Everybody deserves a soothing, one-of-a-kind shower experience, and with Tapron, you can find everything for your perfect shower with just a click away! Your bath space is an area that requires a number of details and fittings, and things can often go neglected with such a diverse range of stuff...

Everybody deserves a soothing, one-of-a-kind shower experience, and with Tapron, you can find everything for your perfect shower with just a click away! Your bath space is an area that requires a number of details and fittings, and things can often go neglected with such a diverse range of stuff to take care of. 

Whether you have a shower room, shower cubicle, small bathroom, or luxurious wet room, we offer an extensive range of shower fixture and fittings starting from fixed showerheads, shower valves, shower arms, shower hose and rail kits, all available with us at amazingly discounted prices designed for building a luxurious shower space. 

Every shower habit is catered to the vast range of shower collections, each having significant variation in design and technology. Whether you want to have a luxurious spa experience or a nice warm, refreshing morning shower, all your needs are fulfilled with our contemporary and traditional shower designs. 

The range of bath fillers is here to make your shower experience much more convenient and comfortable. With extended choices like the lever or crosshead handle designs, these fillers are fulfilled with added functionality like the ceramic disc cartridge and a convenient thermostatic control that makes the experience more worthwhile. With a range of these products that are paired with a slider rail and bar valve, you are ensured a promising experience without any hassle.

The best part of choosing your bathroom panels with us is that it makes your shower space look sophisticated and burnished and comes with remarkable waterproof qualities! The waterproof shower panels protect your walls from unwanted stains and damage. They are also relatively easy to clean, making them ideal for any modern shower space. Tapron offers a selection of ceiling panels that are excellent alternatives for tiling.

Shower arms and showerheads are essential details that are marked by the remarkable brass craftsmanship and the diversified range of colours and finishes that we offer. You can effortlessly blend these details for that perfect bathroom look, making an area as minor as a shower space stand out in appeal and functions. 

Pairing your fittings with a shower waste also significantly increases the functionality of your space, enabling you to prevent problems of frequent clogging that can ruin your entire shower experience. With all these details incorporated with the perfect shower wall and enclosure, you are guaranteed a modish shower space with minimal effort! 

Explore our collection of premium showers and enjoy a relaxing time after a long day of work and rejuvenate yourself. While you are looking for a better shower experience, why not check our experts' insight, or reach out to us? We are here to help you build that perfect space!

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Tapron seeks to create homes that allow the perfect blend of the two worlds of luxury that meet utility, reminiscent of upscale resorts and spas for a never-before bathing experience. Incorporating a rain shower plays a massive role in determining the amount of serenity you get in your space.  Smart technology enables the integration of touchless and programmable systems ranging from voice-activated lighting to LED Bluetooth-activated mirrors, all serving as essential elements in enhancing comfort and convenience in the bathroom. 

Building a rainfall shower is a combination of evolving design trends blended with advancements in technology that meet your changing lifestyle preference. Careful consideration including the layout and the choice of materials including fittings and various accessories play a massive role in determining this contributing factor. Ranging from diverse options from thermostatic shower mixer taps to accessories and fixtures, our main aim is to emphasise this shift of bath spaces from being mere spaces of functionality to one that focuses on advanced technology and high-tech designs.

Deciding on the Ideal Material for Your Shower Fittings

With each piece structured with durable brass or stainless steel, every adornment is designed to guarantee the utmost integrity and consistency. Brushed stainless showers boast high resistance to rust and tarnishing, making them withstand exposure to harsh chemicals and moisture without risking unwanted damage. This is also an ideal choice for homes as it promotes hygiene with its antimicrobial properties with easy cleaning and disinfection processes, allowing healthier shower ventures.  

Another material used to structure our rainfall shower fixtures is brass which projects an equally paralleled level of durability to withstand extensive everyday usage like stainless steel. With a variety of antique brass, polished, brushed and satin finishes, this material projects versatility while requiring minimal maintenance of regular cleaning with mild soap and water solution to retain its shine and remove dirt. An added boon is its eco-friendly quality where brass is a recyclable material making it an environmentally friendly choice and enabling sustainable living practices.

Unveiling Colors and Finishes in Shower Fittings

The array of colours and finishes in your shower area can impact the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. From classic chrome to versatile nickel, Tapron has diverse options for all homes. Covering all categories from valves and accessories to fixed shower heads and arms, these adornments are offered in brushed, matt and polished finishes, featuring easy cleaning and quick installation properties.

