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Modern Colored Tapware

by Pavneet Kaur 07 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Modern Colored Tapware

The days of chrome tapware as the only choice for decorating your bathroom are over and let’s face it, bathrooms can often be fairly spartan spaces but it’s so easy to change that!  

Add some colour and fun into your bathroom with colored tapware, A Big Trend for 2020! Colors will give you the ability to craft your tailor-made bathroom that provides your very own unique character to rest of the space. 


Monochromatic bathrooms featuring matt black tapware are still a big trend! If you like the look of a contemporary bathroom, then matt black tapware is your go-to. It helps you deliver a striking contrast against white tiles and it can be the splash of vibrance in your bathroom.


Or if you’re looking for tapware that makes a statement in the most luxurious of ways, brushed brass is the one to go for. The sense of elegance is the main point brushed brass can bring into your bathroom design. And contrary to most people believe, it works in more bathroom styles than you might think. 

Do you want to see more tapware examples to get inspired by? Visit our Tapron online bathroom store and shop from a wide selection of bathroom taps and accessories. 

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