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The Most Innovative Style Tips For Smaller Bathroom Spaces

by Aarushi Bhaumik 18 Feb 2021 0 Comments
The Most Innovative Style Tips For Smaller Bathroom Spaces

Compact bathrooms can be luxurious, too. We promise! Because we’re sharing some of our most innovative style tips to make your bathroom as expensive and comfortable as you’d like it to be!

When scrolling for bathroom style tips online, it’s easy to come across designs made for much larger bathroom spaces. While a big bathroom is undoubtedly an asset, you can do a lot even with less space. As our experts will tell you, a small bathroom doesn’t have to mean compromising on luxury.

So here are some incredible ways you can transform a compact space into the bathroom of your dreams!

1. Efficient Space Usage

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; and when you have a small bathroom, make the best of its space! Think wall hung basins, and consider corner close coupled toilets or back to wall toilets. With these innovative styling options, you can avoid bulky pedestals or cisterns and have more room to manoeuvre. You can also install a stylish shower head with thermostatic shower valves instead of a space-occupying bath.

2. Smart Storage Options

Opting for bathroom accessories and fittings with dual functions is the best way to utilise your bathroom’s compact space. You can take out two birds in one stone with Tapron’s Mirror Cabinets. Taking creativity a notch higher, if your house is built with stud walls, you can create a recess in your bathroom’s wall for storing toiletries and towels. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are a smart storage option. Heated towel rails and radiators also serve a dual function. If you fancy installing a bath, consider one that offers in-built storage space.

3. Reflective Surfaces

Any home décor expert will tell you, using reflective surfaces is the best trick to creating an illusion of space. You can start by choosing from Tapron’s extensive range of opulent mirrors for a bright and open vibe in your bathroom. Don’t be shy to bring the bling with Tapron’s chrome radiators, as well. You can also install attractive basin taps and mixers to compliment your bathroom’s overall look.

4. The Right Décor

The best home décor experts vouch for light shades when it comes to compact spaces. Just like with reflective surfaces, lighter hues and tones create a sense of openness. So, pick the right décor, and avoid darker colours when working with a small bathroom area. Another famous interior design tip to create a great illusion of space is using larger tiles. When dealing with a small bathroom, minimalist décor is also a great idea.

5.  Creative Lighting

It’s no secret that when it comes to opening up space, lighting matters. Recessed lightings in walls or ceilings are a popular alternative to overhead lights. You can also install Tapron’s futuristic LED Rain Overhead shower and illuminated mirrors for that additional dash of sophistication and savviness.

6. Build A Wetroom

Think out of the box and create a wetroom  with your compact bathroom space. A wetroom is also called by the specialists tanked or waterproofed bathroom. It is an excellent long-term investment and opens you up to the possibility of several design options. With a wetroom, you can skip installing a bath; instead, indulge in a sleek shower panel with shower stylish shower heads, body jets, and more.

As you can see, there are plenty of creative style tips for smaller bathroom spaces to choose from! So, let your creativity run wild as you shop from Tapron’s wide range of premium bathroom fittings and accessories and unlock your big plans for your compact bathroom.

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