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A quintessential touch to your classic bathroom design – Mirrored bathroom cabinets


A classic style bathroom always begins with the perfect design and blueprint followed by the furniture you choose and the accessories you pick up to add a touch of elevated style and luxurious look to your bathroom. Mirrors are a must for your bathroom design, whether you are opting for a larger space or a smaller and compact one. Mirrored bathroom cabinets have always been a vintage trend as it not only polishes the look of your bathroom space but also leaves enough room for storage. A bathroom cabinet, also known as a bathroom medicine cabinet, serves the purpose greatly as a smart storage option that helps save space and adds to the functionality. At Tapron, we have a variety of mirrored bathroom cabinets with varied designs and great functionality.

With this, ensure that you choose the correct size that will blend in perfectly with your bathroom, and also consider the lighting before installing a cabinet mirror in your bathroom. If you are still lost, we have carefully prepared an assorted list that has been carefully picked and fixed upon to help you choose the perfect bathroom cabinet for your bath space.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets without light

Mirror cabinets come in types which include the ones with light and the ones without light. The Bathroom Mirror Cabinet without Light White 600mm comes with a carefully crafted design that makes your bathroom look simple yet sophisticated with its modern compact design. The mirror also comes with high-quality toughened glass that makes it long-lasting and will serve your purpose with comfort and elegance. The rectangular cabinet is also adorned with a shaver socket with a length and height specification of 600mm x 700mm. The specially designed shaver socket limits accidents of electric shocks in the bathroom and ensures comfortable usage.  The White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet without Light also features similar to the bathroom mirror cabinet listed above. The slim mirrored bathroom cabinet comes with a brush of a luxuriously modern feel. Its easy installation process ensures a hassle-free experience, and the best part of it being the amount of space you can save while guaranteeing maximum benefits.   

Mirrored bathroom cabinets with LED light functions

The lighted vanity mirror with storage is a must-buy if you are looking for one bathroom piece of furniture that will elevate your bathroom's overall look. The lighted bathroom cabinets not only make your grooming experience sleek and easy and also adds an element of freshness and crispness. We a collection of modern bathroom mirror cabinets that make your bathroom space pleasant to look at and ensure durability and guaranteed quality. The Mirror Cabinet with Light and Shaver Plug is a stylish choice you can always make to make your bathroom look upscale and polished. The main features of this bathroom cabinet come with the LED light functions and touch-sensitive technology. Another crafted pick for the mirrored vanity unit is the Mirror Cabinet with Light and Shaver Plug Black. The best bathroom experience comes with choosing LED technology-based mirror cabinets. This completely removes the lighting problems, which is a crucial must-pay-attention-to point when it comes to bathroom renovations. Our collection of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets with mirrors will unquestionably add an appeal to your bathroom, which will brighten your mood every time you walk in for a bath!

Double door vanity cabinets

Choosing a larger mirror for your smaller bathroom space can always help create the perfect illusion of a bigger space, which is why this vanity mirror cabinet should be on your bathroom renovation list! The double-door bathroom cabinet leaves extra room for you to store toiletries and toilet amenities without any hassle. You can also pick out from other LED technology-based mirrored cabinets from Tapron, including the Led Mirror Aluminium Cabinet with Double door and the stylish LED Mirror Cabinet Double Door with maximum benefit and cost-efficiency. The double mirrored bathroom cabinet not only comes with its extensive features but is further adorned with high-quality tempered glass shelves and a shaver socket. And if this still cannot help you make up your mind, the vanity mirror cabinet also comes with a defogger and an IR motion dimmable light function! The double door vanity cabinets give you comfort and an enthralling bathroom experience while reducing cluttering that further increases its functionality.

LED light technology and Bluetooth technology-based mirrored cabinets

At Tapron, we have a significant number of carefully curated bathroom cabinets that get better with each style. LED light technology-based vanity mirror cabinets are undoubtedly one of the top-notch designs you can choose to heighten the beauty and aesthetic feel of your bathroom. The illumination of light will certainly make your bathroom gain an elegant feel and ambience. The best part of the LED-based mirrored cabinets is the Bluetooth functions that come with them. The LED Mirror Cabinet Single Door with Bluetooth Speaker and the LED Mirror Cabinet Double Door with Bluetooth come with the advanced AI technology with Bluetooth functions to make the feel of your bathroom more feeling and maintain the mood. It also comes with a shaving socket that ensures minimum to zero contact of your electrical toiletries with water. It is adorned with a defogger to keep your mirror moisture-free.

This type of a mirrored vanity unit undoubtedly is designed for serving multi-purposes. Its functionality to connect with Bluetooth devices further contributes to an extraordinary arrangement. You can also browse from our array of mirrored bathroom cabinets through the website before you decide which one rightly fits into your preferences

LED light technology mirrors with advanced functions

Various other bathroom mirrored cabinets come with advanced functions like a heated pad and a sensor switch. The cabinets also come with double-sided doors where the quality is ensured through its luxurious and durable hinges. At Tapron, we offer modern bathroom mirrored cabinets like the Mirror Cabinet with Heated Pad, Sensor Switch, and Shaving Socket, which comes with an active and easy-to-use light sensor that will help greatly radiate and gleam up your bath. The designed Mirror Cabinet with Heated Pad, Sensor Switch, and Shaving Socket is another possible buy you can make to embellish your bathroom. The advanced technology-based vanity mirror cabinets are adorned with a stylish finish to glamorise your bath space further.

Choosing the perfect type of mirrored bathroom cabinet plays a vital role in embellishing the beauty of your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are practical and make your bathroom space look more organised and clean. Overall, it is advisable to carefully analyse your space requirements before opting for a cabinet mirror and deciding on the carefully curated designs before making the right pick. If you are looking to gracing your bathroom with the best design, visit and choose from the carefully hand-picked designs for your perfect bathroom reality at tapron.co.uk.


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