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Smart Taps Buying Guide for Kitchen

by Raj b 18 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Smart Taps At Tapron

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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and the wheel that keeps us going is the need to better ourselves. First we came up with things to meet our basic needs, and then we kept adding things to it in order to make our lives easier and quicker.

We live in a fast paced world where we need to save our precious minutes for the more important things in life, such as family, work, and the likes. In a similar vein, we also want to provide comfort to our family, and what word comes to one’s mind when one thinks of comfort? You’re right, home. There are numerous developments happening in the field of technology and home appliances that are aimed at making us live a comfortable life.

If mobiles can turn into smartphones, and your LEDs can turn into smart bulbs, then why can your taps not be smart taps?

A smart tap is one of the new inventions taking the bathroom and lifestyle world by storm. It is built upon the technology of motion sensor touchless taps that you might have seen in public bathrooms and hotels.

LED Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap with Swivel Spout - Chrome Finish

                                          LED Monobloc Kitchen Mixer Tap

There are many fancy taps these days that you can install in your house and have the luxury of designer taps right inside your bathroom.

Or if you are more of a cooking enthusiast and want to be fancy about it, there are many fancy kitchen taps as well. A smart kitchen tap will not just elevate your kitchen’s interiors, it will also be more accessible and efficient. 

Smart taps have sensors and technology that can be accessed with your smartphone, making it easy and quick to use as well. These smart taps also have solenoid valves that can be activated with or without touch. Keep on reading to know more about the technicalities of these fancy taps and why you should be getting them for your house as soon as possible.

What Features Can You Expect from a Smart Tap?

While a smart tap may not be Aladdin’s lamp, it is revolutionary in itself when it comes to changing the tap game. There are many salient features that one can find in smart taps that have helped in making things comfortable and easier for people. 

Here are some of the most salient features that fancy taps have that will elevate your tapware experience in kitchen and bathroom both.

Precise Dimensions

These designer taps are not just for show, they have really useful functions, one of them being how much water is being dispensed for you. Since we have different requirements for different activities, it is better to have a tap design that focuses on the practical side of things as well.

The amount of water dispensed by the smart taps is precise in its measurements which has numerous benefits. It can help you with following the recipes in a much better way, and you will be able to track how much water is being used up in a day. 

The kitchen tap design is focused on making the precise dimensions suitable for culinary needs and requirements, which is of course different from how much water one might need in a bathroom or a wash basin. 

The smart spout of the volume tap has different settings for the flow and the amount of water that flows from the tap. 

The tap spout comes with an in-built measuring cup function. This leads to its settings being in such a way that enough water is dispensed that will help you get clean, and have precise measurements for your water requirements. Not only is it helpful when it comes to saving water but it is an extremely helpful feature for people who are unsure about measurements or need some excess help in order to move through their day-to-day lives.

Instant Boiling Water

Gone are the days when you would be shivering, half undressed in the bathroom waiting for your water to boil or get warm. It is also nice to have warm water flowing from the tap when you have to wash your hands and you don’t want to mess with the thermodynamics of your body that you cultivated by being snug in bed for a long time.

We all know hot water is a need for people, be whatever the use. 

The instant boiling water tap is extremely useful, especially in the kitchen where you need to cook, wash utensils with stains that are hard to get rid of, and to generally just sanitise things such as baby utensils. Having a hot water tap is a mark of changing times and how we all need it.

The smart mixer tap is actually a 3 in 1 mixer tap that has three main settings - cold, warm and instant boiling water.

The boiling water tap function gives you water that is 100 degree celsius. While that may sound dangerous, these hot water taps for sink come installed with an anti-spray stream feature which makes sure the flow of water is controlled and the user does not get the scalding hot water sprayed all over them. You must have seen how some taps have gushing water, which no matter the temperature, ruins your clothes and mood as well. This boiling hot water tap is nothing like those.

The potential of having a hot and cold water tap is an endless list, Whether you want to make tea, wash your vegetables, fill up hot water for the go, or want a cool tall drink of water after a sunny and perspiratory day out, you will have everything in the palm of your hands, that is in the settings on your phone.

Who said luxury always has to be grand and showy? Although we must let you know that these 3 in 1 boiling water taps are available in many cool designs and colours that will undoubtedly make your kitchen look classier than ever. These designs include gold, brass, and you can even get a black hot water tap. 

If you are looking to invest in something that you will not regret, you should look no further than instant hot water taps for kitchens.


We all know how important it is to have access to clean and purified water, not just for drinking but for all needs, as there are many diseases that travel through water. The quality of water affects your health and skin immensely, so you need to stay on top of the game. 

A kitchen tap is where most things happen. You wash your eatables, your utensils and your hands. You use that water for consumption in many different ways as well.

A mixer tap comes with a filter system that helps give you boiling, cold and warm filtered water, and all of them are of refined quality. A standard 3 way kitchen tap has a filter system designed to remove all the toxins from your water, enhance the taste and reduce limescale as well. 

