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Simple Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

by Globo 10 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet - Anthracite

Are you looking for ways to make your small bathroom space appear to have more room? Well, so are most of us in the UK! This is why our bathroom interior experts have collated these simple ideas that will help you create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

With an average floor space of less than 3sqm, bathrooms in the UK can often want more room. Designing a bathroom with such limited space is a real challenge - one that our experts at Tapron are well-versed with!

Going ahead, you will find some simple, practical bathroom ideas that go beyond taking advantage of the accessible space and show that striking plan elements can be comfortable in even the smallest rooms. These ideal approaches turn half-showers and simply windowless washrooms into less restricted, more pleasant situations. Your small bath space can merely be your next most loved room.

With these exciting design tricks, your entire bathroom can appear to be more splendid and stylish.

Keep your colours light

Less is more! Overly textured walls can make your bathroom space appear cluttered. So, a clean, simple paint job or one colour for the bathroom, rather than a patterned wall, is the simplest way to create the illusion of more space. Colours like sky blue or pastel shades of yellow are your allies. Neutral colours like white or beige also work well against added bathroom furniture and appliances.

If one colour doesn’t appeal to you, creating contrast by painting one wall in a different or bold colour from others is a great alternative. Adding a stylish wall-hung vanity unit and some potted plants can also generate a better bathroom environment.

Create an illusion with tiles

Cleverly placed tiles in the small bathroom are the ideal solution to make your bathroom look bigger. It’s always thought that small tiles would make the room look bigger. However, many grouting lines can make space seem much smaller. With the help of tiling, you can create an illusion of larger floor space through plain coloured flooring. Similarly, if you are thinking to place tiles on your walls, then simple colours are more effective, whereas pattern tiles with black and white checks make the bathroom look cluttered.

A better way to enhance the effect is to use mirrors on the walls. Placing a mirror in the small bathroom will create the illusion of space and if you have plain walls, then putting a mirror on it is like the cherry on the cake means which will multiply the effect and make your bathroom look bigger and luxurious. You can prefer Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors that can create more spacious space and are small in size.

Attach to the wall

Another clever hack to make your small bathroom look bigger and spacious is fixing your bathroom installations against the wall. The back to wall toilets and wall-hung toilets are excellent for streamlining bathrooms, covering the tank, and making space immediately look far less cluttered. The wall hung toilet is compact and plays an essential role in making any small bathroom look bigger and spacious. It’s always better to know about fixtures and accessories in the bathroom beforehand so that you can save more space.

Here’s another bathroom tip for you - fix your bathroom door so that it opens outside the bathroom rather than inside, as it will increase the usable floor space in the bathroom.

Shower Enclosures

Most people have a significant problem with small bathrooms because there is no space for the bathtub or separate shower space. For showers, walled-in areas, quadrant shower nooks, an infolding, or sliding shower entryways are ideal for boosting a small bathroom space. Infold entryways flawlessly overlay in on themselves instead of opening into the room, while smoothed out sliding entryways slide along rails in the nook without infringing on space, either in the restroom or the walled-in area.

Take a look at our range of showers and their accessories to find the best one according to your space.

Get creative with your storage

The absolute best little washroom thoughts are tied in with making space for capacity, including your cleansers and jugs. Another critical space-saving idea is to remember a shower niche for your washroom. A thin edge along the whole length of this washroom is the ideal roost for a mirror, toothbrush, and different fundamentals.

If a tub is an unquestionable requirement, consider a Japanese absorbing tub to add quietness without taking much space. Containers and cylinders dissipated on the ledges are ensured to divert from even the most exquisite shower. So you can utilise shut capacity, for example, a material wardrobe or vanity with drawers and entryways, to keep things concealed.

Compartmentalise your cabinets with explicit capacity destinations for instruments and toiletries. Huge bins keep hair dryers, level irons, and brushes from turning into a tangled wreck, while more modest plates are extraordinary for holding cosmetics and exceptional items. Remember about what’s inside the cupboards as well. Disregard anything not essential.

Decide on a smooth rack that accommodates your stylistic layout and gives you additional room. A divider mounted spigot may not exclusively be a genuine space saver, but at the same time, it’s sharp, present-day, and simple to clean. You can even get imaginative with a stepping stool. It can drape a more significant number of towels than a bar, giving the bathroom a novel vibe. If you need more space for a stepping stool that remains solitary, pick one made to sit over a toilet.

Or, store the items you don’t utilise every day in someplace other than your counters or bath edges. You can take a look at our range of tumblers and holders that will suit you best. Disposing of any messiness will cause your little restroom to appear to be substantially more huge.

You can make this a stride further and get custom toiletry bottles, which come in different styles and sizes. Each decision matters in a bit of space, so even this minor redesign can smooth out your surfaces and make all that look coordinated and clean.

Include a skylight

This is one of the more driven little washroom thoughts. Introducing a lookout window will open up your whole washroom and essentially light up space. However, it will have a significant effect. 

Hooks and Rails

Hooks and rails are a helpful method of opening up a small washroom. Regardless of whether they’re for towels or garments, they connect just several crawls on a divider or entryway without disturbing the sequence of your washroom’s stylistic layout. A trap for your warmed towel rail is additionally a space-saving idea, which has the additional advantage of keeping your towels warm and cushioned. 

Balancing storage for your shower and shower can save heaps of room, as well. Wire bushels give you abundant space to store your cleanser, soap and wipes without affecting the inside of the shower space. You can also check our range of hooks and hangers that can help you to save space in your small bathroom and give you a luxurious yet spacious look.


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