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Browse through our online collections to find assured and quality products like Toilets and Basins and match the perfect one for you. Here at Tapron, we have a broad range of bathroom suites in modern, traditional, and designer styles for all bath interiors. From convenient modern toilets to traditional basins,...

Browse through our online collections to find assured and quality products like Toilets and Basins and match the perfect one for you. Here at Tapron, we have a broad range of bathroom suites in modern, traditional, and designer styles for all bath interiors. From convenient modern toilets to traditional basins, you will find the perfect Toilet & Wash Basin at a great price!

The UK is famous for its compact wet rooms, if you are worried about limited space and thinking about a space-saving option, we offer you a range of cloakroom toilets and sink, including back to wall WC with Rimless technology to save space and countertop basins that can maximise the expanse of your area.

With many unique choices available such as Half Pedestal Basin, and wall hung basin, floor standing, closed coupled toilets, we are here to help you design your dream bathroom interior with minimum haste and maximum comfort!

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Tapron offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and innovative solutions for all corners of your home. Our products are renowned for their superior quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We provide a special selection of toilets and bidets combo along with other accessories and fittings while catering to a wide range of options. Build a smart toilet space and explore the various types of toilets, their features, and factors to consider when choosing the perfect toilet and fittings with just a click!

We deliver products built with superior craftsmanship and durability ensuring long-lasting usability and satisfaction for our customers. Each of our concealed cistern with flush plate and toilet fittings undergo control measures to meet the highest standards of construction. From minor details to more significant ones, Tapron offers ready-made solutions for all homes.

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Discover Superior Comfort and Efficiency: Our Vitreous China Toilet Collection

Introducing Tapron's exceptional toilet collection, with designs ranging from sleek and modern designs to timeless classics. The toilet units are crafted from premium Vitreous China with a classic white finish, boasting exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, stains, and chemical damage. Designed with compatibility with different types of cisterns, these units are engineered to withstand daily use while providing a versatile choice that complements all spaces.

The ceramic material has a glass-like appearance that provides a smooth, glossy finish with a high resilience to exposure to stronger substances like abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals or accidental impacts. Durability is further ensured by the non-porous surface that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, and mildew. These fittings are designed with soft-close doors which prevents the risk of accidental loud bangs and slams. It protects the toilet seats from unwanted damage while ensuring a serene space that resonates with comfort and luxury.

The concealed cistern toilet units are easy to install and require minimal maintenance featuring ergonomically designed seats and optimised flushing systems for a seamless and enjoyable user experience. A simple wipe with a mild detergent is all it takes to keep Vitreous China fixtures looking as good as new. Advanced features like the rimless design and dual flush that power for a water-saving technology ensure no compromise on performance.


Exploring Options for Your Toilet Area 

Rimless technology is an innovative solution that powers Tapron’s toilet units and features a design that eliminates the traditional rim around the bowl. This style provides benefits of both functionality and cleanliness, preventing the accumulation of limescale and bacteria and allowing an easier-cleaning toilet bowl.

With no rim to trap debris, cleaning becomes a breeze, requiring less effort and reducing the need for harsh chemicals. Fitting well with all types of interiors, our curation of Rimless Toilet Units are available in a variety of mounting styles including close coupled, back to wall and wall-hung designs. These units are designed for optimal flushing and provide a powerful performance while using less water as compared to conventional toilets. With a high contribution towards environmental sustainability, these can be paired with a toilet flush button for maximum efficiency.

Invite a space-saving design and effortless installation with Tapron’s Close Coupled Toilets. This range stands out with a seamless look with a cistern directly attached to the back of the toilet bowl. The concealed cistern and toilet units are most commonly popular in smaller and limited spaces, making them suitable for en-suites and cloakrooms. Installation is straightforward with the cistern visible as part of the toilet unit which allows quick and convenient repairs and maintenance.

Back to Wall Toilets seeks space optimization with a minimalist design and a hidden cistern that makes your space appear more spacious, leaving room for your other fittings. An added benefit of these units is the choice every user gets on whether to mount it against the wall or within a furniture unit. The flexibility in placement ensures homeowners get the liberty of customising the layout efficiently. These hidden cistern toilet units are powered with a one-button release feature that enables the removal of the seat with just one push that unhooks it and provides access to the space under the seat for an easier cleaning process.

Another category is the wall hung concealed cistern toilet that is structured to create a floating effect and maximise floor space with its wall-installed orientation. By suspending the toilet bowl from the wall, it creates the illusion of a larger bathroom while making it easier to clean the floor beneath. These units include adjustable mounting brackets and provide a customisable height to ensure it accommodates users of all ages and abilities.

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Flush Plates: Streamlined Solutions for Effortless Flushing

Tapron offers modern flushing solutions for all spaces with an array of flush plate designs, devised with advanced technology and minimal styles. These toilet flush plates are typically mounted on the toilet tank or wall and come in various finishes and tones including black, gold, bronze, chrome and stainless steel. The button design ranges from square to round outlines, while unique styles also include the Night Light Sensor Flush Plate, designed with a sensor function with dual flush properties.

The brass manufacturing of these fixtures, including the brushed gold toilet flush button, grants them durability in humid bathroom environments with its corrosion resistance. It does not rust when exposed to water and moisture, making it suitable for daily use in your bath space. While providing longevity, the brass build also demands low maintenance requiring only occasional wiping with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime.

