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Whether you are designing a traditional or a modern bathroom, bathroom furniture plays a massive role in determining the complete image of your bath space. At Tapron, we understand the needs and desires of our customers and their homes. We are here to find the most refined necessities considering all...

Whether you are designing a traditional or a modern bathroom, bathroom furniture plays a massive role in determining the complete image of your bath space. At Tapron, we understand the needs and desires of our customers and their homes. We are here to find the most refined necessities considering all your space suitabilities and practicality.

Be it a bathroom vanity unit, a mirror, or a mirrored cabinet; you look for, we have the right bathroom furniture for you! Our Bathroom Mirrors and cabinets are made uniquely with its demisting and defogging technology, making it stand out as an ornamental piece in your bath space.

The best part of getting a mirror cabinet is that it serves two purposes at once – meaning that you do not have to worry about additional storage spaces as these cabinets are spacious and suitable for all bathroom interiors. We also offer a range of illuminated bathroom cabinets that allow suitability for light adjustments.

Modern bathroom furniture distinguishes the persona of your bathroom. These luxury bathroom furniture comes in both wall-mounted and floor-standing designs, fashioned to meet all your bathroom fascinations! The wide availability in size and height also leaves plenty of room for you to determine which one you should get for your new bath space.

Our freestanding bathroom furniture is also embellished with a basin completed with high-quality ceramic. With adequate space and storage functions, you are on the right track with your choice of compact bathroom furniture with us!

Tapron is home to a multitude of both traditional and modern bathroom furniture. You do not have to worry about going wrong with our products because we list all the details and specifications of every product you need. Our products are further assured with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Explore through our handpicked bathroom furniture collection, including vanity units, led mirrors, bathroom cabinets, mirror cabinets  and see your dream space unfold in front of you.


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At Tapron, we believe in craftsmanship and a vision for the future to redefine luxury through the pieces we curate. Standing at the forefront of the bathroom furniture industry, our modern bathroom furniture seamlessly blends form and function to transform homes into more than mere spaces of utility. Our alluring storage solutions and vanity units are crafted using cutting-edge materials, avante-garde finishes and visionary concepts ranging from minimal to opulent statement pieces.

Step into the realm of Tapron and embark on a journey of luxury and refinement. Our range of luxury bathroom furnishings broadly covers the two categories of storage cabinets and mirror units, all designed with precision and serving as quintessential elements in the world of bathroom design. The sleek modern cabinets are structured to maximise storage while our elegant mirrors add depth to cater to any interior and preference. Each piece is crafted to last with longevity and durability and is available in a variety of rich tones and shades!

Elevating Storage, Exuding Style with Tapron's Bathroom Cabinets 

Tapron’s bathroom basin cabinets are structured with high-quality eggerboard construction, a material renowned for its durability and resilience. These units are structured to provide reliable storage spaces in your bathrooms while enabling a permanent solution marked with longevity. It allows users to keep toiletries and bathroom essentials organised while granting maximum accessibility, further enhanced with quick and easy installation properties.

These bathroom sink cabinets are available in a variety of shades and options, from glossy white and grey finishes to black and anthracite tones. Simplify your cleaning routine with our easy-clean furniture. With a durable material that strongly resists stains and moisture, these curated pieces withstand the rigours of daily use. Featuring sleek finishes, it requires only a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning solutions without risking stains and fingerprints from ruining its aesthetic appeal.

Another choice of high quality bathroom furniture includes the sink vanity units, structured with ceramic basins and soft-close drawers with integrated shelving. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of solid wood or the sleek sophistication of high-gloss finishes, we have the perfect basin unit to suit your style and preferences. The countertop basins are crafted with broad edges that provide ample space to store your go-to essentials comfortably. Pick the perfect Bathroom Basin Tap from our diverse selection for a complete experience today!

With our designer bathroom furnishings, you do away with complex assembly processes where our innovative designs are user-friendly and ensure quick setup measures. Each fitting is provided with a clear instruction manual to provide stress-free bathroom transformations. Check our ready-made solutions for modern bathrooms by visiting our blog: Bathroom Vanity Unit Buying Guide

Deciding Between Doors or Drawers? Find Your Ideal Cabinet Style! 

The question of how to choose bathroom furniture can be challenging for every homeowner. Deciding on whether your tastes and requirements fit cabinets with drawers or doors can be an initial step in choosing the right piece for your home! Each option has its own unique advantages that impact both functionality and appeal. A striking feature is the soft-close technology that powers its practicality and prevents loud bangs, ensuring your cabinet unit remains posh without retaining unwanted damage. The tolerance to moisture also keeps the products stored inside safe and dry, making it ideal for everyday use in the bathroom.

