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Shower Enclosures

by Globo 06 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Shower Enclosures

An integral part of the modern bathroom. Besides separating a wet and dry area in your bathroom, shower enclosures provide elegance and refine the space's aesthetic appeal. You can reduce the possibility that you'll slip on a wet floor by using shower enclosures in the bathroom, keeping the washroom dry, free of bacteria, and hygienically clean. 

Shower enclosures are an excellent alternative to hydro boxes because they are easy to maintain and compact. When arranging a bathroom, the best thing to do is install a shower enclosure when every square centimetre counts and when the repair budget is limited.

When it comes to shower enclosures, we at Tapron understand how difficult it can be to choose from various options. Let us help you make the right purchase by providing a comprehensive guide into our range of shower enclosures.  

Please take the time to review the following valuable information to understand what we offer regarding shower enclosures. If you'd like to understand the characteristics of our products and pick the model that is best for you, please read the article. Using this guide, we hope to guide you towards making the right choice for your bathroom and assisting you with your purchase.

How does the cost of a shower enclosure differ?

Our buying guide will help you buy a suitable shower enclosure for your budget, regardless of how low your costs are. An analysis of the factors that affect a shower enclosure's price follows:

  • The glass thickness of shower enclosures can be chosen from several options. Millimetres (mm) are the unit of measurement. Glass thicknesses include 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. It is more durable if the glass is thicker. In addition, the price will increase as the thickness of the glass increases.
  • In terms of enclosure size, the larger an enclosure is, the more material it will take to build. With this in mind, the cost will increase as you select a bigger enclosure. Custom size showers will cost more as a specialist may be required to build them.
  • It shouldn't affect your price too much what the enclosure style is. The cost of most styles usually rises with other factors such as size and material.
  • You may find that the cost of shower enclosures varies depending on the brand you choose. 
  • The cost of shower enclosures is affected by extra accessories. Even though these will also improve your shower experience and increase your practicality in most cases, if you want something more upscale, you can spend more on things like handles and wastes.

Design features and benefits of shower enclosures

Shower doors come in two types: sliding and hinged. A sliding door is preferable if the bathroom is small, as it slides along rail guides without occupying much space. Metal rails and rollers and a stopper are necessary to keep the doors from jamming; plastic may not justify the weight of the leaf. 

A spacious bathroom, such as a living room, can benefit from a shower that swings inward. In addition to hinges and connectors, glass elements are fixed in place by screws. A stabilizer bar is another option. To prevent water from entering the shower, the door profile and seal should be waterproof.  

 Types of Shower Enclosures:

  • Marina 2 door quadrant shower enclosure: We are sure that you must have good taste in decor by choosing a quadrant shower enclosure or building a new one. The quadrant shower enclosure offers high-quality and sheer efficiency so you can experience luxury every day. Its unique design helps you save a lot of space yet creating enough space to move around.
  • Marina Square Bath Screen: This is one of the most effective ways of preventing water splashing on the bathroom floor. The screen is hinged at one end so it can be moved to help you get in and out of the bath easily, and the rubber seal around the bottom of the screen stops leaks and drips. It can be used with any standard rectangular bath.
  • Marina Round Top Bath Screen: One of the best ways to use your bathroom more flexibly is to install a shower over the bath, and for that, you will need a bath screen to keep the water inside the tub. This Marina round top bath screen is an elegant and simple choice; the curved design makes it equally suitable for a modern or more traditional bathroom. This screen is also fully reversible.
  • Marina Double - Fold Round Bath Screen: Suitable for any straight bath, the Marina double folding bath screen will bring functionality to your bath space and supply a touch of beauty with its stylish finished frame. The bath screen is reversible for a left or right-handed installation, or the hinged panel folds neatly behind the fixed panel when not in use.


  • Wet Room Screen Panel with Arm: Class, comfort, and convenience are what this wet room panel has to offer you, and it creates calmness in your bathroom. The transparent panel brings a stylish impact to your bathroom. The wet room panel is made from nano clear 8mm tempered glass, making this panel one of the most popular available ranges. 
  • Marina Shower Side Panels: To experience luxury in your shower enclosure, we recommend buying this beautifully crafted side panel immediately. Made from durable premium quality material, this charming clear glass will never fail to impress you. 

