1 Outlet Shower Valve

1 Outlet Shower Valves

1 Outlet Shower Valves

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Black Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve - TapronMatt Black Single Outlet Concealed Shower Mixer Valve - Tapron
Matt Black Single Outlet Concealed Shower Mixer Valve
Sale price$739.00 Regular price$778.00
Save $26.00
AXEL Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve[74651MWH] Single Outlet Thermostatic Shower Valve - Tapron
Save $43.00
Chester Lever Gold Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve, vertical MP 0.5Single Outlet Gold Shower Mixer Valve-Tapron
Single Outlet Gold Shower Mixer Valve
Sale price$813.00 Regular price$856.00
Save $43.00
HIX Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve Brushed Gold Vertical exposed shower valve-tapron
Save $25.00
HIX Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve - Vertical MP 0.5 Thermostatic Concealed Valve - Tapron
Save $42.00
Traditional shower valvesingle outlet shower valve
Save $26.00
AXEL Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve Vertical [74651MBH]Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve - Tapron
Save $42.00
Thermostatic Conceal 1 Outlet Shower Valve -TapronNickel Finish Traditional Single Outlet Thermostatic Shower Valve -Tapron
Save $39.00
concealed thermostatic shower valve-tapron Brushed Stainless Steel 1 outlet shower Valve-Tapron
Save $45.00
Chester Black Lever Thermostatic Conceal 1 Outlet Shower Valve Vertical [GB 85651] Chrome Traditional Wall Mounted Shower Valve with Single Outlet –Tapron
Save $25.00
chrome single outlet thermostatic shower valveconcealed thermostatic shower valve tapron
Vertical 1 outlet Thermostatic Shower Valve
Sale price$487.00 Regular price$512.00
Save $34.00
Chester Lever Single Outlet Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve, Vertical - Chromebest basin taps -Tapron
Save $42.00
Chester Gold Cross Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve, Vertical - TapronChester Gold Cross Thermostatic Concealed 1 Outlet Shower Valve, Vertical
1-Outlet Crosshead Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve- Gold
Sale price$801.00 Regular price$843.00
Save $29.00
Touch Control concealed Shower Valve tapronPush Button Concealed Shower Valve tapron
Save $16.00
Black Pinch Thermostatic Conceal 1 Outlet Shower Valve Verticalconcealed shower valve -Tapron
Save $65.00
round shower head, gold shower arm, thermostatic, shower valve, brushed bath wastebrushed bath waste
Save $62.00
thermostatic shower valve, shower slider rail kitthermostatic shower valve
Save $102.00
bras  bottle trap, slotted basin waste, round shower head, shower arm, 3 hole basin mixer tap, thermostatic shower valve3 hole basin mixer tap
Save $51.00
Gold shower bolt  shower hose-tapronshower hose wall outlet-Tapron
Save $62.00
gold round ceiling shower arm shower head thermostatic 1 outlet shower valvegold thermostatic 1 outlet shower valve
Brushed Brass Thermostatic Shower Set: Round Head & 1 Outlet Valve
Sale price$1,169.00 Regular price$1,231.00
Save $30.00
single lever shower valve, basin mixer tapbasin mixer tap
Save $63.00
Gold round shower head with wall-mounted thermostatic valveGold thermostatic 1-outlet shower valve

1 Outlet Shower Valves

Give your bathroom the luxury it deserves without spending too much time or effort while looking at the right fittings and details. Tapron offers a diverse collection of single outlet concealed shower valves with all the modern features and in a number of designs. These products range greatly from modern to traditional fittings and bring sophistication to an embellished degree.

Concealed shower valves are the most popular type of shower mixer valves. This addition is ideal as it eliminates the problem of exposed pipes ruining your interior design and fulfils its purpose by giving you a neat and uncluttered aura and ambience with spa-like professionalism.

Thermostatic shower valves are a rising trend that has remained timeless because it makes your everyday routine much more manageable. The range of single outlet thermostatic shower valves is ideal if you are looking for a way to regulate water and temperature smoothly through the outlets without unwanted fluctuations.

Advanced ceramic disc technology powers each one of our products and complements its thermostatic operation while also ensuring zero problems of leaks and drips from ruining the overall experience. These shower mixer valves are easy to install and fix and fit well on any surface without ruining the interior, and are provided with hardwearing properties.

The selection of high-quality single outlet concealed thermostatic shower valves we offer are made of sturdy brass construction that makes these adornments ideal for the bath space. It possesses tolerance to rust and corrosion owing to its resistance to moisture and vapour in the bath space, making it a detail you should definitely have for a permanent home solution!

Be it a black, gold, white or gold colour scheme, we offer a range of concealed shower valves to fit well with the persona you wish to add to your space. You also get to choose from a brushed, matt or polished finish depending on the amount of lustre you wish to attribute, making it an entirely enthralling experience.

The valves are designed on a control plate, typically a minimally crafted rectangle base plate in vertical or horizontal orientation with up to four handles for operating your bath overflow fillers, bath taps, shower heads, or riser rails. These handles feature crosshead, lever and square designs and help complete your bath space efficiently without falling short of anything!

Ensure you no longer have to negotiate with the requirements of your home with details as stunning as the concealed shower valves we offer, that ranges greatly from low-pressure fittings to medium and high-pressure systems. It leaves no room for discomfort and can be fixed effortlessly with adaptability to the plumbing systems of all modern homes.

To avoid unwanted inconveniences, it is important that you choose the right products that go well with whichever other products you choose for your bathroom. Installing an outlet for your bath tap ensures that your shower functions normally and that the proper flow of water is maintained at all times. Our collection of thermostatic shower mixer valves delivers an impactful essence to your bath space while serving all these purposes flawlessly.

Your decision to pick a single lever shower valve with us today will boost your bathroom experience into one you have never had before! Apart from the single outlet shower valves, we also offer 2 Outlet Valves and 3 Outlet Valves to match the requirements and prerequisites of your space. With us, you are assured of high-class products with durability and quality.

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Matt Black Shower Head

The Main Component in Your Bathrooms No One Is Telling You About!

An advanced guide to choosing a water pump based on your house structure, for a blissful shower 

Imagine going through every detail you plan for your bathroom. You've chosen the bathroom design, managed to find complementing shower heads, along with hoses, shower arms, radiators, body jets, valves, even the shower waste from the variety of options we offer here at Tapron. But one problem,because you've missed out on the most crucial part of the bathroom design: Pumping, you can blame the gravity, however here is a simple solution: Shower Pumps.

What is the role of Shower Pumps?

Shower pumps are used to increase water pressure in pipes; it can be used to pump out the water and increase the thrust of your shower system. It increases the water volume into the first storage unit where it gets heated (if you have an electric heater). Because of the improved water pressure, shower heads don't dribble and give you the luxurious shower effect you paid them to give!

Pump pressure is measured in bars, where 1 bar ... Read More

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