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by Sandip Pol 03 Jun 2021 0 Comments

We live in the 21st century, where your cars, gadgets, smartphones, home decor products are all advanced & working on modern technology with every day's updating innovation. Since AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology has taken charge in almost every field, in the same manner, it is smartly moving towards the kitchen as well as bathroom accessories. So our Home Decor journey is fast-forwarding from the modular kitchen to the AI Kitchen.  

Introduction to AI Futuristic Taps

Imagine if your kitchen taps and bathroom taps change their colour as per your choice or, even better, work on your voice! These colour-changing taps can perfectly satisfy everyone's choice in your family. Also, to add to the level of innovation, your fixtures can offer presenting your favorite designs or your kid's image or even a cartoon character they love. 


Time Bank & Water Bank

Yes, you read that right! The idea of WATER BANK. There are countries in the world where people even don't have access to the water supply. They don't get water even for drinking. Approximately 600 million people currently drink dirty water and around 800 million people don't have clean water. 

These AI Futuristic Taps will come in quite handy when the strategist might introduce the concept of Water Bank along the same lines of Time Bank or Blood Bank.

Everybody in this world knows about Blood Bank, but very few might be aware of Time Bank. For the concept of a time bank, people accept to take part in a system that includes receiving and consuming time credits. For example, when somebody spends an hour on an activity helping others, they receive one-time credit. So when they need help from others, they can use the time credits that they have acquired.

More simply, you can use your free time taking care of the health of needy people, which can later be utilized when you get sick or need someone's help.

If all your Kitchen and Bathroom Taps start working on AI technology in your home, you can automate your water usage process. 

AI Taps to Monitor the Water Usage

Technology to monitor the water inventory and even send a message directly to users when running low will be a revolution in the industry. For example, our smart kitchen mixer tap can track how much water you're using. Then, it sends a notification when you're running low so you can resupply and never run out of water again! 

Now coming to our WATER BANK concept, by using these AI taps, you can control your water wastage and contribute this saved water to somebody in need, or even use it later for yourselves from WATER BANK. 

There are countries where water is more expensive than petrol (even cold drink is cheaper). People don't bother closing their taps in today's time while washing their hands while applying liquid soap while brushing their teeth and while doing a shave. Paying attention, if the fixtures remain on for approximately 20 seconds, almost 2 liters of water is wasted.

On an average, one person washes his hands or face 10 times a day, and hence 20 litres of water get wasted per day. So if we calculated 20 litres of water for 100 days with 500 mil people (20 litres x 100 days x 50 mil people), it would blow your mind thinking how much water gets wasted.

If we don't start saving water from now, then shortly, more countries will get impacted by the shortage of water. Many countries will have to face drought and very soon we will have to pay an ample amount of money for a basic necessity like water.

So we should use water wisely. (I know some might think that our advanced technology will find some solution and even some may say that there are some mega projects of converting ocean and seawater into mineral water. But again, it is expensive! ). So we have to save our natural water resources for good.

Use Technology for Technology

With innovation in our day-to-day life, we are going forward smartly using these futuristic AI taps. These innovative taps are going to make our life more reliable and advance like our smartphones. Nowadays, our AC, smart TV, fridge, lights and much more electronic gadgets are controlled by a single smartphone. 

This sounds so fascinating even to think that all our bathroom taps and kitchen taps are connected to your smartphone and there is an app that notifies you about your daily water usage. Also, these AI taps can monitor your water-using habits, including all the family members, and after analyzing your usage, Artificial Intelligent based kitchen and bath faucets will help create guidelines for you.  

Also, the single-click app will present you the detailed outline reports of where you can save water by avoiding wastage at which places. Or even a step ahead of it, your wasting water gets penalized and at the same time, your saving water gets rewarded.  Then these reward points are utilized to give concession for your extra water demand. Another critical factor is that these AI faucets and apps encourage you to improve your behavior against using water.

These AI taps can have centralized access so that when you and your family are not at home and an intruder manages to surpass your home securities to enter into your home and unknowingly uses your futuristic taps, it automatically sends a notification to your smartphone along with locking all water supplies and raise a considerable alarm to alert the neighbors.

AI Taps can sense and stop supplying water when your bucket or bathtub fills up entirely if you forget to close it.

Suppose there is a power cut at your place and the smart kitchen or bathroom taps provides you with direction by providing lights. (I know some  people may think that if there is no electricity, then how is it going to work) That's why we call them Artificial Intelligent Based Advanced Technosavy Taps. Simple, there is an extra power backup system and also it stores energy from the sun during the day to use whenever needed with solar power. 

Now, there are a variety of LED bathroom cabinets having Bluetooth mirrors and a lot more variation. Imagine your shower gives you an extraordinary experience with the most energetic and joyful moments. Wondering how? According to your mood, your shower head or hand held shower drizzles musical water on your body. On top of that, your AI shower room showers healthy organic water like rose waterturmeric water, which gives you a nourishment and spa-like experience

Many talented people love bathroom singing and some even fulfill their singing desire in their bathroom. Imagine your bath screen, wet room, or shower room plays a dynamic role in nurturing your bathroom singing talent by providing the background music. 

AI Futuristic Taps to work according to your Mood

 In today's lifestyle, our daily routine is becoming hectic and more stressful. To overcome our everyday's challenges or resolve issues, we need peace of mind. A pleasing aroma can change your state of mind if your futuristic taps can do that! From your kitchen to the bathroom, all your fixtures provide a great sense of aroma. Nothing can be more uplifting! 

 The work in the kitchen can be simplified and modernized technically with your AI Taps auto-adjusting the water pressure automatically. For those days with busy schedules, the AI kitchen mixer tap gives you the correct temperature of hot water you precisely want to make a black tea.  

Isn't it amazing?

Good Old - Reuse and Recycle

 Most of our water usage is in our toilets and basins. Imagine the used water gets filtered and reprocessed to reuse for other activities; for example, AI taps automatically sprays water during a fire disaster.

Imagine the rainwater getting harvested by your AI taps; our ocean or seawater gets converted into mineral water by these futuristic taps.

 There are touchless sensor taps in the market that sense and provide you with water, but If there is a single unique tap that works on artificial intelligence to give you all the above features, how would you feel about it? Sounds incredible, right?! Then think about it.

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