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Signs that Prove it’s Time to Refurbish your Bathroom Space

by Globo 09 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Shower niche matt black

Have you had the same bathroom decor for ages but don’t know what to do about it? It may be time for a refurbish!

We’re sharing with you undeniable signs that prove it’s time your bathroom got an upgrade.

Your bathroom isn’t spacious enough anymore

A bathroom that worked for you when you and your partner would be pretty cluttered once you have kids. You might need to add a sink for your kid’s bedtime routine or a shower for your spouse. You can even organize the space with tumblers and holders or hooks and hangers. You should feel relaxed in your bathroom space. Add to its functionality with these good-looking accessories. A poorly designed bathroom with a cramped layout can become a major pain point in your lifestyle. 

Replace your traditional toilets and basins with less spacious consuming wall-hung toilets, wall-mounted basins and bottle traps.

 You want to personalize your bathroom’s look

Your personality and sense of styling as a person has evolved, and your bathroom should resemble it. A design that isn’t attractive enough is a big no-no! Style and customize the look with bathroom cabinets and stunning bathroom mirrors. Do you want to add a fresh style to your bathroom space? There are a plethora of design options and trends out there that complement the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Upgrade your toiletssinks and showers with new, premium models. Give your bathroom a more tasteful and sophisticated touch with stunning taps and shower accessories, upgraded vanity, etc. Voguish and trending black basin wastes can add just the perfect amount of finishing touch to your bathroom. Bathroom tiles with unique textures, funky patterns and trendy retro designs can nail the look. Also, go for neutral and muted tones for a timeless bathroom.

You are thinking of selling your home

If you are looking for prospective buyers for your home, perhaps, a renovation will be a great way to nail the first impression. Updating some fixtures and features to your bathroom is a great way to get started.

Your bathroom no more feels like a desirable self-care space

After a long tiring day at work, all you need is some me-time unwinding in your bathroom. Add a special touch of luxury to the look of your bathroom with a wall shower niche or trending gold basin taps

Moulding bathroom tiles and peeling paint

So, you clean your bathroom tiles quite often, and they still look dirty? Mould-covered tiles can ruin the entire look of your bathroom space and are quite unappealing. But it isn’t just about the look! Mould can severely affect your and your family’s health and is a serious problem. Do not ignore even the most minute damages when it comes to corrosion and structural damage of the bathroom.

Old plumbing

When it comes to your bathroom space, there can be nothing more important than your plumbing conditions. Even the most minor plumbing issue like a clogged pipe can lead to potential flooding hazards. Good plumbing is the most minimum requirement for any well-functioning bathroom.

There are major safety concerns with your bathroom

The wet and hard surfaces of bathroom floors can lead to unpredictable accidents. You must renovate your bathroom space if there are no additional safety features in it. Update it with all the latest features to add to the functionality and accessibility.. Here are some safety features you can add: 

  • Avoid slippery floor coverings or throw rugs that can increase the chances of accidents.
  • Install proper lighting. 
  • Add an adjustable or hand-held showerhead or shower rail kit
  • Install grab rails and bars around the toilet, bath and shower to avoid chances of a slip. 

General damage to the bathroom

If you enter your bathroom and miss a pleasingly aesthetic space, you should consider renovation.

To upgrade the look of your bathroom, replace the stained, grimy taps and fixtures with brand new shiny ones. Add trending gold basin taps and black basin taps for a more classy and premium touch to space. Replace the old tiles with new, beautiful ones to enhance the look.

Your bathroom looks extremely cluttered

Cluttered bathroom space is never an efficient one. Renovate your bathroom space to organize all your bathroom materials neatly in extra shelves and modern bathroom cabinets. 

There are so many ultra-modern, clever and creative storage solutions for bathrooms these days, like pull-out drawers or corner-nook stacks. You can even use accessories like soap dishessoap dispenserstoilet roll holderstoilet brush holders etc. for keeping stuff like your toilet rolls, toilet brushes and soaps in a proper place. 

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