Free standing bathroom cabinets with doors provide a simple mechanism for utility, providing convenient accessibility to your daily amenities without having to rummage through drawers. The hinges allow soft close utility that drastically minimises wear and tear. With availability in various designs, you can avail options of up to three doors. It is also offered in the wall-mounted structure, allowing users to choose as per space requirements and personal preferences.

Another category of bathroom mirror cabinets is designed to serve with drawers. This style maximises storage space and organisation by offering multiple compartments. Dividers are also customisable and provide users ample storage to suit specific needs. These units also ensure quiet and gentle closure, withstanding daily use. Ultimately, the decision between doors and drawers depends on your personal preferences, storage requirements, and the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom.

Help us help you Elevate Your Bathroom Storage Space with Tapron's Innovative Solutions!  

Versatile Storage Solutions: Floor Standing and Wall Mounted Cabinets

Optimising your bathroom storage space also depends on choosing between wall-mounted or floor standing bathroom cabinets. If you want a space-saving fitting, wall-mounted units work excellently as they create a floating effect and free up floor space. This style remains a hit in many smaller-sized areas and cloakrooms for this reason which also makes cleaning more accessible. Since these units are to be mounted on the surface, it gives the users the freedom to customise the height without having to bend or stoop.

Investing in a grey freestanding bathroom furniture unit provides stability and support which makes this design more suitable to store heavier items as compared to the wall-mounted structures. Plumbing can also be concealed effortlessly with these cabinets and is relatively easier to install. We offer a diverse range of both options, allowing you to find the perfect storage solution to suit your needs and style. Pair your cabinet units with our exquisite Bathroom Mirrors today! 

Unveiling Tapron's Exquisite Mirror Collection

Our cutting-edge mirrors are made of high-quality aluminium and tempered glass with a selection that also includes bathroom mirror cabinet with lights featuring doors. With dual functionality, these units offer storage for your bathroom essentials while providing a reflective surface to create the illusion of a bigger space. With multiple shelves or compartments, these sleek designs are blended with high-tech features like LED lighting and shaving sockets, serving as all-in-one solutions.

Ranging from Bluetooth to demister bathroom mirrors, our square and rectangular designs are offered in either landscape or portrait orientation, extending to round styles as well. This Round LED Bathroom Mirror is a popular choice that is devised with backlit lights, eliminating the need for additional lighting. The LED feature is energy-efficient, consuming less than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and provides clear illumination effortlessly.

Make your task of selecting a square or round illuminated bathroom mirror more convenient by following our guide on How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

Harnessing Innovation with Advanced Features in Mirrors

From integrated gold illuminated bathroom mirrors to demister pads and Bluetooth connectivity, our assortment of mirror units is designed to provide crystal-clear reflections using advanced features like smart touch controls and IR sensors. Eliminate the hassle of foggy mirrors with these fittings, designed with a demister that clears condensation for a fog-free surface. The thin, electrically conductive film attached to the back of the mirror generates a low level of heat, raising the temperature of the surface slightly above the dew point, preventing moisture from forming on the glass.

The Bluetooth bathroom mirror combines audio and visual elements in your bathroom and sets the right mood for a relaxing experience. Designed with 3x tempered glass that projects durability, the LED Mirror Cabinet with Bluetooth Speaker is a win for modern homes and offers advanced features such as integrated LED lighting, demister pads, infrared sensors, and more. If you are looking to wirelessly stream audio and enjoy other advanced features, these mirrors will surely elevate your grooming routine!

Conveniently charge your electric toothbrush or shaver with the bathroom mirror with shaver socket, designed to ensure your space does not demand additional adapters and cords. Designed to provide cooler to warmer tones with its lighting features, this design has a shaving socket integrated directly into the frame or base, providing a convenient power source for grooming devices.

Another added feature of the mirrored bathroom cabinet with light and shaver socket is the IR sensor that activates the mirror’s lighting with a touchless practicality. Typically integrated into the mirror’s frame or base, these sensors trigger various functions like LED lighting and the demister pads. Contrasting to this design is the touch switch that enables users to activate or adjust different mirror functions simply by touching the surface of the mirror.

Tapron: Pioneering Quality and Diversity in Bathroom Furniture

Elevate your space with confidence with Tapron’s extensive range of bathroom furniture sets that offer innovation and precision from elegant vanity units to stylish mirror cabinets. We stand behind the quality of our products offering a comprehensive guarantee of up to 10 years with each buy, ensuring that you can purchase with confidence. Join countless satisfied customers who have trusted Tapron to elevate their spaces, and discover the perfect furniture solutions for your home with just a click today! 


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