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Guide to Bathroom Fittings - An Understated Art of Adding the Details

by Pooja Dhole 19 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Guide to Bathroom Fittings - An Understated Art of Adding the Details

If you are ready to set up your bathroom or plan to renovate the older one, it is recommended to understand professionals' terminology. Learning about bathroom fittings is easy. Follow these three simple steps to make better and smarter choices.

Step one: Design and Planning

Bathrooms add luxury to your house. With simple accessories like a black matt shower, you can give your guests something to discuss. They should be stylish yet well-grounded. They should have a touch of innovation and technology (like those radiators) yet look contemporary (check out these Victorian handles). This small personalised relaxation unit has more fittings and equipment on its display than the rest of the house. So, sit back with a pen and coffee and start planning!

Take a measuring tape, and evaluate the room, calculate the square feet; it is beneficial to make a list of things your bathroom will accommodate. From showers, toilet seats, mirrors, bathtubs, vanity units, bathroom tabs, include them all. It's always good to add to your list smaller units like soap holder and body jets. After finalising the list, it is easy to plan the design of your bathroom. You can go even further and calculate each unit's size; the basic idea of a design is enough for us to get to the next step.

Step Two: Fixture VS Fitting

Bathrooms usually consist of two types of fitting. Fixtures are units in the bathroom design that is attached, or in other words, 'fixed' by the landlord while building the house. They can either be plumbed or wired. It is recommended to change the fixture unit when you are planning or renovating the house.

Fittings units are more flexible to be removed or detached.

Here is the link to the blog, which will help you figure out the types of showerheads to choose for your water pump (link of the previous blog). The line between the fixtures and fitting units is clear. We have listed down a simplified table to add for more clarity.

Examples of bathroom fixtures:


Examples of bathroom fittings:




Basin or sink



Fitted furniture


Toilet seat

Shower curtains

Toilet roll holder

Soap dispenser

Freestanding or wall mounted bathroom furniture

Basin or bath waste

Detachable shelves


Step three: Know Your Bathroom Fittings

Once the bathroom fixtures are installed, it's easy to understand the bathroom fittings. We offer a variety of bathroom products here at Tapron. We've shortlisted some bathroom fitting to help you buy smart.

  1. Bathroom Furniture

One of the brilliant ways to utilise the bathroom space is by adding bathroom vanity units. They look stylish and help to store bathroom necessities. They provide more hygienic options, especially when it comes to storing your exquisite bathroom cosmetics and toothbrushes. They are easy to install and keep your bathroom space organised.

Click here to see our variety of Bathroom furniture based on the space and shelf requirement.

Wall hung vanity units are best for small spaces. The best part is, they will not dominate your bathroom but can add a more modern look. You can opt for under your basin cabinet or above the basin (as a mirror cabinet) or both. We have options based on your preferences. Some mirror cabinets also offer additional features like LED lights, see our range here.

You can also go for a traditional Floor-standing vanity unit. It is available in different shelf numbers and sizes. It's easy to choose once we finalise the shelves' number and the available space we are allocating to them. For example, this Cloakroom vanity unit is great for compact spaces and adds a more classy look to your bathroom. 

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors elevate the look of your bathroom and are a must-have for any modern bathroom. We all love to look for the final touch before we leave the bathroom! Moreover, mirror fitting gives an illusion of vast space and adds a touch of innovation to everyday life. You will fall in love with this multi-purpose, Mirrors With Shaver Socket. They come with a heated pad, sensor switch, along a shaving socket.

Whereas, if you plan to add more aesthetics to your bathroom, Illuminated mirrors are a fantastic option. They offer a dual function between mirrors and light. They complement modern as well as contemporary bathrooms. They for sure will elevate the look of your bathrooms and can be used as the centerpiece.

If you are also one of those who prefer a clean, moist, free mirror after a fantastic hot shower bath, you go to the Demisted Mirrors. They use infrared sensors to defog the mirror. They give you reflection despite the general moist condition in the bathroom.

  1. Bathroom Accessories

Now, let's focus on small bathroom units like shower baskets, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, and towel rails that come under bathroom accessories. They serve as the essence of every bathroom. 

It is beneficial to choose them depending on the decor style you want for your bathroom. We recommend you choose matt black accessories. They go very well with a modern yet edgy look for bathrooms. They act minimal but stand out from the rest!

You can also opt for Victorian style accessories, the all-time classy decor style. This golden toilet roll holder complements this gold brushed tumbler holder

In the end, choosing and installing bathroom accessories depends on your personal choices. So, go crazy with them. There is nothing wrong with being a little experimental.

  1. Shower heads

Shower heads play a vital role in setting the tone of your bathroom. We suggest you check the water supply and pumping system available at your house beforehand. Shower heads can be innovative and modern, like Round led rain overhead shower or tradition yet ecstatic like Chester Cross Gold Victorian shower.

 Bathroom fittings are the core of any feasible modern bathroom. Like fixing part of a puzzle, they serve a unique purpose, come with quality material, and complete your dream bathroom. Even with the simple attentiveness, these small details will rightfully charm up personal preferences, and it will ultimately make your dream bathroom stand out.

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