Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets

Richmond Back to Wall WC Pan-tapronsquare close coupled toilet highlights-tapron
Save $98.00
Modern Rimless Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat-tapronback to wall close coupled wc technical drawing-tapron
Modern Rimless Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat
Sale price$395.00 Regular price$493.00
Convenient Back to Wall WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover-TapronConcealed Wc -Tapron
Wall Mounted Rimless Toilet UnitWall Hung WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover with Hygienic Rimless Technology
Back to Wall WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover -TapronOne button Release-Tapron
Rimless Back-to-Wall Toilet with Soft Close UF Seat Cover-tapronone button release toilet highlight-tapron
Contemporary Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close UF Seat Cover made from High-Quality Ceramic for more Hygienic ToiletModern Back to Wall Close Coupled Rimless Toilet – White
Rimless Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close UF Seat Cover -TapronRimless Technology- Tapron
Save $27.00
Wall hung WC pan & soft close UF seat
Sale price$504.00 Regular price$531.00

Back to Wall Toilets

Tapron offers a range of stunning back to wall toilets tastefully structured to meet the needs of all homes and interiors. Ranging from square to round designs, these finely made back to wall WC units are neatly designed with refined lines and adorn a classic look that stands the taste of time in appeal and functionality.

Back to Wall toilet units are ideal as they provide maximum user comfort and are a convenient solution for people with limited mobility. The compact back to wall toilets look as stylish as they are functional and make no compromise in quality, made available at great affordable prices. The adornment is an easy alternative to add moderate design and hotel glamour to your bathhouse.

The rimless back to wall toilet creates a stunning addition to your wet room and makes your bath experience more comfortable and delightful. It features all modern functionality and seeks to bring no compromise in the overall usability of your home. The assortment that we offer in our extensive collection is made of high-quality ceramic and adorns the ageless white shade with neat outlines.

A remarkable property that makes shopping from our range of back to wall pans worth the cost it is offered includes the rimless technology. This is a modish feature that makes your toilet area hygienic and allows sanitation by allowing no room for bacteria and germs to breed. This technology gives the back to wall toilet units a powerful flush system that leaves no spots missed and allows for a clean and healthy environment. This is enhanced further by the one-button flush, which helps save water significantly and drastically minimises wastage.

Maximise your space by adding a back to wall toilet to your bathroom today. These modern toilets with soft-close hinges bring luxurious usability and ensure your bath space is rid of unwanted bangs and noises. This quality also prevents the WC pan from damaging and keeps it looking brand new even with everyday usage, eliminating the problems of constant renovations resulting with compromised products!

Buy from an arrangement of products at Tapron at discounted prices with your choice of WC Units. Another option is the closed coupled and wall hung toilets with rimless technology that comes as excellent picks for an equally voguish home. 

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Back to wall toilet

Back To Wall Toilets: The Complete Guide

The bathroom is the most private area that defines a lot about one’s choice. You cannot do wrong when it comes to furnishing your bathroom. The bathroom has many essential elements that make or break your dream of creating an ideal space and one that tops the list is the toilets

The usual practice is to place any regular toilet after completing the bathroom decor without consideration for toilets. Although a relatively new trend, back to wall toilets have started to gain in popularity lately, with some stunning designs graced by a wide variety of bathroom styles. You don't need to worry about the finish being quickly harmed since they are often built from high quality ceramic and will stand solid and string while being installed in a bathroom. 

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