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Guide to Magnifying Mirrors

by Globo 20 Sep 2021 0 Comments
LED Mirror with Magnifier

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To choose the best model, you need to determine the mirror's functions and its attributes. Traditionally, mirrors in bathrooms are installed for the convenience factor. Our mirror reflection encourages us to tidy up our appearance, comb our hair, wash and brush our teeth, and dress up. An inexpensive mirror can visually add space to a small room.

Models for bathrooms can be wall-mounted or floor-standing, with a frame or without a frame. In large rooms with a bathtub, sink, floor standing models may be suitable. When finishing a room with an elite feel, mirror tiles in diamond shapes, rectangular shapes, or square shapes are used with bevelled edges for decorative purposes. Furniture such as cabinets or nightstands is used to mount mirror canvases. A model with shelves allows you to arrange toothpaste and personal hygiene products. Designed to be mounted on a bracket, cosmetic mirrors have an adjustable angle of view. Models with magnifying lenses make grooming procedures easier - applying makeup, styling hair. They are ideal for visually expanding space and creating original interior compositions.

Types of magnifying mirrors for bathroom

Magnifying mirrors without lights

Magnifying mirrors without lights are most common. Although many manufacturers produce luxury magnifying mirrors that do not have lights, these mirrors can be reasonably cheap. In bathrooms that are already well lit by either natural sunlight or other bathroom fixtures, a non-lighted mirror is perfect. Furthermore, a freestanding non-lighted makeup mirror is versatile and can easily be moved from one room to another.

Lighted magnifying mirrors

The popularity of illuminated magnifying mirrors has increased greatly due to new LED lighting, sensors, and battery life. Lighted magnifying mirrors provide extra light for various purposes in the bathroom, especially for applying makeup or shaving. However, in some high-end mirrors, the lights are angled to make regular tasks more convenient; these are also known as magnifying shaving mirrors. Various lighted magnifying mirrors, including LEDs, incandescent and fluorescents, are available, but LEDs tend to offer the greatest benefits.

Magnifying mirrors with LED lights

In addition to being highly efficient, LED lights also last up to 50,000 hours, which, essentially, means they don't need to be replaced. Additionally, many mirrors manufactured today feature an auto-off feature, which automatically turns off the mirror's lights after a specific time, thereby increasing their lifespan. As a bonus, LED lights can be dimmable or have continually adjustable colours to use the light colour that is most comfortable for you. The LED magnifying mirrors are the most highly recommended lighted magnifying mirrors, as they are high quality and energy-efficient. They also produce beautiful light that is easy to use.

Magnifying mirrors with fluorescent lighting

Since fluorescent lighted magnifying mirrors historically had a majority of the same benefits as LED lighted magnifying mirrors, they have fallen behind rapidly over the last few years. Fluorescent lighted magnifying mirrors can indeed be less expensive, but they are also less efficient than LED lighted magnifying mirrors. LED lights usually last twice as long but are typically twice as energy-efficient as incandescent lights.

Magnifying mirrors with incandescent lights

There are still some incandescent lighted magnifying mirrors available on the market, but they are rarely manufactured now. Incandescent mirrors are the least expensive type of magnifying mirror with lighting, but they are less efficient and will not last as long as fluorescent or LED mirrors, which will ultimately cost you more in energy costs and replacement costs in the future. One advantage of incandescent lighted magnifying mirrors is their ability to dim relatively easily and produce considerable light, both of which are helpful for bathrooms that lack adequate lighting.

Wall-mounted magnifying mirror

Wall-mounted magnifying mirrors can significantly enhance bathroom design. They come in a variety of styles and finishes and complement a variety of bathroom accessories. You can increase the comfort and minimalism in your bathroom by mounting your magnifying mirror.

Free Standing Magnifying Mirrors

Freestanding or vanity makeup mirrors are an excellent option for bathrooms with no wall space or where you strongly prefer not to drill into the wall. Bathrooms and bedrooms in apartments can benefit from these.


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