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The bathroom is the most private area that defines a lot about one’s choice. You cannot do wrong when it comes to furnishing your bathroom. The bathroom has many essential elements that make or break your dream of creating an ideal space.  And one that tops the list is the toilets. 

 The usual practice is to place any regular toilet after completing the bathroom decor without consideration for toilets. Although a relatively new trend, back-to-wall toilets have started to gain in popularity lately, with some stunning designs graced by a wide variety of bathroom styles. Their sleek styling and minimalist design have sparked their popularity. The following article will provide all the information you need to know before deciding to purchase a Back to wall pan toilet. 

Back to wall toilets:

The back-to-wall toilet units are most classy-looking as compared to the rest of the toilet types. In the back to the wall toilets, the pan sits on the floor with the support of the wall. A flush button sits above the toilet, above the pipework and flush mechanism, with the latter completely hidden behind a wall. 

Wet rooms can be transformed into stunning add-ons with this attractive back-to-wall rimless toilet. In the modern bathhouse, back to wall toilets can be used to add a touch of hotel glamour with luxuriously moderate design. Despite looking stylish, this back-to-wall WC is available at a more affordable price at Tapron.


 A back-to-wall toilet is installed with the support of the wall, but it can be a little tricky. It is vital that you check the product thoroughly before getting started on the installation not to miss any parts. You need to have a few tools for easy installing back-to-wall toilet units like a drill, screwdriver, thread seal tape, hand saw for cutting plastic, petroleum jelly, safety knife, and silicon sealant. 

Usually, the back-to-wall toilet pan is suitable for both S and P trap configuration and back or wall water inlet connections. Installing a cistern within a wall may require the removal of tiles; first, check that the wall is strong enough to hold such items. In addition, you must create a hole for a flush plate to be installed. Installing this device is not recommended for those who aren’t familiar with plumbing.

The pan and the cistern get easily installed from the wall to the floor in a straight line. As a result of the installation, all the pipe and plumbing work is tucked into the wall. Only a flush button or panel is visible on the cistern that is hidden behind the wall. For a complete solution to toilet-buying confusion, check out the Tapron for the best back-to-wall toilet. It is possible to conceal the sanitary ware within the wall or a back-to-wall cabinet, thus improving aesthetics and saving space. Bathrooms can be made more space-efficient by installing back-to-wall toilets.

 Selecting perfect back to wall toilet unit for your bathroom:

If you want to enjoy a spacious bathroom yet stylish, then the rimless back-to-wall toilet is perfect for you. It takes up less space than conventional close coupled toilets, so it is ideal for small bathrooms and cloakrooms as its compact nature makes it more practical to use.

Another advantage of a back-to-wall toilet unit is that it creates a pretty display and makes cleaning much easier, enhances hygiene, and greatly improves flushing. It makes your bathroom look and feels much better than ever before. 

Modern or traditional both styles are readily available at Tapron, as back-to-wall toilets tend to look best in more contemporary settings due to the simplistic designs often featured on them.

Modern Rimless Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat [TRKNG120]

Since these Back to Wall toilets have been invented, there has been a lot of progress in toilet design, and now we have these quiet, comfortable toilets that save on space. This ideal standard back-to-wall toilet is also best suited for all aesthetics because of its simple appearance.

Since there are no hidden edges on the back wall toilet pan, it prevents splashing while cleaning the bowl from any angle. Made from durable and easy-to-clean vitreous ceramic, it combines a soft-close seat with a back-to-wall design for a more relaxing bathroom experience.

Contemporary Rimless Back to Wall Toilet with advanced technology keeps the bowl cleaner for longer and germ-free with Soft Close UF Seat Cover [TRED120]

As it looks very timeless and feels contemporary at the same time, this WC set can easily fit into a variety of bathroom decors.  Additionally, it makes sure that the pipework is hidden in the wall, so it takes up the smallest amount of space. 

 This compact back-to-wall toilet does not sacrifice comfort while saving space.

 It gives it the advantage of hiding all that pipework, which isn’t very pleasing to the eye due to its back-to-wall location.

Convenient Back to Wall WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover is Easy to Clean with Modern Day Technology and Classic Design [TRRG120]

For people with back or knee joint problems, the back-to-wall pan has a little extra height. To match a wide range of bathroom styles, the design is still white and classic. Featuring a soft-close, quick-release seat for complete convenience, this toilet fills any contemporary setting perfectly.

In addition to using minimal space, it also hides unsightly pipework so that your walls look fine and save space. An additional feature is the closed seat cover, which ensures your toilet is a peaceful place free of unnecessary bangs. Designed for modern bathroom schemes, it is an ideal synthesis of classic beauty and contemporary technology.

Contemporary Wall Hung WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover with an Ideal Projection of 520mm for the Cloakroom [TRRO130]

 Why use regular toilets when you can have this unique shaped soft-close contemporary back-to-the-wall toilet pan that only provides style and comfort. 

As well as having a perfect performing toilet, it’s stylish and contemporary thanks to its mounting system. Back wall rimless toilet will give zero space for germs to hide. Cleanliness and sanitation are ensured by the use of ceramic, a high-quality material. 

In addition, the higher water level in the bowl makes it easier to wash, and it is cleaner because it is higher. If you want the best modern, minimalist design, this wall-mounted toilet is a great option.  

Classic Close Coupled WC Pan with Soft Close UF Seat Cover with Rimless technology keeping it Germ-Free for Longer [TRRO110]

This back-to-wall close-coupled WC pan is a perfect choice if you want timeless elegance and practicality. It has rimless technology that eliminates water splattering in the bathroom and a soft-close cover seat any accidental unnecessary bangs in your bathroom. 

Keeping dirt and bacteria away, the ceramic in the toilet ensures a longer period of hygiene. This charming, understated piece is suitable for bathrooms both small and large. Designed to protrude 665mm from the wall, it is ideal for all sizes of bathrooms, cloakrooms, and ensuites.  

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