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Step into the world of refined elegance and functionality with our comprehensive radiator collection, where each piece is a testament to both style and utility. Our range begins with the classic charm of gold traditional towel radiators, bringing a timeless luxury to your space. Accompanying these are gold dual fuel...
Step into the world of refined elegance and functionality with our comprehensive radiator collection, where each piece is a testament to both style and utility. Our range begins with the classic charm of gold traditional towel radiators, bringing a timeless luxury to your space. Accompanying these are gold dual fuel radiators with matching valves, seamlessly blending aesthetics with efficiency. The gold radiator valve options further enhance this lineup, offering a sophisticated touch to any bathroom setting.

For those who prefer a more contemporary edge, our gold towel radiators are a perfect choice. The brushed black bathroom radiator offers a sleek, modern look, while the matt black dual fuel radiator combines style with versatility. Complementing these are the matt black heating towel radiators, ideal for maintaining a consistent theme throughout your bathroom. The black ladder radiator, a blend of functionality and design, stands out as a statement piece.

Our collection also features an array of chrome towel radiators, including the elegant chrome-finished square angled radiator, which adds a bright, clean look to any bathroom. These chrome options are perfect for those seeking a minimalist yet stylish design.

For more specific needs, our range includes a variety of bathroom radiators tailored to different tastes and requirements. The towel rail radiator, a classic choice, offers practicality and style. Small towel radiators are ideal for compact spaces, ensuring efficiency without compromising on design. In contrast, the white towel radiator and white towel rail provide a fresh, airy feel to any bathroom decor.

Lastly, our designer towel radiator options cater to those looking for a unique touch. These radiators are not just functional items but pieces of art that elevate the aesthetic of your space.

Our collection, encompassing everything from the luxury of gold to the sleekness of chrome and the boldness of black, ensures that you will find the perfect radiator to match your style and meet your heating needs.

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Serving as a vital component of heating systems in homes and commercial buildings, bathroom radiators are versatile fixtures that also combine the convenience of towel storage. The design is defined by horizontal bars or rails that are circulated with hot water heated by an electric heating element. Tapron’s selection of products includes an extensive range of premium products designed with precision and durable materials with innovative heating technology.

Available in various sizes, styles, and finishes to complement any bathroom décor, towel rail radiators offer both practicality and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for modern bathrooms. As towels are draped over the rails, they absorb the heat, accelerating the drying process and ensuring a cosy experience after bathing or showering. Radiators are typically made of durable metals like cast iron, steel, or aluminium, chosen for their excellent heat conductivity and longevity.

Steel PVD Build: Durability and Aesthetic Brilliance 

Tapron’s modern and traditional bathroom radiators are built with the best quality materials including Steel PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) known for its durability and aesthetic brilliance. With high heat conductivity, the material is known for being durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Another key advantage of steel PVD is its durability, as the coating provides enhanced resistance to scratches, abrasions, and discoloration, ensuring that the radiators maintain their pristine appearance over time.

Vibrant Spectrum: Elevating Bathroom Aesthetics with Diverse Color Options

Additionally, the PVD-coated surface offers a wide range of options, including metallic finishes like brushed bronze, chrome, gold, stainless steel and black bathroom radiator designs, allowing for customization to match any interior decor scheme. The brushed, matt and polished finishes provide superior resistance with protection against corrosion and moisture damage while granting a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Combined with durability and versatility, Tapron’s towel radiators remain functional by providing reliable heating to any bathroom space. Quick and easy installation is a key feature of our products where each fixture is provided with comprehensive installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware including the brackets, plug and vent, making the process straightforward. Our designs are structured with compatibility with all standard plumbing connections that allow easy integration into existing heating systems.

The selection of traditional towel radiators stands out with single or two functional overhanging rails depending on the size. The overhanging rails provide convenient storage for towels, keeping them within easy reach and helping to maintain a tidy and organised space. It is offered exclusively in three heights in brushed gold and polished chrome finishes. Pair this range with the equally vintage Traditional Angle Radiator Valve with Cross Handles for the most ideal heating solutions for your space!

Trust Tapron in selecting the right size and types of radiator for your space, as well as tips for ensuring proper alignment and functionality once the installation is complete. Visit our quick and easy guide on How to Fit and Replace a Radiator for step-by-step instructions for a stress-free installation process!

Heating Element and BTU: Understanding Efficiency and Heat Output 

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a standard unit of measurement used to quantify heat energy and is an important factor to consider before you purchase a chrome bathroom radiator or any other design. Depending on the area, the BTU can help determine the effectiveness of your purchase where the higher it is, the more heat it generates. Factors such as the desired temperature, insulation and room size are taken into account when determining the BTU rating. Smaller bathrooms demand a BTU of around 500-1000, medium spaces with 1000-2500 and larger spaces require around 2500-4000 BTU. Our best-selling brushed brass towel rail operates with a 1357 BTU, making it ideal for residential bathrooms, standing out with its 21-bar structure.  

