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Our Top Stylish Bottle Traps for Basin

by Raj b 27 Aug 2021 0 Comments
Gold Bottle Trap

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Basins highlight any bathroom; their shape and colour play a crucial role in creating that aesthetic bathroom of your dreams. But a little part of it is equally important, and our attention is often drawn away from it - the bottle traps. The fact that many of us don’t understand how significant it is leads to many difficulties.

Now you must be wondering why is this waste trap holds so much significance in our lives! Keeping the current situation in mind, sanitation has to be done to achieve better living. And here comes the basin waste trap that ensures that you have a clean and welcoming bathroom ambience. 

Now, if you are wondering how to choose the ideal basin bottle trap, this blog is for you. We have tried to include everything that ensures you end up buying the perfect one for your basin.

What is a bottle trap?

When waste originating from a washbasin, kitchen sink, or other appliance does not have a trap built-in, and that’s the reason a bottle trap is provided. To ensure that your basin runs smoothly without any obstructions, you should install a basin bottle trap. After you are done using the basin, the wastewater goes down to the drain and can allow the sewer gases to come back up straight. Without a bottle trap, you will have to stand the foul odour that can pollute the air of the entire house and might embarrass you in front of your guests at times. 

To block and prevent those odour-creating gases, you need to install a highly functional 32mm waste trap or a bottle trap sink that will ensure drainage and help you maintain cleanliness around the basin area.  Designed to protect public health, this piece of plumbing keeps dirty sewer air from escaping back into occupied spaces and maintains hygienic levels. 

A must-have for any residence, the basin bottle trap will ensure that harmful bacteria are spread in your entire house through the air.

You’ll improve the appearance of your basin and prevent sewer gas from rising from drains into your home; in addition to that, the basin waste traps enhance the functionality of your pipe and drainage systems. Compact and space-saving bottle traps are a great way to make this kind of trap.

Color, Design, and Types…

Starting with the first thing first, colour. One does not require any superior skills to achieve this part. You must find a brass bottle trap if you have a brushed brass or gold-coloured basin to complete the look, and that should not be hard to do. Or, if you have a ceramic basin, you can either go for a gold or chrome basin waste trap as both will complement the basin equally. Tapron offers traditional and modern styled gold and chrome basin traps. 

As matt black and brushed black have been ruling the interior and lifestyle industry since they were introduced, the lustrous matt black and brushed black basin traps will create magic in your bathroom in no time. Bringing elegance to your bathroom instantly, the perfect pairing of black bottle traps with matched basins will leave everyone awestruck once they enter your bathroom.   

Developed for compact, contemporary bathrooms, the bottle trap waste resembles a sleek, modern-looking waste container. As it leads into the pipes, it looks like an upside-down bottle. The basin waste trap is available in two shapes: a round bottle trap and a square one. Both are readily available in the market with different build qualities and finishings to suit your choice. Tapron offers a brass bottle trap and chrome waste trap under the Chester range. 

Quality plays a crucial role:

To prevent any changes from occurring soon, construction must be exact. While selecting the basin bottle trap, one must keep an eye on the quality and finish, as it is extremely important that the basin trap should not get rusted if you’re using chrome or any metal-made waste trap. Once you install a finely constructed waste trap, you don’t have to worry about its replacement for a good number of years as it fits watertight. 

The smell of sewer gas is not only unpleasant, but it can also create poor air quality due to many germs present in it, which come from decaying materials and egregious wastes. Always look for a high-quality basin waste trap if you want the durable item as class and comfort go hand in hand.

Installation and Maintenance:

The basin waste trap comes with a DIY installation, and they are easily compatible with most plumbing systems. To install it, you will need to assemble all the parts and tools required, following with placing the basin waste from the upper side of the basin. Later on, place the bottle trap right below the basin at a distance from the wall.

Ensure that the bottle trap for washbasins fits watertight on both sides to avoid leakage and chock up. The basin waste trap has an easy installation and does not require hassle. Similar to installation, the bottle trap requires low maintenance. A slight twist to the bottle-shaped part at the bottom, and you can clean it with soap water. 

Currently, bottle traps can be found in various colours, shapes, and finishes so you can design a bathroom that compliments the other features.

Top 5 Bottle Traps:

Check out our Top 5 Bottle Traps for Basins to see just how versatile and attractive your bottle trap can be!

Chester Cross Traditional bottle trap with 300mm pipe [G771]

The highly functional Chester bottle trap will add a dynamic touch to your basin, making it look glamorous with its lustrous antique gold finish. The gold finish bottle trap can be considered a brass bottle trap paired with bruised brass countertop basins. Though it has a traditional design, it excels in all modern qualities to create a luxurious ambience in your bathroom. 

With its sleek antique gold finish and durable brass construction, this modern bottle trap will take care of the practical bits while looking stylish, just like the rest of the gold range. Pair it with a ceramic or brushed brass countertop basin and witness the magic of transforming your bathroom into an exciting one.

Bottle Trap Brushed Black [27775BBL]

The brushed black bottle trap will compliment your black aesthetic countertop basin and help you to keep your bathroom odour-free and hygienic. The stylish brushed black basin trap features 300mm pipe length and project 345mm making it an ideal choice with easy installation and maintenance. 

Bottle Trap, Square Edition [777]

Square in shaped the chrome bottle traps, designed for modern, minimalist bathroom designs, add an attractive touch to your bathroom and make your basin look stylish. It features a unique square design that makes it easy for anyone to assemble. 

This pipe is easy to clean with its high-gloss chrome finish, while its circular mounting plate provides added stability and security. The square chrome waste trap is easy to clean and suitable for standard quarter connection with any basin. Its height can be adjusted to fit, and the unit has a 15-year manufacturer guarantee. 

Chester Traditional Bottle Trap with 300mm Pipe [771]

 Nothing can complement a ceramic basin better than the Chester traditional chrome bottle trap. The study brass constructed waste trap is designed for modern homes with easy installation. This unit has been designed to drain water fast, and the 300mm pipe makes it very practical. 

It prevents gasses from rising through your drainage system, so your wash space will remain clean and smell-free. You will never have a problem finding fixtures and accessories that match chrome, as this material is so popular and neutral.

Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Bottle Trap [IX775]

The brushed stainless steel bottle trap is an ideal combination of style and function. The body is made up of stainless steel, which makes it superior yet straightforward. The watertight installation allows you to enjoy its complaint-free functioning with bare minimum maintenance. 

The unit projects 320mm and has a pipe length with a width of 70mm and a height of 246mm. The chrome basin waste trap fits in any bathroom style or design easily due to its sleek chrome finish and rounded design.


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