Flush Plates
Flush Plates

Flush Plates

Toilet Flush Plate
Economisez £27.60
Pneumatic Dual Flush PlateBlack Metal Pneumatic Dual Flush Plate [FPBBL]
Black Metal Pneumatic Dual Flush Plate [FPBBL]
Prix réduit£248.40 Prix normal£276.00
Gold Flush Plate Square Brush Gold Flush Plate
Economisez £48.00
Matt Black Metal Pneumatic Flush Plate [FPMB]Matt black douche kit matt with black toilet roll holder and matt black flush plate and matt black toilet brush holder installed in a bathroom
Matt Black Metal Pneumatic Flush Plate [FPMB]
Prix réduit£192.00 Prix normal£240.00
 Sensor Flush Plate
Pneumatic Brushed Brass Flush Plate - Dual FlushPneumatic Brushed Brass Flush Plate - Dual Flush
Round Gold Plate Round Gold Flush Plate with Dual Flush Setting
Square Stainless Steel Plate Square Stainless Steel Plate
matte black flush plateRound Matt Black Flush Plate [TRB0RDM100]
Round Stainless Steel PlateRound Stainless Steel Plate
Round Chrome dual Flush Plate
Round Chrome Plate
Stainless Steel Metal Pneumatic Flush PlateStainless Steel Metal Pneumatic Flush Plate
Matt Black Flush PlateBlack Bathroom Taps
Stainless Steel Toilet Flush Button [FPCH]Stainless Steel Toilet Flush Button [FPCH]

Flush Plates

As they rightfully say, completing a perfect bathroom lies in the details and the final touches. It is the details of an area that make or break the look, and Flush buttons play a significant role in completing a toilet.

At Tapron, Flush Plates for concealed toilet cisterns come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes. They are the only visible part of the concealed cistern installation once fitted to be a more modern choice than a lever or handle. At Tapron, we have flush plates suiting both modern and traditional styles, so you can customize your bathroom's look and make it perfect for you even if it is an elaborate Period style or a more contemporary one.

Convenient and Fancy, our flush plates collection includes a wide variation of finishes, including classic chrome, traditional brass and modern matt black and even come with LED lights for optimum usage during the night. These Flush Buttons give your toilet a technically advanced and sophisticated look enhancing your toilet's aesthetics and functionality.

If you're renewing your washroom or upgrading your toilet flush button then think about a pneumatic toilet flush button or dual flush plate to get a new sleek look.

Whatever the style of your toilet, you can always find a Cistern button to complement your bathroom decor. Flush plates help tie the whole bathroom together, perfect for anyone looking to create a minimalist, clutter-free space.

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