Doors and Glasses:

  • Easy Clean 8mm Wet Room Shower Temper Glass 2000mm & 275mm Return Panel: The pivot panel brings charm and creates a spacious bathroom for the end-users. It outlines a luxurious statement with its contemporary design and sophistication. It is an easily accessible option to modify your existing shower or install it in a new wet room. 
  • Sliding Shower Doors: Long gone are days of using the monotonous doors for showers with no decor element. Try this sliding door for your shower that will add a boost to your mood every time you use it.
  • Maria Pivot Shower Doors: If you're looking for the best way to make your bathroom aesthetic, you have a good choice. The pivot door creates the maximum effect through its high-quality manufacturing. The door's water-tight construction will not give any chance to complain. 
  • Marina 6mm Bi-Fold Shower Door: After a day at work, you need a few moments of relaxation and escape that can only be achieved by this stunning and eye-pleasing Marina bi-fold shower door. Constructed with 6mm tempered glass supported with chrome finished borders ensures you have a charming shower space. 
  • Triple Sliding Shower Door 900mm Wide - 4mm Glass Aluminium Profile Cover : To make your bathroom look luxurious and classic, install this triple shower sliding door. The timeless aluminium borders and strong glass frame create charm in your bathroom. The triple sliding door has a robust construction at the joints that won't damage the door even after being used frequently. 

Selecting the suitable shower tray

There is no need to have a tray when setting up a shower area in the bathroom corner. However, you will probably have to order a palette because it is challenging to floor-mount a shower compartment in a typical apartment. There is often a hidden supply and drainage of water when the wiring diagram of the bathroom is drawn. Furthermore, the finishing of the floor in bathrooms becomes more complex: it is not easy to provide a slope for the drain while still maintaining structural stability. Getting a shower tray is easier than figuring out a lot of problems. 

The trays that come with some shower enclosures are designed to make the buyer's life easier. As a result, standard pallets do not always correspond to bathroom layouts and their peculiarities and individual needs. 

Be attentive to the tray shape: this determines how well the device is integrated into the room. Streamlined models are suitable for filling niches in rooms with an unconventional layout - semicircular and quarter-circular. A rectangular pallet fits nicely into the corners of typical bathrooms. 

Shower trays range in height from 13 to 52 cm. The higher the walls, the larger the tray's capacity. The deep tray partially takes over bath functions

Choose a shower with a low base if you have increased safety requirements. In a corner with a low tray, the elderly and those with limited mobility have easier keeping their balance. The ribbed bottom further enhances Anti-slip properties. Despite this, note that water overflows through the pan's low edges and leaks onto the floor. It is essential to adjust the pressure carefully so that the puddles can escape.

Advantages and disadvantages of shower trays made of various materials

The most common material used for shower trays is acrylic. It retains heat well and absorbs noise well, as it does not absorb dirt or foreign odours. For the tray to be strong, the wall of the tray mustn't be visible through the acrylic layer. While acrylic is abrasion- and shock-resistant, its metal frame partially mitigates these weaknesses. 

Although porcelain and earthenware are easier to clean, stoneware is less resistant to shock loads than porcelain. Furthermore, ceramic surfaces heat slowly, so standing barefoot on a pallet is not always comfortable.

Cast iron is rarely used despite its superior strength due to its high weight and difficulty during installation.

Types of Shower Trays:

Offset Quadrant Right Hand Shower Tray: An offset quadrant right-hand shower tray fits perfectly in your corner shower and makes it look beautiful. It gives you plenty of space to move around as it has an anti-slip coating safely.

Offset Quadrant Left Hand Shower Tray: The offset quadrant left-hand shower trays have a smart design and quality manufacturing that won't require changing it for a lifetime to come.

Rectangular Shower Trays: Install the most stylish rectangular shower tray to luxuriate a comfortable and reliable shower space. The shower tray has raised solid borders that are a deal to transmit your bathroom as modern-looking. 

Quadrant Shower Trays: To complete your enclosure shower set up, you will need the quadrant shower tray that is sleekest yet the strongest. Made from high-quality material, the low profile quadrant shower tray easily fits your corner showers. It is constructed from an acrylic capped polymer resin that ensures its durability. Ideal for contemporary bathrooms, the tray eliminates the risk of accidents due to anti-slip coating.

Square Shower Trays: Our square shower trays have elegant designs and great lightweight with raised borders that are perfect for your shower space to look glamorous and smartly designed. They come with an anti-slip coating that prevents accidents and offers an accessible, full mobility shower every day.


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