An advanced feature is the dual flush property that provides two options for flushing –a full and a half flush. This is designed to minimise water wastage, allowing users to choose an appropriate flush volume as per requirements. The flush plates powered with this mechanism limit wastage without compromising hygiene and convenience. This mechanism may include pneumatic or mechanical components that control the flow of water into the toilet bowl when the flush button is pressed.

Whether you are looking for a black flush plate to pair with your toilet and cistern units or a bold statement with gold, make the right choice by following our guide on TOILETS AND FLUSH PLATES!  

Concealed Cisterns: Streamlined Solutions for Modern Bathrooms

Evolution in the world of bathroom ideas has led to deviating away from traditional exposed cisterns to hidden or in-wall designs that serve as a water tank. Constructed with high-grade polypropylene, a material known for its resistance to stains, cracks and scratches, this robust build of the various toilet cistern types invites longevity.

The design of concealed cisterns helps prevent condensation on the back of the toilet bowl, which can occur with exposed cisterns. This feature reduces the likelihood of mould or mildew growth inside the pipe bend unit, maintaining a hygienic environment in the bathroom. Ranging in various heights and sizes, the concealed cistern unit can be paired with toilet units and flush plates for a complete set. These fittings are ideal as they provide convenient installation of wall-hung toilets or back-to-wall toilets and are supplied with WC bend pipes and brackets for quick and easy installation.

Shop for the best concealed cistern at Tapron where all of our products come with water-saving features, such as dual-flush mechanisms that allow utility between a full flush and a half flush. It is designed to be operated with a no-noise function, minimising the problems of a loud flushing process owing to the concealed placement that reduces sounds and vibrations.

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Elevate Your Bathroom with Stylish Basins

Design, colour and material are important factors that serve as building blocks for your basin units and bathroom space. With a range of stunning ceramic basins and countertop bathroom basins, Tapron offers shades of black, gold, grey and white to infuse it with the mood and personality of your space. From traditional designs to square, rectangular and round statement pieces, these basins are constructed with high-quality ceramic, stainless steel or brass material that projects resistance to unwanted stains and rust with convenient maintenance provided by the silky finishes.

Designed to be perfectly matched with our assortment of Bathroom Basin Mixer Taps, these sink units are lightweight with wall-mounted or countertop configurations. Structured to fulfil the requirement of any space, it is offered in single and corner designs. A space-friendly addition is this Corner Ceramic Basin featuring a triangular outline to fit into any awkward corner and maximise corner spaces, effectively utilising areas that might otherwise go unused. It is also ideal as it provides ample washing space and features a non-porous surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Efficient Drainage Solutions: Basin Wastes and Bottle Traps

The wall and free standing bathroom basins can be effectively boosted in practicality by incorporating a basin waste or bottle trap for an efficient draining solution. These additions ensure smooth wastewater management and serve as outlets for water from the sinks and basins. Available in various designs including pop-up, click-clack and flip-top structures, this mechanism allows users to open or close the waste to regulate the drainage flow as needed. The sink waste also prevents unwanted clogs and damage in the system by allowing a smooth draining utility.

A wash basin bottle trap seals foul gases and odour from the drain from entering your space and is typically installed beneath the basin with a curved pipe design that retains water. It creates a water seal for this functionality which acts as a barrier to prevent such gases from travelling back up through the drain. This feature also serves as a deterrent to pests and insects which may enter through drainage pipes and aid in contamination against clean water sources by ensuring the wastewater flows in the intended direction.

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Enhance Hygiene and Comfort with Bidet Taps

Bidets elevate personal hygiene and are popular with their effectiveness in cleansing after using the toilet. Offered in the wall-mounted orientation, the back to wall bidet toilet is an alternative to toilet paper and includes advanced features like varying spray patterns, adjustable water temperature and water pressure control. This Wall Hung Toilet with Built-In Thermostatic Bidet Mixer is a popular pick, dominating the scene with its versatile, classic white finish. Temperature controls are managed thermostatically with the turn of a button and are completed with the soft-close seat and rimless technology.   

Douches and bidets are beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, disabilities, or medical conditions that affect personal hygiene, providing a convenient solution for maintaining cleanliness and independence in the bathroom. Tapron also offers a variety of Bathroom Bidet Taps featuring luxurious tones with designer crosshead, lever and round handle designs.

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Tapron: Leading the Way in Quality and Diverse Toilets

Tapron brings innovation and excellence in the realm of toilet design, bringing our customers a comprehensive range of products that exemplify superior quality and unmatched diversity. Every piece, from our bathroom countertop basin to flush plates, is offered with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer covering up to 15 years. If you encounter any issues with your Tapron product due to manufacturing defects, we offer a 30-day return policy with notification of the problem within 48 hours from delivery, ensuring that you receive a product that meets our high standards.

With a diverse lineup of toilet fittings and products, we assure uncompromised quality at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure every product meets the highest standards of durability, reliability and performance. Starting from our toilet with built in bidet to more minor details of the category, our products integrate cutting-edge technology to make your home sustainable and healthy. Tapron prioritises customer satisfaction by addressing concerns, providing technical support and guiding you through your purchase. Reach us today: Contact Us!  


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