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How to Choose a Kitchen Tap: Don't Miss These Crucial Points Before Buying!

by E Cavendish 05 Mar 2024 0 Comments
How to Choose a Kitchen Tap: Don't Miss These Crucial Points Before Buying

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When it comes to How to choose a kitchen tap, there are several crucial factors to consider.

Your kitchen tap not only serves a functional purpose but also plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key considerations to help you make an informed decision when selecting the right kitchen tap for your home.

1.Assess Your Sink Configuration

Before delving into the world of kitchen taps, it's essential to assess your sink configuration. Sinks can come with varying numbers of tap holes, and your choice of tap should align with the number of holes available:

Monobloc Mixer Tap (One Hole)

monobloc kitchen tap

Single Spout: Monobloc mixer taps draw hot and cold water through a single spout.

Perfect for One-Hole Sinks: If your sink has only one tap hole, a monobloc mixer tap is the ideal choice. It provides both hot and cold water from a single source.

Pillar Taps or Deck-Mounted Mixer Tap (Two Holes)

pillar taps

Separate Controls: Pillar taps or deck-mounted mixer taps come with separate controls for hot and cold water.

Suitable for Two-Hole Sinks: If your sink has two tap holes, these taps allow you to control hot and cold water individually.

Worktop Installation (No Holes)

Custom Installation: In cases where your sink has no pre-drilled holes, you can opt for taps that need to be installed into the worktop behind the sink.

Flexibility in Placement: This provides flexibility in tap placement, allowing you to position it precisely where you need it.

2. Consider the Space Above Your Sink

Another vital aspect to consider is the space above your sink, particularly if you have shelves or cabinets mounted above it. The height of your kitchen tap's spout can make a significant difference in functionality and aesthetics:

Low-Spout Taps

Ideal for Limited Space: If you have limited space between the sink and any overhead shelving, a tap with a low spout is a practical choice.

Prevents Splashing: Low-spout taps are excellent at minimizing splashing, making them suitable for smaller sinks.

High-Spout Taps

  • Great for Large Sinks: In kitchens with ample space and deep sinks, high-spout taps provide convenience.
  • Ease of Use: The added height allows for more accessible filling of large pots and pans.

3. Matching Your Kitchen Style

Your kitchen tap should harmonize with the overall style of your kitchen. Consider whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen and choose a tap that complements it:

Traditional Kitchen Taps

Timeless Elegance: Traditional taps often feature classic designs with intricate details.

Perfect for Classic Kitchens: They are an excellent choice if you have a traditional or vintage-style kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Taps

Sleek and Minimalistic: Contemporary taps boast clean lines and modern aesthetics.

Ideal for Modern Kitchens: If your kitchen has a minimalist or contemporary design, these taps will blend seamlessly.

4.Understanding Different Types of Kitchen Taps

single lever kitchen tap

Single Lever Kitchen Taps

Control and Convenience: Single lever taps provide easy control over water flow and temperature with one hand.

Design: They have a simple and minimal design, suitable for contemporary kitchens.

Deck Mixer Kitchen Taps

Hot and Cold Control: Deck mixer taps offer separate controls for hot and cold water, allowing manual mixing.

Design Variety: Available in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Boiling Water Kitchen Taps

Instant Boiling Water: Boiling water taps provide instant access to boiling water, saving time and energy.

Safety: Many come with safety features to prevent accidental scalding.

Filter Kitchen Taps

Improved Water Quality: Filter taps remove impurities from tap water, enhancing its taste and quality.

Eco-Friendly: They are an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water and reduce limescale buildup.

Pull-Out Kitchen Taps

Flexible Usage: Pull-out taps feature a retractable hose and are perfect for reaching various areas in the sink.

Sleek Design: They often have a single neck and sleek design.

Spring Necked Taps

High-Pressure Jets: Spring-necked taps have a nozzle at the end for directing high-pressure water.

Ideal for Busy Kitchens: Useful for cleaning pots, pans, and sinks in busy kitchens.

Monobloc Taps

Single Spout: Monobloc taps draw hot and cold water through a single spout.

Controlled Mixing: They offer better control over water temperature and are suitable for sinks with one tap hole.

5.various spout types, each serving a unique purpose:

1.L-Shaped Spout: Provides a distinctive appearance and offers convenience for filling larger pots and containers.

2.Straight Spout: Offers a simple and classic design, suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles.

3.Swan Neck Spout: Curved like a swan's neck, this spout style adds elegance to your kitchen.

4.Swivel Spout: Allows you to rotate the spout, enhancing usability and functionality.

