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The Best Low Water-Pressure Taps for You

by Globo 23 Aug 2021 0 Comments
Chrome dual handled bathroom tap

Taps are something that is an essential part of our daily routine but still goes unnoticed. Even though we all use them intensively, how many of us consider taps when redoing or making a bathroom, kitchen or possibly any place that requires one… I’m sure the number is pretty low.

And since this isn’t a very well thought topic, it often backfires.

A typical problem that comes with purchasing bathroom taps is that the water pressure isn’t thought of. 

In this blog, we will be talking about taps and even their water pressure. So if you’re someone who’s looking into buying taps, trust me reading this blog is important for you.

What is water pressure? 

Water pressure is (obviously) the pressure of the water that allows it to flow through your lines at home, work, and possibly every place that needs water. 

Water pressure is measured by a unit called a bar. 

One bar (14.5 PSI) is the power needed to raise water to a tallness of 10m. 

Water pressure rating 

All taps, mixers, and showers are evaluated in the UK with a base required pressure rating. It is normally anything between 0.3 Bar and 1 Bar. Anything below is viewed as low pressure. 

Now that that’s out of the way, you must be thinking. 

Why do I need to know all this? Why and when should I use low pressure taps? 

Here’s the thing. If the water pressure in your taps is too low, regular tasks like taking a shower or cleaning up in your kitchen could turn into the most irritating thing ever. 

This is because there is a low flow of water, and it could expand the time. 

On the other hand, If your water pressure is excessively high, it could lead to a good increase in your water bills, if nothing else seems like a point of concern to you. 

Also, fixing pipes or any other problem related to the water system becomes difficult if high-pressure water flows through the pipes. 

Ofwat (the water business controller in England and Wales) sets the minimum water pressure at 7m static head.

However, this may not be adequate to work with some combi boilers in the UK, which means houses with mixed boilers might encounter a lopsided presentation across home devices. 

Now many reasons might influence your water pressure.

It can be your region’s water interest (season of the day) and your structure’s height. 

If you live on top of a slope and have a gravity-fed system, you will have a lower water pressure than the individuals who live at the lower part of the slope. 

How to check your water pressure 

Before you’re going to jump to how to check/fix my water pressure on ‘’my videos on YouTube, it’s better to contact a  water provider as most issues can be settled by checking the inner pipes of your water system.  Also, after giving it a nice look,  a professional will set the pressure high or low in your place according to the demand.

But if you’d like to check the water pressure yourself, buying a pressure measurement apparatus to fix an outside tap (like the hose tap) could be helpful. Remember: One bar is equivalent to one meter. 

Assemble a 1-2L container and a stopwatch. Put the container under your sink tap, turn it on, and time 6 seconds on your stopwatch. Then, at that point, turn the tap off. Now, repeat the same procedure but time it for 10 secs.

Assuming your flow is under 10 litres each moment, your pressure is shallow. 

If it is somewhere in the range of 10 and 15 litres each moment, this is adequate. In case it is over 15 litres each moment, this is viewed as a decent flow.

 A similar test can be utilized to test your shower water pressure. 

So why should I use low-pressure taps? 

To save you from a long lecture on how taps work, I’ll try to keep it short and simple. Low pressure taps are primarily utilized on low-pressure water systems where a prompt water warming system is used. 

These warming systems allow a modest quantity of pressure into the heater. On the off chance that a high-pressure tap was to be utilized to the water supply to the capacity, the tank would be hindered and left without pressure. 

Low-pressure taps are an incredible answer for further developing manageability inside your own home. They allow you to utilize water is substantially more energy-effective ways. 

Low-pressure water systems 

  1. Gravity-fed 

The majority of the houses in the UK are fitted with a gravity-fed pressure system. There is typically a water tank in the space or loft, and the hot water chamber is arranged somewhere else in the home. The power that moves your water is gravity, which means you will encounter higher pressure at the lower part of your home instead of at the top. 

To see how gravity-fed systems work, we should look at Newton’s law of all-inclusive attraction. For gravity pulls objects/particles down towards the earth. 

Gravity-fed systems are typically low-pressure water systems. Gravity systems furnish homes with water pressure (at its most elevated) of close to 0.5 Bar. 

  1. Mix (combi) 

This type of water system is usually wall-mounted and has no tank for water storage. The water directly comes from the main channel. Mix frameworks set the water pressure of the whole house anywhere between 1 bar to 1.5 bar

Low pressure taps and recommendations

  1. Wall Mounted Basin Taps

At Tapron, we are all about bathrooms, taps, and luxury. 

As unique as these taps are, they not only keep your bathroom clean but also reduce any build-up formation.

And the best part about these taps is they are cross lever taps allowing you to control the water pressure.

Chester Cross 3 Hole Gold Basin Taps with Wall Mounted Fitting and Precise control Handles for water flow and temperature, LP 0.2 [76089AG]

This 3 hole wall mounted gold basin taps in antique brass finish is a 10/10 for looks and the best performance. It is best in quality and design and fits all types of home decor; it comes with matching cross lever tap heads that control water flow and temperature with a water pressure of LP 0.2 and 15 years guarantee.

  1. Gold Kitchen Mixer Taps

No doubt that these are quite old in the race...but old is surely gold, especially when they make a rebound with the latest technology.

These gold taps have done themselves right and are an excellent choice for those considering buying low pressure taps.


Newbury Luxury Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap [BBRN182]

Check all the boxes of appealing design and easy to use. Here comes the Newbury Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap.

Crafted from high-quality brass and finished and finished with a swivel head, the gold kitchen tap provides a great way to change the water pressure according to one’s need, with the minimum water pressure recommended is 0.2 bar.
This style of gold kitchen tap is often the best solution for homes that have low-pressure systems.

  1. Basin Mixer Taps

These Basin Mixer Taps come with one central spout and two separate controls for the hot and cold water flow to give you maximum control over your experience and, all in all, control the water pressure.

Chester Dual Pinch Handle Basin Mixer without Pop-up Waste - Chrome [98169WP]

Chester dual pinch handle basin mixer with pop-up waste is an excellent example for a tap that features two separate water controls heads to prevent cold water from mixing with hot water.


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