The heating element goes hand-in-hand with the BTU where it either features a water-based system or an electric heating element. While the BTU controls the heat, it is this factor that generates warmth within the radiator. The difference lies in how the water-based function uses hot water or steam to keep the bathroom radiator functioning while the electric design is connected to an electric power source and can be connected via a standard wall outlet. The compatibility of these two factors is essential in ensuring the right temperature is maintained without unwanted glitches.

Efficient Heating Anytime with Dual Fuel Radiators

As hot water or steam flows through the black towel radiators, heat is emitted, raising the temperature of the room. With advanced technology, these additions are designed with compatibility to both central and electric heating, providing two modes that can be switched as per requirements and preference. This is known as the dual fuel property which is devised to provide year-round comfort, deviating significantly away from traditional designs.

Tapron’s dual fuel towel radiators are family-friendly that tend to your needs regardless of the weather outside! By combining both the electric and water-based options, these towel rails can be connected to central heating or electric sources as per demands. During colder months, it can be connected to the central heating system which utilises hot water from the boiler to generate warmth. When this central heating system is turned off, users can switch to the electric mode, allowing it to operate independently and provide heat as needed.

Here are 4 Best Bathroom Radiators And Heated Towel Rail Options For Your Stylish Home devised with dual fuel properties and high heat output. Added manufacturer guarantees on each of these products make investing in a dual fuel radiator even more appealing!

Exploring Heating Solutions with Regular and Flat Panel Radiators 

Tapron’s collection, including the gold bathroom radiator assortment, is divided into two specific types – the regular bar design and the flat panel structure. Ideally serving as solutions for all commercial and residential spaces, the difference is marked by the rounded or curved panels of the traditional bathroom radiators to that of the flat, slimmer profile of the other. Both styles are offered with dual fuel properties with ranging heating elements and BTU to choose from as per requirements.

A traditional heated towel rail is designed to suit well with larger spaces or in rooms where there is a demand for a higher heat output. Serving as an ideal solution for cloakrooms, this Brushed Bronze Vertical Towel Radiator has simple lines, is also available in the brushed brass - gold design, and features a ladder design with 5 bars which offers ample space to hang your towels dry. The flat panel towel radiator is popular with modern homes owing to its space-saving benefits and minimal lines. This makes them ideal for areas with limited wall space and serve ideally in hallways and alcoves. You can browse the complete catalogue for Flat Panel Radiators here!  

Tailored Solutions for Every Space 

Our varieties, including the popular chrome radiators, are structured to accommodate various space demands and heating requirements. With availability in various heights, widths, and depths to allow flexibility in installation and placement, you no longer have to worry about compromising your choice with your demands! By choosing the right size, homeowners can ensure efficient heating and a comfortable living environment while complementing the overall design of their space.

A regular brushed gold radiator measures around 300mm while taller ones can exceed around 2000mm. It can be noted that the taller designs provide a greater heat output and suit better if you have a high heat demand in your space. Users can also consider the width where these fittings can range from narrow models of 300mm to wider units exceeding 2000mm. Radiators typically have a depth of 50mm to 100mm, although some models may be deeper to accommodate additional features such as integral valves or towel rails.

Regulating Radiance: Unveiling Radiator Valve Varieties 

Controlling the flow of hot water and its regulation is determined by towel radiator valves which play a massive role in enhancing energy efficiency along with maintaining the ideal balance. These fittings are broadly classified into the manual and thermostatic categories. At Tapron, you can easily match your radiators with the valves available in a variety of colours and choices while considering factors like compatibility with your heating system, the size and type of radiator, and heating preferences.

Radiator valve types explained: The manual design features a simple on/off mechanism that allows to adjust the flow of water in the radiator. It has knobs or round and square handles that allow this functionality and can be perfect additions in spaces that do not demand precise heating adjustments. The thermostatic design offers automatic controls and flow based on room temperature.

Our types of radiator valves include straight and cornered (or angled) designs with lockshield property which works excellently in preventing overheating. The variety offers both minimally designed valves and traditional pieces featuring round and wooden handles to suit well with all types of towel rails. Another accessory is the radiator pipe covers or sleeves which work excellently to create a neat space by covering the floor openings around the radiator pipes. Typically supplied in a pair, the sleeves have a cylindrical structure with circular base plates that complete the feel and aesthetics effortlessly. Browse our portfolio of radiator valves and accessories with a simple click at  Radiator Valves and Sleeves!

Also visit our blog: Different Types of Radiator Valves

Set the Standard in Bathroom Excellence with Tapron 

At Tapron, we understand the importance of transparency and convenience when it comes to choosing the right products for your home. To make your shopping venture more enjoyable and manageable, we provide detailed product specifications under each product listed in our website. Our product specifications include key details such as dimensions, heat output, material composition, finish, mounting type, valve compatibility, warranty coverage, and any additional features.

Be it shopping for the best radiators, tapware or shower fittings, we provide comprehensive details to enable our customers to make an informed decision. You can also easily compare between different options with just a click and choose one as per your space requirements. The best part is that our products are offered with a trusted guarantee of up to 2 years as an assurance against any defects or issues. Shop with us today.


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