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Toilets and Flush Plates

by Globo 25 Aug 2021 0 Comments
Toilets and Flush Plates



Sanitary products such as toilets do not require frequent replacement. To make your toilet beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, approach its purchase with the utmost care and seriousness. To choose the best toilet, what elements should be considered?

When choosing a toilet, keep in mind its aesthetics as well as its practicality. Firstly, it must match the room's dimensions, and second, it must complement the interior style.

Based on their installation, construction, and design, bathroom bowls can be divided into three types. In addition to the traditional models widely used in classic interiors, some models are suitable for modern environments, with spaces configured according to the minimalist principle. In addition to improving the toilet's usability and reducing water consumption, several toilet brands offer innovative cleaning solutions. Numerous options are available.


Different styles of bathrooms can be suited to this type of standard solution. Compact toilets consist of a bowl and a cistern with a flush button on the cistern. A compact toilet is simple and quick to install. Spectacular masked plugs conceal the screws that secure it to the floor.

Both modern and traditional bathrooms benefit from wall hung toilets. The wall-mounted flush cistern makes this bathroom more aesthetically pleasing than a bathroom with a free-standing toilet. An installation that supports the hanging bowl has a load capacity of up to 400 kg.

This feature increases the bathroom's functionality significantly because of its hidden installation frame. This is because hanging bowls permit free access to any part of the floor, and cleaning becomes easier as a result.

Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom's piping when choosing a toilet. Toilets are predominantly chosen based on sewage systems.

Two ways are available to lay down water pipes: on the floor or in the wall. An oblique drain or vertical is used instead of a compact toilet if the pipe is laid in the floor.

In some instances, a compact toilet bowl could provide a more flexible alternative to hanging toilet bowls, which can only be used with a sewer riser in a wall. For the toilet to run smoothly, it is crucial to choose the drain correctly based on the piping.


Taking into account all the technical details, you can then consider the toilet's aesthetics and functionality. When buying, what should you look for first?

Depending on how the tank is mounted, compact toilets are categorized as follows:
• Classic design - There are no walls adjacent to the bowl shelf (where the tank is attached), and the tank is connected directly to the toilet. The open curves of the bowl of such toilets are ideal for dust accumulation, and therefore cleaning them will be more difficult.
• Toilets with semi-attached cisterns are located adjacent to a wall, like the shelf of a bowl. Most of the time, the bowl's bows are hidden, which helps the process of cleaning by preventing dust accumulation.
• In terms of construction, the attached toilet (bowl and cistern) is monolithic and heavy-duty. Dust is not accumulated in bends due to the monolithic design, making it easier to clean.
• Wall hung toilet - An unfinished tank with an unattached leg. The floor under the basin does not accumulate dust and keeps it easy to clean. It is aesthetically pleasing to have wall-hung toilet bowls with built-in bowls, which adds elegance to the bathroom.
In addition to the exterior structure, the inner structure also plays a vital role in toilet cleaning. During the rinsing process, the water thoroughly cleans and freshens the inside of the bowl.


Having a well-fitted seat will also contribute to the efficiency of the toilet. From the thickest to the thinnest models are available on the market. Particular attention should be paid to the latter. Their ergonomic design, versatile construction, and quality materials make them an excellent choice for office use. As it fits perfectly to the toilet and does not require additional fitting, we recommend choosing a seat from the same collection as the bowl.
In choosing a seat, it is equally important to consider the material. In addition to antibacterial properties, ensure that the seat is also designed so that no germs accumulate on the surface.


Spacious Rimless Back to Wall Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close UF Seat Cover [TRKNG110]
Providing you with both luxury and compressed structure, the close coupled WC pan meets all of your needs. It combines classic design with the latest technology to create a perfect WC pan. Keeping germs at bay, the rimless technology makes your bathroom look spacious.

Luxurious Wall Hung WC Set with Soft Close UF Seat Cover Projection 550mm [TRBG130]
This WC set combine practicality with design. A modern design and luxurious white finish make this toilet look ultra-stylish. In addition to providing comfortable seating, the round edges make it easy to clean due to its wall-hung feature.

Lavavo Wall Hung Toilet Rimless, Including Toilet Seat [LV003RL]
A wall-hung toilet like Lavavo is the perfect solution for people who prefer a clutter-free, luxurious space. Featuring a rimless design, this modern toilet will add a sleek appearance to a minimalistic bathroom.

Rimless Close-Coupled Toilet with Soft Close UF Seat Cover [TRBG110]
A tough ceramic toilet with a minimalist design, it's built to last whatever the family throws at it. The sleek design matches any bathroom decor.

Close Coupled WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover [TRBE110]
Small spaces with contemporary taste will appreciate the functionality of close coupled toilets. Your bathroom stays quiet with the soft close seat and the soft curves. Thanks to its rimless design, it is effortless to clean and stays germ-free for more extended periods.

Toilet Flush Plates:

These flush plates are part of wall-hung toilets and are attached to the frame that holds the toilet. These are available in various materials, including plastic, stainless steel, brass and chrome-plated steel.
With wall-hung toilets, the flush is triggered by the flush plate. A front-operated flush system is used for this purpose.
In addition to a single flush button (which normally releases 3 to 5 litres), these plates can also have twin flush buttons (8 to 10 litres), depending on which flush mechanism you have in place.
Installing a flush plate requires its ability to fit into the space allocated to its installation (while simultaneously covering the frame).
What to look for when choosing a toilet flush plate?

Toilet frame type

Considering this should be the top priority. You may find the manufacturer offers a range of plates for each model, depending on the brand and the type of frame you choose. Thus, the plate will fit into its designated spot perfectly and flush with the flush mechanism. The product will also fit the various dimensions required for installation (frame thickness, frame length, fixing points on the mechanism, etc.

Size of the flush plate

Usually, you'll see a small hole or opening (or hatch) when you cover a toilet frame. In case of a flush mechanism malfunction, this is the access route and the location where the flush plate will be installed. Flushing plates must be measured for length, width, depth, and thickness (corresponding to the frame depth and casing depth). Using these dimensions, you can find a flush plate that matches your toilet frame if you don't know its brand and type.

Type of flush mechanism

There are both single and dual flush buttons on flush plates for wall-hung toilets, as mentioned previously. You can make your new single or dual-button toilet seat adjustable (or universal) if you don't know the specifics of your original. Changing the flush rod lengths will accommodate your existing mechanism. Among the options available today is a 'water-saving mechanism. This type of mechanism is often found on high-end toilet frames designed to reduce the amount of water consumed during flushing.

Style and materials

A wide variety of flush plates is available for wall-hung toilet frames, depending on the brand and model. The button(s) are usually different in shape, but the plate may also be a different colour. The market offers a wide range of products. In addition to white, other colours are becoming more popular (black, chrome, grey, etc.). The plate is typically made of resin but can also be chrome-plated steel or brushed steel. The covering on flush plates can be made from wood or ceramic glaze.

Types of flush plates:

Square Toilet Flush Plate in Chrome Finish [TRB0SQ100]
This toilet flush plate pairs perfectly with your furnishings, brassware, and WC shape to create a beautiful and stylish bathroom with a traditional design. This dual flush plate is a superb example of the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Classic Round Chrome Flush Plate [TRB0RD100]
Chrome flush plates will easily match any bathroom décor and will give your bathroom a timeless look. The cisterns are stylish and functional, combining aesthetics and functionality to make them easy to use.

Round Chrome dual Flush Plate [TRB0RD11]
Bringing modern functionality to a traditional round design, a WC set complement a round chrome dual flush plate. A conventional bathroom can easily be complemented by this piece's shape and finish.


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