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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Ideas

by Globo 12 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Refashioning your bathroom and redesigning it comes as a hefty job, and the worse part of it is ending up with a bathroom nightmare after all the hard work and costly processes. Home improvement and bathroom renovations come with careful planning. Developing a blueprint to ensure that you do not step out of your budget plan while maintaining a luxurious touch to your bathroom is essential. Remodelling your bathroom leaves enough room to bring changes to your overall storage space, functionality, and the comfort of your bath space which is why we are here to make sure you make no blunders and develop your fantasy bathroom idea with maximum potentialities and possibilities! Tapron offers an expansive range of bathroom accessories, bathroom taps, and showers that are cherry-picked and curated to serve the best. You can also use your redevelopment budget-bathroom plan to chime in new improvements and additional bathroom accessories and furniture that will tot up the eccentricity of your bathroom.

Choosing the correct shower set

At Tapron, we have a diverse assortment of bathroom shower accessories that come as single sets or as concealed shower sets. We consider the customers' needs and understand how much a high ticket it costs to remodel a bathroom. This is why we are here to help you in your home improvement process by staying within budget and with no compromise in quality. Whether you want a walk-in shower or an enclosed shower space, showerheads are a must-have on the list. With designs marked with a sleek finish, our shower accessories range greatly from showerheads, shower hands, douche kits, and shower baskets.

We also offer budget-friendly shower enclosures that will allow you to create your walk-in shower with an exquisite finish stylishly.  Pair our Wetroom Black Grid Frame with the HIX Black Shower Head or VOS Round 200mm Fixed Shower Head - Matt Black that will give your new bathroom an alluring matt black finish with its fine brass construction. The chic matt black bathroom shower heads also come with a minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar to adjust to both the high and low water pressure of your home and come in fantastic reassured quality.

Our collection of thermostatic shower valves also come with designed matt black, brushed black and polished finishes ensuring a pleasant experience with its advanced temperature controls. Browse through our designed collection and built your dream shower space with our products today!

The perfect taps!

Bathroom taps furnish your overall bathroom aesthetic with their design and functionality. With our assorted collection of Modern Bathroom Taps and Traditional Bathroom Taps, we make a wide range of the best bathroom taps in a diverse collection, including timeless designs like the monobloc basin taps and bath pillar taps, thermostatic bath mixer taps and waterfall taps. From traditional wall-mounted taps to deck-mounted modern taps, you name it, we have it with no loosening of standard. Our taps are designed with innovative spout and handle designs with both manual and thermostatic temperature functions. If you are here to add a vogue and up-to-date statement tap to your bathroom, you can pick easily from our Tapron HIX Taps and Tapron VOS Taps, which add a modist touch to your space. If you're in for a more dateless Victorian look, we have our range of Chester Taps to give that classic, timeless look to your bathroom. 

Towel Radiators

Towel heat radiators are essentials that you should add to your remodelled bathroom list if your bath space lacks one. Heated Towel Rail Radiators make your bathroom feel snug and dewy throughout the year by ensuring that the right temperature is maintained and keeps your towels dry and heated regardless of climate and weather conditions. Our heated towel rails are fresh and modish to look at and what's best is that it comes in various sizes keeping in mind the different bathroom space needs! By specifying your bath space, you can easily browse through our towel radiators and also pick from a variety of finishes and polishes like gold towel radiators, matt black towel rails, brushed brass towel radiators, chrome towel radiators, and heated stainless steel radiators, all designed to give an avante-garde look to your home space!

Tapron's collection of Towel Radiator Valves come with equally suited designs that you can match with your choicest pick of heated towel rail radiators while at the same time ensuring that the correct flow of water and amount of heat is maintained in your radiator.

Installing a toilet

A toilet is perhaps one bathroom need that comes with the maximum account that determines how comfortable your bathroom experience will be. Our toilet seats come in a patchwork of designs that you can easily choose from for remodelling your bathroom with the magnificent back-to-wall design, the chic rimless toilet seats, the close-coupled toilet, and the luxurious wall-hung toilets. The rimless technology not only makes it easy to clean but also ensures maximum sanitation and hygiene. The ceramic design toilets paired with the perfect toilet accessories like our toilets and basin flush plates and Concealed Frames & Cisterns add a delicate yet sophisticated touch with maximal durability and manufacturer guarantees associated with our products!

Your toilet area is never complete without an accessory such as the Toilet Paper Holder and the Toilet Brush Holder. Carefully devised to suit your best interests, you can always pick from our collection and incorporate your interior ideas from our products that come with a promise of quality without compromise.

 You can prove anyone wrong who said you need professional help for remodelling your home because you can be your designer at Tapron! Our products are easy to install and even easier to operate, ensuring you a smooth sail with your new home improvement

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