Concealed Cisterns & Frames

Concealed Cisterns & Frames

Concealed Cisterns & Frames

Compact Dual Flush Concealed CisternConcealed Cistern
Save $21.00
Concealed Toilet Cistern with WC Frame - 820mm-tapronFreestanding Pre-Wall WC Frame Including Brackets and WC Bend 820cm
Concealed Toilet Cistern with WC Frame - 820mm
Sale price$401.00 Regular price$422.00
Save $24.00
Concealed Cistern with WC Wall Mounting Frame and Flush Plate-tapronflush plate frames-tapron
Concealed Cistern with WC Wall Mounting Frame and Flush Plate
Sale price$456.00 Regular price$480.00
Save $10.00
concealed cistern unit for toilet-tapronWC Frame for Wall Hung Toilet/ Pan Only
Concealed Cistern Frame for Wall Hung Toilets
Sale price$185.00 Regular price$195.00
Save $12.00
Back To Wall Toilet Unit - Black, 500mmBlack free-standing WC unit
Back To Wall Toilet Unit - Black, 500mm
Sale price$230.00 Regular price$242.00
Save $12.00
WC Toilet Unit - Grey, 500mmGrey freestanding WC  500 unit from Tapron installed in a bathroom with a WC pan in front of the unit
WC Toilet Unit - Grey, 500mm
Sale price$230.00 Regular price$242.00
Wall Hung Toilet Frame with Concealed Cistern-TapronDual Flush Plate-Tapron
Save $53.00
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Concealed Cisterns & Frames

Tapron presents a range of concealed cisterns and frames in various designs, styles and brands to meet every bathroom requirement in any household at amazingly discounted prices. 

The perfect bathroom is all about these finishing touches. These details make or break the look of your bath space, and wall hung toilet cisterns play a significant role. 

We offer our concealed toilet cistern units for push-button plates and cistern levers in modern and traditional styles. This means you can customise your bathroom's look and make it perfect for you, whether in an elaborate period style or a more contemporary one. These steady and easy-to-install concealed toilet cisterns are ideal for bidets, urinals, WCs, and wall hung toilets

The rich assortment of concealed cisterns with frames are offered in three shades to best suit your space's demands. This includes the classic white, elegant black and embellished grey tones, all designed to stand out with their distinct and unique appeal.

Each of the products offered in our range of products under concealed cisterns for toilets is structured with a high-quality build that gives it durability for long-lasting usability without glitches. These additions are also easy to maintain and rid you of any extra effort to keep them clean.

What makes the toilet concealed cistern ideal is its no-noise functionality that eliminates the problems of flushing sounds from ruining the ambience and feel. An advanced dual flush property minimises water wastage by providing two flush options, making your home friendly and practical.

Quick and easy fixation adds to the many benefits of getting a dual flush concealed cistern from our collection and is served with readily assembled parts to rid you of unwanted inconvenience and discomfort. These hidden toilet cisterns are further provided with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer, ensuring a quality product worth investing in.

Varying from various sizes to give you what your space requires, the concealed cistern frame kit is offered to suit your budget. With us, there is always something that you will find to complete your space with.

Our range conveniently includes a wide variation of finishes, so whatever your toilet's style, you can always find a cistern button to complement your bathroom decor. Our sophisticated Flush plates help tie the whole bathroom together, perfect for anyone looking to create a minimalist, clutter-free space.

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