The options are diverse in choices like the Chrome range where the 2 Outlet Vertical Shower Mixer Valve with Matt Black Handles features a versatile design and is devised from single to triple outlets, allowing homeowners to keep the various fixtures connected without risking clutter. It is defined by the black square handles for controlling water and flow and is offered in both vertical and horizontal structures. Handles also vary in up to triple structures and are completed with the rectangular base plate for quick installation and a stylish look.

Matt black concealed shower sets invite an edgy vibe while brushed nickel combines the elegance of stainless steel with a subtle satin finish. Popular picks also include rich gold or brass tones, oil-rubbed bronze and white to add character and persona to your shower fittings. Visit our Exclusive Guide to Bathroom Accessories to discover, curate and elevate your space. From stylish towel racks to luxurious soap dispensers, explore a range of options to suit your needs!

Shower Valves: The Key to Perfect Shower Experiences

Ranging from a single to up to three outlets, the concealed shower mixer valves determine a variety of factors including water flow and temperature. The multiple outlets enable users to connect multiple fixtures for a clutter-free shower space and enable a glitch-free performance quality. The concealed design allows unwanted pipeworks to be hidden carefully behind the walls and maximises space utilisation, creating a clean and inviting shower environment where you can relax and rejuvenate without distractions.

From single to triple outlet concealed shower valves, it is devised to be installed either vertically or horizontally with a base plate that aids in the installation process. Handle designs vary from lever, crosshead, square and round designs with up to three controls for flow and utility. The thermostatic function is an advanced feature that automatically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water with temperature sensors and built-in cartridges. This prevents sudden fluctuations, boosting the safety feature in all spaces. 

The shower outlets determine the number of additional fixtures like shower heads, arms and risers that can be connected to the valve.  The styles are broadly classified into traditional and modern designs, where the contemporary look is more focused on minimal lines and the other brings a vintage feel with antique finishes and intricate detailing.

So what bar is low water pressure? Determining the water pressure requirement allows a smooth operation in everyday usability. Gravity-fed systems typically have lower water pressure, while pressurised systems provide higher pressure. Our valves range from water pressure requirements of 0.2 bar – 0.5 bar (low pressure) up to 1 bar-3 bar (high pressure). Low water pressure can result in weak or inconsistent water flow, while high water pressure can cause excessive splashing and discomfort. This is why adjusting the water pressure to the optimal range is essential to prevent these issues and ensure a satisfying shower experience.

Modern exposed shower valves are another option that we offer, designed to attend to the needs of all low and high-pressure systems. This design differs from the concealed range as it is mounted on the wall surface rather than recessed into it. The visibility offers easy operation and maintenance and typically consists of a handle or lever for controlling water flow and temperature, along with a visible mechanism that regulates these functions.

Unlike concealed designs that demand cutting and drilling into the walls, the exposed shower mixer valves are mounted directly on the surface with ease of installation which makes it ideal for renovation projects. Maintenance is straightforward as any issues can be easily identified and addressed without the need for invasive procedures. A selection of these valves also features thermostatic controls that enable comfort and safety during showers. Browse the entire catalogue of exposed designs here!

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Unlocking Precision: The Ceramic Disc Cartridge Innovation

An advanced feature of the shower valve types in our range of shower fixtures is the ceramic disc cartridge technology. These cartridges represent a significant advancement in faucet technology, revolutionising the way we control water flow and temperature and preventing leaks or drips even with years of use. With longevity promised with the robust construction, the function resists mineral build-up and corrosion, preventing limescale and mineral deposits from accumulating on the discs.

The collection of exposed and concealed shower mixer valves feature ceramic disc cartridges that slide against each other when in use with precise openings that allow water to pass through. When idle, one disc remains stationary while the other rotates, opening or closing the water channels to regulate the flow and temperature. It is made of durable ceramic material and has a smooth surface that provides a tight seal to prevent leaks and drips.

Shower Essentials: Heads, Arms, and Risers Explained

Investing in a ceiling shower head can be the first step in building your dream space as it determines the effectiveness of water flow for a rejuvenating experience. With round and square layouts, these fittings can be paired with a shower head arm of the same scheme for a defined look. Deviating from traditional looks, the Aquamist Recessed Shower Head is an exquisite pick that has high-tech features including colour control to choose the right mood and setting! The mist cascade feature creates an enveloping mist that relaxes the body with a spa-like sensation while the rain function stimulates the sensation of standing beneath a gentle rainfall!