In the sensor taps, your usual tap water filters are also accompanied with sensors and hygiene features that help with the cleaning and purification of water without reducing its quality or taste. Having safe water is one of the basics in our lives, and with constantly improving technologies, we have infrared taps that are helping us significantly. 

You all must be familiar with the weird metallic taste we sometimes get in our water, which ends up ruining the sensation and taste as well. Water is supposed to taste crystal clear, if that makes sense. 

Having a copper tank or even a stainless steel tank is not a good option as these can get affected when being in contact with water for a long time. Apart from the change in taste, they can also contribute to the mineral and ion imbalance, making your water unfit for drinking.

Your tap’s boiler tank should be made from a fine-grade material that isn’t corrosive and has hygienic standards. A titanium tank will be perfect as it is hygienic, imparts no taste or elements to your water and is corrosion resistant. 

Easy Maintenance

It is of course always preferred to have things that give you the best facilities but aren’t a headache when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. Especially when it comes to a thing like a tap which needs to be in good shape. A sensor tap has a digital metre that helps you keep a check on the filter level and depending on the model of your smart tap you might also be made aware of when it’s time for a cartridge change. It really is that easy!

A smart kitchen tap is a sensor tap which makes it sensitive to its environment and adjusts accordingly.

Motion sensor taps are not just practical and easy, they are also reliable, innovative in their methods and help greatly when it comes to saving water and energy. 

Installing automatic taps helps you in various ways, and is also a good way to update the modern sensibilities of your home.

Sanitisation is a big concern in today’s world, and a touchless tap helps you stay away from all the potential bacteria and germs that you would get in contact with when using a regular tap. By limiting your contact with surfaces that others are also using, you are reducing the chances of infections, germ transfer and ensuring that you are actually cleaning yourself to the maximum capacity.

Taps with sensors do not leave room for stagnation. This ensures that you only come in contact with fresh water, and there is no wastage either. 

There is automatic flushing as well which leads to a clean structure inside of the tap which is a huge upside of automatic sensor taps. Regular taps and their tanks are cleaned less frequently, so there is always the risk of pathogens, insects, moss and fungi finding a home inside, which can potentially lead to health hazards. 

Battery operated sensor taps do not require any additional mechanism. You can control and operate them via your smartphone, tablet or any other device that connects with smart home appliances. 

You can choose the temperature, jet spray strength, and also the amount of water you want. If you are still traditional in a way, or have family members who do not operate smart phones, there’s levers on the side of the sink that has all these settings on it as well, for manual use. 

While it is understandable that smart taps are a little higher on the cost side, they are also a one time investment apart from the cartridge replacement which only happens once every 3-5 years.

What is the most common touchless tap maintenance issue and how do you fix it?

Here are some of the most commonly occuring touchless tap issues and the solutions to them all -

The water is not running from the faucet/There is no water coming out of the faucet

If you can hear a clicking kind of sound from the valve but there’s no water, it means there is some issue in the membrane of the solenoid valve. You should try cleaning it first and if that doesn’t work, you should get it replaced. 

If there is no clicking sound, but you still cannot access the water, then you have any of the following possibilities -

  • The battery voltage is too low and you need to replace the sensor as it might be causing the short circuit.
  • If the battery voltage is between 5.4-6.4 V, then the battery has turned out to be flat, and you should replace it as well. A point that you should keep in mind is that a sensor tap’s battery lasts anywhere between 2-5 years.
  • If you have a new battery or the voltage is above 6.2 V, then you should test the tap on the test cable.

The Water Flow Is Not Stopping

If the water keeps running despite you shutting it down, or there’s a constant leak, it means that dirt has entered your valve, causing it to not close fully. 

In order to avoid such a situation, you should install one-way valves that allow no backflow and litter filters that supply directly to the faucet. 

Sensors Have A Red Blinking Light

As is the case with many appliances, a red blinking light indicates low battery or a flat battery that needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Batteries Drain Quickly

If it seems like your automatic taps run out of battery quicker than what they are supposed to, then it indicates some fault with your sensors. You should get it checked and make sure you install good, trustable products. 

A good battery will last you years. If you have to replace it, you would have to dismantle the sensor and then replace the battery. There are quick guides provided in the manual for such scenarios. It's better to follow them step by step. 

Shop Smart Taps At Tapron

Tapron is known for its trustworthy curation of appliances and home improvement wares. We look for the finest products on the market for listing on our website, and we guarantee you that no matter you choose out of our carefully selected roster, you will end up with a good deal and an even better product.

We have smart sensor taps that fulfil all your needs - be it accessibility, luxury or modernity. From innovative features such as five filter systems to titanium tanks, our smart taps have everything that one could dream of, for the sake of clean and safe water. 

Our range of products are also varied in design, be it matte black, brushed brass finish or your traditional chrome finish, you can take your pick from them and have them installed either directly mounted on your wall or in your kitchen sink. 


Smart taps need to be up to date with the functionality and the features, and our products check all the boxes of requirements that you might possibly have!

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