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Concealed Cistern Types

by Globo 04 Mar 2022 0 Comments
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A concealed cistern flush plate is the only part that appears to be visible beyond its whole body. In addition to being integrated with furniture, the device can be hidden behind a wall or ceiling. A growing number of people are opting for concealed cisterns. It is the aesthetic appeal of these cisterns that make them the choice. In addition, flush plates come in a variety of styles to suit your interior design. The use of concealed cisterns in small bathrooms is useful because they give the impression of more space while also providing more floor space.

Minimal bathroom trends have continued to dominate the bathroom world. An ideal addition for such a bathroom is the concealed cisterns that allow maximum functionality and durability. In the concealed design, the cistern is fashioned to be framed behind the walls of your bathroom, meaning that it ultimately does away from degrading the aesthetics of your bath space. 

When you install a concealed cistern, it functions with the flush plates installed on your wall and gives way for a professional and modish looking interior appeal. These flush plates can also be hidden away with other details if you want a set aesthetic for your bath space. 

What makes these concealed cisterns prominent in their design is how it allows for maximum floor space. The flush plates that go hand-in-hand with it are also made available in many designs and finishes that elevate the overall feel of your bathroom. 


  • The many benefits of concealed cisterns 

As an upcoming and rising trend in the world of bathroom details, concealed cisterns are the perfect solution for modern bathrooms that helps you transform your space into a friendlier one. There are diverse benefits associated with this buy, some of which might convince you why you need this addition today!

  1. Dramatically elevates your space

Rather than an exposed cistern, the concealed ones help to efficiently make your space look bigger and roomy, allowing you to incorporate more details. These cisterns are designed to be placed behind the walls, leaving enough room to embellish your space with more details. 

With your bath space looking more elevated, the stylish flush plates add an essence of eccentricity, paving the way for a cleaner and minimal bathroom look. It comes as a modern all-in-one solution with the perfect balance of functionality and accommodation. 

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  1. Improved performance and durability 

A concealed cistern is designed with a promise to improve your bathroom experience with its durability. The improved performance quality is attributed to the no-damage property to your walls along with the technologies like dual flush options and prevention of condensation. 

Trusting in good-quality cisterns also rids you from constant renovations that can result from rust and corrosion and paves the way for a healthy bathroom environment. Being technologically improved, these concealed cisterns are also great water-saving options. 

                                     Black Flush Plate

  1. A touch of luxury 

The flush plates that these cisterns are designed to go hand-in-hand with are fulfilled in a wide array of designs and colours. With this, you completely rid yourself of the hassle of having to desperately blend in details in your space. 

Be it in a classic matt black or a bold touch of gold, these flush plates are designed to serve to perfection! With ranging finishes like brushed, matt and chrome, it is also crafted with the sturdiest materials that allow no room for unwanted tarnishes after long periods of use. 

  1. A hygienic solution

Concealed cisterns are becoming popular owing to the easy cleaning properties that give way to a healthy bathroom experience. As the cistern is enclosed behind the wall, it allows you easier access to clean your bathroom walls and your toilet areas. 

Your bathroom now projects itself as modish and premium with the addition while making it a home-friendly area. This makes it easier for you to sanitize your space and rids you of unwanted moulds and mildew. 

  1. Adjustable toilet pan height

Another added functionality of the concealed toilet cisterns is its adjustability to the height preferences for your toilet. With the wide range of available toilet cisterns, you can easily pick one according to the space requirements efficiently without compromising with anything! 

It also includes the added boon of drastically reducing flushing noises. This minimal sound function makes these concealed cisterns ideal for all modern toilets. 

                                        Wall hanging toilet

  • What are some things you can pay heed to before buying one?

Buying a cistern may seem like an easy task; however, as much as other bathroom details are crucial for the overall working of your space, so is the choice of a cistern. You can always lookout for some basic things before you make this elegant addition to your area. 

This includes minimal things like the type of toilet you are opting for, the compatibility and the functions you expect it to perform. With this, we pen down some things to get you started for your new home improvement plans!

Cisterns with dual flush options

The flush option is mostly carried out with the flush buttons these cisterns come installed with. With rapidly increasing technologies, the flush system has also been drastically improved, and this finds itself in the duplex flush system. 

This comes as a suitable choice for modern homes that makes your bathroom more environmentally friendly by helping in minimizing water wastage. This dual flush option is also relatively easy to operate and suits best if you are searching for a modern all-in-one solution for your space! 

Noise minimization

With the revolutionary changes that have been made in the world of bathrooms, it is no surprise that better technologies are being introduced that beats the previous ones in a blink! The cisterns are also met with such advancements, and this is best projected with its no-noise function. 

Comparatively to an exposed cistern, these concealed cisterns are the next timeless pieces. This is evident in how they help greatly reduce the flushing noises.

Slimline designs

The concealed toilet cisterns are defined with slimline functions that make installation easy. With designs as slim as 80mm, it is best suited for any bathroom and attribute to create the simplest toilet setup possible. 

Noting how flexible these designs are, it is vital that you take into account the various dimensions of your space and the requirements for added functionality and maximum durability. 

                                              Freestanding WC cistern with frame and flush plate

  • What are the different types of toilets you can pair your cistern with?

Before you purchase your ideal concealed toilet cistern, it is essential that you know its suitability with your toilet seat. This is because a concealed cistern may not function as well with any toilet seats. 

Here is a list of toilet seat designs that you can use to attribute maximum functionality by pairing it with your cistern and flush plates, ones that are guaranteed to leave your space looking fresh and modish!

Back to wall toilets

A back to wall toilet is an apt choice to pair with your concealed cistern as it gives you a neat and compact look at the same time. The minimal design leaves enough room for you to incorporate other details and can be easily paired with any flush plate of your choice. 

Back-to-wall toilets also allow your cisterns to fit in perfectly without much hassle and help carry the weight of the toilet pan, ensuring you a long-lasting experience without the need for any constant renovations.  

Wall-hung toilets

A wall-hung toilet is a great space-saving option as the floating effect gives you enough room for adding other details and makes your room appear more spacious. It is also an ideal choice as it gives more access to cleaning your toilet area.

Like the back-to-wall toilet, these wall-hung toilets are ideal for modern bathrooms as they are fashioned with simplistic yet functional designs. It is also considered more suitably and popularly fashioned for smaller-sized bathrooms owing to its space-friendly functions. 

It is also essentially noted that while installing one yourself, you should follow the manual consistently to avoid any errors that can cost more renovations. Ensure that all measurements are done accordingly, and the flush plates are installed rightly to do away with any discomfort. 

Installing a concealed cistern may not sound like a hefty job. However, to get it right, it is always advisable to get professional plumbing help. This saves your time and ensures that it is installed correctly without any problems. 

Overall, it is essential that you know your toilet space and requirements well before installing a concealed cistern. Each cistern design is detailed with its own significant function that is designed to fulfil various such purposes. With the right guide, you can now settle for a home improvisation which is not just a renovation but a whole innovation in one!

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