Create a timeless charm with a black shower head or be bold and try gold! With water-saving properties and easy-cleaning designs, these fixtures pave a convenient way for a complete shower look! Handheld showers range in pull-out, single-function and wall-mounted styles and can be paired with shower hoses and feature easy-cleaning nozzles. Pairing your hand shower with the advanced Wall-Mounted Digital Display Shower Holder is a smart solution as the clear temperature visibility powered by the LED display creates a practical and voguish look!  

A shower riser rail kit with adjustability is a complete solution that attends to users of all heights and preferences and is equipped with functions including multiple spray settings and easy-cleaning surfaces. Typically, the kits include necessary components such as a shower rail, slider bracket, and handheld showerhead, providing a complete and cohesive setup. The built-in holder ensures the handset is placed securely without cluttering when not in use, making the task of creating a tidy shower space easier. Water flow is regulated with the bar valve featuring round lever handles with single or dual controls.

Make your quest to build a bathroom from scratch more comfortable by browsing our ready-made assortment of Trending Black Showers and Trending Gold Showers today!

Elevating Your Shower Experience with Essential Shower Accessories

Accessories for showers are designed to enhance and customise the showering experience, ranging from practical items like shower trays and wastes, niches, body jets, shower baskets and body jets. Whether you are looking for storage solutions or relaxation aids, these fittings suit every requirement. Incorporate luxury features and enhance the utility by investing in shower body jets. Designed to serve as excellent space-saving adornments, it features small, adjustable nozzles to be installed on the walls to deliver a stream of water. It enables a spa-like ritual targeted at hydrotherapy for relaxation and muscle relief, making it a must-have for modern bath spaces. 

The douche spray kit, also called bidet shower kit, is a versatile and hygienic solution and is a compilation of a handheld spray nozzle, hose, and wall-mounted holder. With a circular base plate that aids in wall mounting, the handset has a trigger spray function that allows for a comfortable cleansing experience, offering the jet spray and soft spray settings to opt for as per comfort. With a square-shaped structure like this Matt Black Douche Kit homeowners can create a statement while embracing personal hygiene, while another variation is also offered by the round design. Douche kits offer users greater control over water pressure and temperature and can also be paired with the toilets and bidets combo from our assortment for a complete bathroom venture.

Grab rails for showers are excellent safety accessories that provide stability and support while entering, exiting, or moving within the shower area. With availability in bold shades of red, black, white, chrome and sand, these rails are sturdy handhold support to allow mobility. It is constructed with stainless steel or brass and plastic in various lengths and finishes. If you are looking for precautionary measures to meet specific accessibility requirements, installing bathroom grab rails can be vital!

Another practical solution is the shower niche structured in either a rectangular or square outline. It provides a built-in storage space within the shower enclosure to keep your go-to toiletries at arm’s reach which makes it ideal! Typically recessed into the wall, it provides a sleek and streamlined storage solution and eliminates the need for bulky shower caddies or shelves. With a robust construction, these bathroom niches vary in size and dimensions with low maintenance demands.  

Keep up with the latest trends in shower accessories by visiting our selection with detailed specifications under each product! 

Shower Enclosures: The Ultimate in Bathroom Elegance 

Whether you want a classic gold look or a voguish black appeal, installing shower enclosures with tray from our assortment serves excellently. As a practical and stylish solution, this combination offers the perfect solution to prevent water from splashing all over the room and contains water within the shower area. Marked by durability and waterproof qualities, the tray combines its functionality by allowing a hassle-free and enjoyable shower experience. 

The wet room shower tray has an acrylic construction with quadrant, square and rectangular shapes, ensuring you meet the best one as per space requirements. This provides an indulgent showering experience by draining water efficiently while also providing a non-slip surface and aiding in preventing accidents. With availability in various sizes from smaller to larger dimensions, these adornments boost your everyday experience drastically.

Incorporate shower glass panels and complete any space effortlessly. The tempered glass ensures durability, safety and aesthetic appeal, tested under special heat treatment that makes it stronger than regular glass. With a quality build, this glass is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and chemical damage, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Tapron: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority  

At Tapron, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our products guarantee against any manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship providing you with the assurance that your investment is protected. A trusted guarantee of up to 15 years is provided with each buy, offering long-term protection and support. You can also shop for a concealed cistern toilet unit to match your selection of bathroom and shower products exclusively from our collections!

Our team prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience to every customer. If you encounter any issues with your Tapron product, simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team, and we will work swiftly to resolve the issue.  Should you have any questions or concerns about your Tapron purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist you. Contact us today!


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