye-catching look to your kitchen. The gold basin tap also comes with advanced technology-based durability and anti-leakage technology. The Blink Gold Kitchen Tap is also considered suitable for all kitchen styles because of its high quality and suitability for any plumbing system. 


The Rose Gold Kitchen Mixer Tap

Tapron offers the Rose Gold Kitchen Mixer Tap, which will surely add a modern touch to your kitchen owing to its spectacular and imposing design. Gold is the new black, and rose gold is a cherry on top!  The rose gold kitchen tap is marked with a fine brass finish and is well acquitted for its durability, and will undoubtedly add a classic touch to your kitchen. It also comes with a swivel spout design and ceramic disk technology which ensures that the kitchen tap is as long-lasting as appealing to the eye. The rose gold colour range of kitchen taps also comes with VOS Rose Gold Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Spray, ensuring a long-lasting experience with its brass finish and anti-drip technology, making your time more fun and organized in the kitchen.

Two Lever Kitchen Mixer Taps with Classic Swan Neck Spout Design and the Newbury Luxury Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap

The Two Lever Kitchen Mixer Taps with Classic Swan Neck Spout is the best in style, where the chic satin finish boosts its appeal greatly. This gold kitchen tap also comes with reliable performance qualities meaning that you will retain its usage for a guaranteed period. Its functional features like anti-spillage and easy-to-use solutions make this an ideal kitchen tap furnished beautifully in a gold colour that leaves a bold statement for your kitchen. The Newbury Luxury Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap picks off a minimalist design and can be the right choice if you are looking for a gold kitchen tap and feels for an option similar to the Two Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap. By installing these taps, get ready to add a tinge of modern and classic essence to your kitchen space!

  • Bathroom taps

We all agree that bathrooms are never complete with a tap, and furnishing your bathroom with a classic gold tap might be the one great thing you can do to your bathroom! We carefully present the finest creation, which will add a pristine look to your bath.

VOS Single Lever Wall Mounted Mono Basin Mixer Tap

The VOS Single Lever Wall Mounted Mono Basin Mixer Tap comes with a wall-mounted design and a designer handle that makes your bathroom looks sophisticated and luxurious. The gold bath tap is further enhanced with a gold embellished look marked with a fine brass finish. With the right water-flow smoothness, the VOS Single Lever Wall Mounted Mono Basin Mixer Tap is as comfortable as appealing to the eye. This bathroom tap is something you should keep your eyes on if you are sticking to a bathroom design marked by fineness and mastery of design.

Chester Lever Deck-Mounted 3 Hole Gold Basin Mixer Taps

If you are looking for gold bath taps as stylish as they are functional, we have the right pick for you! We offer you the best gold bath taps like the Chester Lever Deck-Mounted 3 Hole Gold Basin Mixer Taps that look good and feel good to use. The bath tap comes with a highly furnished design and is very easy to install and use without any complicated catalogues to follow. The antique brass and matt white levers enumerate a polished look that makes your bathroom look high-class and modernistic.

Chester Pinch Gold Bath Taps

It is undoubtedly that gold bath taps add a high magnitude of a luxurious feel that makes your bath space look more eye-catching and exquisite. The Chester Pinch Gold Bath Taps is designed with classical elements keeping in mind the element of intricacy that everyone wishes to attribute to their bathroom. The two gold bathroom taps are connected to work with high functionality and maintain the correct temperature ensuring a comfortable experience. The golden bathroom taps act as a functional element for the interior and bring itself a unique ornament.

Brushed Gold Basin Taps with Designer Handle

Nothing beats the timeless bathroom handle taps marked by simplicity and splendour like the Brushed Gold Basin Taps with Designer Handle. The gold bathroom tap comes with ceramic disk technology and an anti-drippage system that further heightens its sophistication. The simple design is a classic and also comes with an easy-to-use method and ensures comfort. This is one gold bathroom tap that you should add to your list of bathroom decors and ideas if you still haven’t! 

You can always add a twist of elegance or a touch of grace by being bold and choosing gold for your home space. At Tapron, we have the finest designs suitable for every home with detailed specifications where the products ensure maximum benefit and minimum hassle. Check out our collection of gold bathroom taps and kitchen taps to beautify your home with the best curations at today!

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