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Shower Elbows

Shower Elbows

Economisez £4.90
Wall Outlet Elbow Stainless Steel | Brushed Stainless Steel Luxury Shower Outlet Elbow
Economisez £14.01
Shower Handset Bracket Stainless Steel | Brushed Stainless Steel Round Shower Outlet Elbow With Handset Holder
Economisez £14.40
Water-outlet-elbow-safety-valve-for-doucheWater Outlet Elbow Safety Valve for Douche [595]
Water Outlet Elbow Safety Valve for Douche [595]
Prix réduit£57.60 Prix normal£72.00
Economisez £9.00
Elbow with Water Outlet - TapronElbow with Water Outlet [Elbow/WS]
Elbow with Water Outlet [Elbow/WS]
Prix réduit£36.00 Prix normal£45.00
Economisez £4.00
Minimalist Elbow [40212]Minimalist Elbow
Minimalist Elbow [40212]
Prix réduit£16.00 Prix normal£20.00
Economisez £3.60
Elbow - TapronElbow [Elbow/L]
Elbow [Elbow/L]
Prix réduit£14.40 Prix normal£18.00

Shower Elbows

Details like bathroom furniture, taps, shower enclosures, and accessories make up the entire bath space. As much as these are essential, you will be surprised at how a small addition of a shower elbow can make to your bathroom's overall interior.

The shower mixer elbows add a shiny look with its lustrous chrome finish and can be adjusted to any height accordingly to your requirements. The bath shower mixer elbow tilts your water to your desired angle and is a must-add item to elevate the feel of your bathroom.

Our shower head elbows with holder are here to give you a never-experienced-before shower escapade. The stylish and classic designs blend with your decor, further beautifying it and making it look more pleasant.

The shower elbow outlet also serves as the perfect handle for your douche handsets, and its compact design gives your space a classic and accomplished look. It is also decked as a shower wall outlet and is emphasized with fingerprint resistance qualities ridding you of the hassle of having to clean it frequently.

Our collection of shower mixer elbows are here for you with our ageless and elegant designs that allow you to mix-match with the needs of your bathrooms. Buy your shower elbow at Tapron with a guarantee for a quality experience for years to come!

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