Guide to Buying Toilets

Guide to Buying Toilets


A washroom is typically planned mostly around its stylish and visual aspects, but it also needs to be functional. In general, choosing a suitable toilet bowl determines the final step. Toilet purchase decisions, like those for other washroom installations, should be carefully considered. We ought to look at each variable that influences the decision before making a final choice: the size of the washroom, its specialised functions, and the area where it should be placed. 

Depending on the type, we can separate the toilet into floor-standing and wall-mounted. Nowadays, toilets are more stylishly pleasing and more practical than their predecessors of the past. As a result of their assistance, the washroom decoration is simplified. Furthermore, tidying up the room will be much easier. The exterior of a ceramic toilet is normally covered with an antibacterial agent to prevent soil from getting on it. 

Space can be saved by installing hanging toilets. In recent years, pendant models have become increasingly popular. You can now find suspended, and floor bowls of all types, shapes, and plans, and they are accessible based on the comforts and have customised arrangements available.

Modern bathrooms have a lot of elements and accommodations, other than being visually pleasing. Besides being easier to maintain, they also make the experience of using the washroom more pleasant.

Toilets for bathrooms with limited space

It is crucial to choose the right toilet, whether installing a separate toilet or a small bathroom. It's essential to bear in mind that this intimate space should be comfortable, so the interior design should be thoughtful, and the size of the bathrooms should be suited. Ideally, the bath and toilet areas of a small bathroom should be separated.

Toilet for bathrooms with a large area

Spacious bathrooms provide comfort, but even large sizes can be challenging to arrange. Toilets should not be located more than one meter from sewer pipes, limiting room for maneuvering. Toilets should never be positioned in front of the door, as this causes discomfort in the bathroom. Additionally, avoid installing the bowl right next to a bath, shower, or basin.

What are the best toilets for bathrooms that are spacious? It is better to ensure there is enough space in front of the toilet, and free space must be left to allow freedom of movement. Light and fashionable hanging bowl is highly recommended. The product is also very functional. Because of the wall mounting, it is easy to remove dirt that accumulates under the toilet.

Back to wall toilet 

Toilets can be classified as either floor-standing or wall-hung based on how the toilet bowl structure is installed. The floor-standing type of toilet is one with its structure standing on the floor.

The designs, sizes, and shapes of floor-standing toilets vary. Generally, floor-standing toilets are most popular because they are easy to install and have a durable design. Depending on your needs, you can install a separate cistern or a concealed cistern.

A back-to-wall toilet provides a simple and elegant way to design your bathhouse in a hotel-style manner. It is modern and stylish but also available at an affordable price.

Wall hung toilet

The toilet bowl of a wall-hung toilet is attached to the wall to look suspended if viewed from one end. In the bathroom, the floating bowl creates a sense of spaciousness and modernity. A sturdy steel structure supports it from behind the wall, so there is no need for concern that it will break. Since it can hold up to 150kg, it is quite safe for most people.

Floating toilets, or floating commodes, are sometimes referred to as hanging toilets and hung toilets, or hanging commodes, but the concept is generally well-known, as it hangs off the ground to create a modern, minimalist look.

It is best to opt for a Wall Hung Toilet if you have a small bathroom to make it appear spacious.. If you are seeking a wall hung toilet seat or wall hung pan, most of our wall-mounted toilets come with a high-quality toilet seat as well.

Close-coupled toilets

There are two types of toilets you can see. One old-fashioned toilet has the cistern attached to the toilet seat, while another is attached to the wall. The latter type of toilet is called a close-coupled toilet.

Close-coupled toilets are characterised by their dual flush button, their soft-close toilet seats, ceramic cisterns and ceramic toilet bowls. Besides these, you can see sewer pipes passing through the toilet structure at the back.

There are different styles of close-coupled toilets available which are suitable for your preferred bathroom design. Close-coupled toilets are probably one of the most widely used types of toilets.

The toilet can be easily installed and maintained regardless of whether you completely remodel your bathroom or want a new one. Closed coupled toilets blend in with nearly any decor

Rimless toilets

A modern rimless bowl is an easy-to-clean option worth investigating. A bowl with the unique RIMFREE system is the best choice because it is perfectly smooth without nooks, crevices or cracks. Toilets guarantee an improved level of hygiene without rims.

Bathrooms and toilets using rimless toilets are the newest style statement. Rimless toilets are just toilets that have been fitted with no inside rim. 

This innovative feature is a game-changer in the washroom industry because it helps keep your sinks cleaner, is built for added hygiene, and ensures an overall better flush. Therefore, Hygienic Toilets save you time by making cleaning them an easy task that can be completed in just a few seconds.

Tapron has a fantastic selection of rimless toilets. Additionally, you can select a close-coupled toilet from the list.

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