Shower Valves

Shower Valves Building the perfect bathroom you envision is completed only when you invest in quality products. One of the many adornments that determine the functionality of the bath space is shower mixer valves. These fittings are an excellent detail to pair with other additions to your space, as it...

Shower Valves

Building the perfect bathroom you envision is completed only when you invest in quality products. One of the many adornments that determine the functionality of the bath space is shower mixer valves. These fittings are an excellent detail to pair with other additions to your space, as it offers comfort in every way possible for a hassle-free usability.

The bath space is constantly exposed to moisture and vapour, which leads to the damage of products. The range of shower mixing valves from our extensive range is designed with a solidly structured build to last with long-lasting utility. It makes no negotiations in the quality it is offered, making it worth the price these fittings come with.

Thermostatic Shower Valves

Installing a thermostatic shower valve goes a long way to match the level of luxury and modish elements that your space is prepped with. An advanced thermostatic temperature control setting regulates water and temperature through the outlets and drastically eliminates the problems of fluctuations. Our range of products falls under the two distinct categories of traditional and modern concealed thermostatic shower valves.

The concealed shower valve is an ideal pick if you struggle with the problems of dealing with exposed pipes and want to rid yourself of this hassle for a neat and compact interior. With designs ranging from single outlet shower valves to dual and triple outlet shower valves, you can build the bath space you desire without compromising when you pick from our extensive collection.

The black shower valve is a popular pick from our wide assortment that suits the demands of every interior space. The gold shower valves provide the same luxury and are both available with a diverse range of finishes. Be it a brushed, Chrome, matt or polished finish, we offer all the choices to make your bath space an embellished-looking area met with all that you will need for a spa-like ambience at home.

Advanced features also include the ceramic disc technology that powers these shower thermostatic valves to function with a leak-proof utility. This tremendously helps with the glitch-free water flow and rids you of any possible worries and bathroom nightmares that you often face with lower quality products.

The thermostatic shower mixer valve is also suitable for any required water pressure of your home and ensures that the water flow is smoothly carried out without any hassle. The aesthetics adorned with functionality and practicality make it one of the choicest picks you can make from our assortment of products.

Manual Shower Valves 

The manual shower mixer valve is an apt choice if you want a more straightforward way to enhance the practicality without wanting too complex of an addition. Installed with dual tap holes designs, the shower diverter valves fit well on any surface without damage and blend perfectly with all interiors. For a more universal and uniform look, you can also combine these fittings with other designs with the same shade or finish for an alluring impact.

These manual shower valves with diverter are uniquely crafted with a lever, round and crosshead handle. What makes these distinct is the minimal yet magnificent structure with base plates that helps with the mounting process. Installation and fixations are very convenient with this detail and are enhanced with minimal maintenance properties.

Whether it be the manual or thermostatic valves, the products widely range in suitability from low to high pressure systems and ensure you get the right one to suit all your home demands. The adaptability to the plumbing of all homes complements the overall usability of these shower diverter valves.

Bar Shower Valves 

The bar shower valve is perfect if you want to make your bathroom look sophisticated and modern. With a mechanism devised to avoid bathroom accidents like scalding and shocks, these exposed shower bar valves come with rust-resistance properties and are a must-add to your list if you are looking for a quality bathroom experience!

Bar shower mixer valves  operate well with a fixed head or slide rail kit with 2 or 3 different outlets. You can add body jets, shower rigid riser kits, or have a fixed head and a separate handheld shower with these valves.

As minute of detail a shower valve may seem, these details combine to give you an accomplished overall feel and comfort to your bath space. Look through our assortment of products and beautify your bathroom with us for an even better experience! At Tapron, we do not compromise the quality of our products and put our customers’ satisfaction before anything.

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