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Genius Tips when Looking To Upgrade Your Plumbing

by Globo 05 Sep 2021 0 Comments
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It has been much harder for us to get away from home in recent years. Working, relaxing, and noticing all those projects to improve the house keep piling up. The current pandemic has resulted in an increased number of calls regarding plumbing upgrades.

Your house’s plumbing is critical to its value and comfort, no matter the reason for purchasing it. Listed below are some of our recommended upgrades that will add to the value of your home while saving you time and money. 

Invest in an energy-efficient water heater

The importance of an efficient water heater is easily understood during winters. The worst thing you can experience is being without hot water when your water heater isn’t working properly. In an older, poorly maintained unit, sediment may build up rather than hot water filling it. As the sediment builds up, the water heater’s capacity decreases.

Water heaters are now more energy efficient to handle more appliances, including dishwashers and larger families. If you are experiencing limited hot water in your home, you may also want to consider installing a tank-less water heater. These heaters heat the water as it is used, so you will always have hot water. Modern water heaters are not only more energy-efficient, quieter, and easier to maintain, but they are also simpler to use.

Keep Your Pipes in Good Condition

The pipes in your plumbing system can be upgraded to save you money. Most likely you have not insulated the pipes in your new home or the one you recently bought. Inefficient water heaters waste more water when pipes lack insulation, as they work harder and consume more energy. Getting these pipes insulated quickly is essential. Thus, the heat is not lost, especially during the winter. Additionally, leaky pipes can dramatically increase water bills.

Those house pipes that are older than forty years might need to be replaced. Most of the pipes in houses of this age often clog due to corrosion, as they are formed from galvanized steel. If this is your home, consider replacing these pipes with copper.

Make sure your toilets and fixtures are water-efficient

When deciding how to replace an old plumbing system, you should consider water conservation. Replace old water-consuming taps, shower heads, and toilets with water-saving models. Make sure you choose the best fixtures and materials you can afford before starting any plumbing work. Saving money over the long haul is a benefit you can enjoy because you will avoid many repairs, save time, and save money.

The use of recycled water

Greywater solutions, such as using rainwater to flush your toilets, are gaining popularity due to environmental concerns. Installing an outdoor collection septic tank gives you two options.

By pumping grey water into the tank, you can use it for your garden. The system does not collect toilet water or kitchen sink water.

Ensure that vents are installed near drains to comply with building codes

It is not uncommon for old houses not to have vents near drains. Building code requirements must be met by correcting this situation. Water can be drained away quickly through vents. This barrier also prevents the entry of septic gas.

Choosing a plumber is important

Even if you intend to do the work yourself, you should keep the contact information of a good plumber handy. Consequently, you will be able to get advice from our experts and even get assistance with troubleshooting. Once you are already a customer, you are likely to get priority treatment when things go wrong. 

Investing in home improvements that increase the value of your property will reap you rewards in the long run. Although they are long term, they remain an ongoing project. You should renovate your home one part at a time unless you are determined to renovate the entire house at once. Don’t rush into improvements. Your home will eventually have a higher value and be more livable.

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