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How do I Choose a Thermostatic Shower: The Ultimate Buying Guide

by E Cavendish 07 Mar 2024 0 Comments
How do I Choose a Thermostatic Shower: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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If you're tired of the unpredictability of water temperature in your shower, a thermostatic shower might be the solution you've been looking for.

In this comprehensive guide on How Do I Choose a Thermostatic Shower, We'll explore everything you need to know about thermostatic showers, from how they work to choosing the perfect one for your bathroom in this Thermostatic Shower Buying Guide.

The Benefits of Thermostatic Showers

Constant Water Temperature: The key feature of a thermostatic shower is its ability to maintain a constant water temperature.

Say goodbye to sudden bursts of cold or scalding hot water when someone turns on a tap elsewhere in your home.

With a thermostatic shower, you'll enjoy a consistent and comfortable showering experience.

Safety Features: Thermostatic showers come equipped with safety features that make them an excellent choice for families.

These showers instantly react to changes in water temperature, preventing scalding or cold shocks, ensuring a safer shower for all.

Minimalist Design: Many thermostatic showers offer a minimalist look, with options like built-in rigid mixers that keep hoses and slide bars concealed behind the wall.

This design adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Types of Thermostatic Showers

 When choosing a thermostatic shower, consider the types available:

  • Showers with Slide Bars: These showers offer the flexibility to adjust the height of the showerhead to suit your preference.

  • Built-in Rigid Mixers (BIR): For a sleek and concealed appearance, opt for a thermostatic shower with a built-in rigid mixer.

  • Dual Mixer: Experience the best of both worlds with this innovative shower, featuring an ultra-sleek flush valve design for a minimalist, built-in look without the complexities of in-the-wall installation.

How Do I Choose A Thermostatic Shower: The Ultimate Buying Guide

How a Thermostatic Shower Works

To understand how a thermostatic shower works, let's delve into its core elements:

  • Thermostatic showers contain elements that respond to changes in water temperature by adjusting in size.

  • Working in tandem, the piston and spring regulate water temperature as the element changes in size.

  • This component, like those in all showers, allows you to control the water mix. It moves the piston to adjust the hot and cold water blend.

Choosing the Right Thermostatic Shower

Before purchasing a thermostatic shower, consider these factors:

  • Learn the installation process, starting with turning off your stopcock and deciding on hot and cold water sources.

  • Ensure that the thermostatic shower you choose fits seamlessly with your bathroom's layout and design.

  • Understand the requirements for hot and cold water supply, especially if you're replacing an existing shower.

Tips for Installing Your Thermostatic Shower

thermostatic shower

Follow these steps for a successful thermostatic shower installation:

  1. Begin by isolating the water supply and draining any water from your pipes.

  2. Determine where to tap into the water supply, whether above a bath or within a shower enclosure.

  3. Install pipework to carry hot and cold water to the shower.

  4. Remove any dirt from the pipework to prevent damage to the thermostatic valve.

  5. Measure and cut the pipes to the required length for valve installation.

  6. Drill holes for valve attachment, ensuring a secure fit.

  7. Place a compression olive in each valve inlet for a water-tight seal.

  8. Attach the thermostatic valve, ensuring a proper alignment with hot and cold pipes.

  9. Finish by installing the remaining shower components, such as the riser pipe, hose, and shower head.


Choosing a thermostatic shower ensures you have a consistent and safe showering experience. With the right selection and installation, you'll enjoy the benefits of precise temperature control and minimalistic design. 

Say goodbye to unexpected temperature fluctuations, and embrace the comfort and safety of a thermostatic shower in your bathroom. Make the right choice for your daily showering routine with this thermostatic shower buying guide.

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