6.Factors to Consider When Choosing a perfect Kitchen Tap

perfect kitchen tap

Kitchen Tap Styles

When choosing a kitchen tap, consider the style that best fits your kitchen's aesthetic. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or contemporary design, there's a tap to match your kitchen's overall look.

7.Kitchen Tap Finishes

Coordinate the finish of your kitchen tap with other metal elements in your kitchen, such as cabinet handles and appliances. Popular finishes include

1.Brushed: This finish offers a textured surface that hides fingerprints and water spots, making it a practical choice for busy kitchens.

2.Matt: Matt finishes have a non-reflective surface, contributing to a subdued and understated look.

3.Polished: If you prefer a glossy and reflective appearance, polished finishes are a classic option that adds a touch of sophistication to your tap.

Different handle types can influence both the control and style of your kitchen tap. Explore options like:

1.Crosshead: Featuring a cross-shaped handle, these taps offer a classic and timeless design.

2.Dual Control: Providing separate handles for hot and cold water control, these taps offer precision and convenience.

3.Lever: Lever handles are known for their ease of use, making them a popular choice in modern kitchens.

4.Round: Rounded handles offer a comfortable grip and a sleek appearance.

5.Sensor: Sensor-operated taps add a touch of technology, allowing for hands-free operation.

6.Single Control: Single control handles simplify temperature and flow adjustment with one lever.

8.Matching the Kitchen Tap to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen tap should seamlessly blend with your kitchen's style. Ensure it complements the decor and adds a touch of elegance to the space.

When selecting a kitchen tap, color coordination is crucial to ensure it matches your kitchen's color scheme. You have a variety of color options to choose from, including:

1.Stainless Steel: A sleek and modern choice that complements contemporary kitchens.

2.Black: Adds a touch of sophistication and pairs well with darker kitchen designs.

3.Bronze: Offers a rustic and timeless look, suitable for traditional kitchens.

4.Brushed Brass: Provides a textured appearance, lending a unique charm to your tap.

5.Chrome: A classic choice with a shiny finish, fitting for various kitchen styles.

6.Copper: Adds warmth and character, perfect for kitchens with a vintage flair.

7.Gold: Emanates luxury and elegance, making a statement in upscale kitchens.

8.Rose Gold: A trendy option that combines elegance with a touch of modernity.

9.White: Ideal for creating a clean and minimalist look, especially in contemporary settings.

How To Choose A Kitchen Tap: Don't Miss These Crucial Points Before Buying!

Coordinating with Cabinet Handles

Consider the design and finish of your cabinet handles when selecting a kitchen tap. Coordinating these small details can make a big difference in your kitchen's overall appearance.

Installation and Maintenance of Kitchen Taps

Installation Process

Installing a kitchen tap can be done by a professional plumber. The process may take anywhere from 30 minutes for standard taps to a few hours for filter or boiling water taps.

Maintenance Tips

  • To keep your kitchen tap in excellent condition:
  • Dry the tap with a soft cloth after each use.
  • Clean the tap weekly with a damp cloth and mild cleanser.
  • Use limescale remover regularly to prevent buildup.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for filter tap cartridge changes and servicing.

Key Considerations When Buying Kitchen Taps

1.Purpose of Kitchen Taps

Consider how you will mainly use your kitchen tap. Think about features like pull-out taps for washing multiple items or boiling water taps for coffee lovers.

2.Assessing Water Pressure

Ensure your tap is suitable for your home's water pressure. Low-pressure systems may require specific taps for optimal performance.

3.Dealing with Different Water Types

If you live in a hard water area, consider installing a filter tap. It not only improves water taste but also reduces limescale buildup in appliances.

4.Price Range:

Price ranges for kitchen taps vary, and your budget can impact your choices. Consider the following price brackets:

Under £100: Budget-friendly options that still offer functionality and style.

£100 - £200: Mid-range taps with a balance of features and affordability.

£200 - £300: Taps in this range often come with additional features and higher-quality materials.

£300 +: High-end taps with premium materials, finishes, and advanced features.

£300 - £500: A mid-to-high range where you can find taps with a blend of quality and features.


selecting the right kitchen tap involves more than just functionality; it's about enhancing your kitchen's style and efficiency.

Whether you opt for a single lever tap, deck mixer, filter tap, or boiling water tap, make an informed choice that suits your kitchen's needs and aesthetics.

Remember that coordinating with other elements in your kitchen can make a significant difference in achieving a harmonious look.

So, choose wisely, and your kitchen will stand out with the perfect tap.

This is a crucial aspect of how to choose a kitchen tap and should be a key part of any kitchen tap buying guide.

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