Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves

Elevate your bathroom's elegance and functionality with our collection of concealed thermostatic shower valves. Expertly designed to merge sophisticated style with cutting-edge performance, these valves are essential for any modern or traditional bathroom setting.  These thermostatic shower valves offer impeccable temperature control, preventing scalding with a precise thermostatic mechanism that maintains...

Elevate your bathroom's elegance and functionality with our collection of concealed thermostatic shower valves. Expertly designed to merge sophisticated style with cutting-edge performance, these valves are essential for any modern or traditional bathroom setting.  These thermostatic shower valves offer impeccable temperature control, preventing scalding with a precise thermostatic mechanism that maintains your desired water temperature, even with fluctuations in water flow. Available in options ranging from single to triple control systems, these valves accommodate a variety of bathroom layouts and preferences, including the popular 2, and 3 outlet models that support multiple functions simultaneously.

Each valve in our collection boasts superior construction with materials like high-quality brass, stainless steel, and options in chrome, black, brushed brass, and nickel finishes. For those with a penchant for luxury, we offer finishes in rose gold, gold, antique gold, and bronze, ensuring that every fixture can match your bathroom's decor and elevate its aesthetic.

Designed for both high and low-pressure systems, our concealed valves ensure optimal performance in any setting. They are available in both modern and traditional designs, from sleek, vertical and horizontal styles to more ornate Victorian and old-fashioned. The choice of exposed or concealed fittings allows for a tailored installation, ensuring a seamless look with hidden pipework for a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

Our dual-function valves not only mix hot and cold water efficiently but also feature diverter options that seamlessly switch flow between bath filler and shower head. This makes them a perfect choice for luxurious baths and powerful showers, all controlled effortlessly with stylish lever or crosshead handles. For those seeking bespoke luxury, the designer range of thermostatic valves offers an array of custom features including multi-function settings, allowing you to create a personalized shower experience that feels bespoke to your preferences and needs.

Whether you are refurbishing a classic bathroom or installing a contemporary suite, our thermostatic shower valves provide the perfect blend of safety, luxury, and design. With Tapron, expect nothing less than the best in luxury, where every detail is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. Explore our selection today and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style with the best concealed thermostatic shower valves on the market.


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Shower valves are an integral part of modern bathroom design, offering functionality and sleek aesthetics. At Tapron, we offer the best concealed showers in an array of rich tones and finishes to reward every homeowner with a unique persona and individual taste for their space. These fixtures help regulate smooth water flow and temperature regulation in any space, adorned with advanced features including leakproof functionality powered by ceramic disc cartridges and family-friendly thermostatic features. Durability is balanced by brass and stainless steel construction which drastically increases the span of the product.

The basic functionality of our assortment of designer shower valves can be broadly understood as controlling flow and regulating temperature. Precisely balancing water flow and temperature is a pivotal function of these valves. By seamlessly blending hot and cold water in accurate proportions, these fixtures ensure that users can luxuriate in showers at their preferred temperature without encountering the risk of scalding or discomfort.

The inclusion of modern and traditional shower valves also empowers users to fine-tune the rate at which water emerges from the outlet. This functionality grants individuals the ability to personalise their shower experience, ranging from a gentle trickle to a vigorous stream of water, depending on their preferences. Understand your investment and your home’s shower system with our blog: GUIDE TO TYPES OF SHOWER VALVE

Understanding Concealed Shower Valves

A concealed shower mixer valve is installed within the wall, concealing all plumbing connections behind a sleek facade. This design choice contributes to a clean, uncluttered appearance in the shower area, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. The key difference between exposed and concealed structures is visibility, where in the external valve design, the whole structure is installed on the wall surface rather than recessed into it.

Unlike exposed shower valves, which may have separate controls for hot and cold water, a recessed shower valve typically features a single unit that blends hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature. These controls are offered by the handles that vary in designs of crossheads, levers, squares and round knobs, devised with dual or triple controls. Two-tones, intricate lettering and minimal lines in styles are offered diversely and are completed with rectangular base plates in vertical and horizontal orientation that help conceal the pipeworks.

The triple-handle concealed shower mixer includes a diverter, which allows users to switch between different shower outlets such as a handheld showerhead and an overhead shower. This selection is popular owing to its space-saving properties while safety is enhanced by the thermostatic controls that allows a comfortable and relaxing routine.

Concealed shower valve problems may include accessibility issues compared to exposed designs as these are installed within the wall cavity, making them less accessible for maintenance and repairs. However, regular maintenance, including cleaning, flushing the valve, and replacing worn-out components, can help prevent issues and prolong the lifespan of the selection.

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Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valves

Tapron’s concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve is defined by streamlined profiles and comfort with thermostatic precision. One of the standout features of this range is their ability to maintain precise temperature control. Equipped with advanced thermostatic technology, these valves ensure that the water temperature remains constant throughout the shower, regardless of fluctuations in the water supply. The thermostatic control enhances comfort while prioritising safety by preventing sudden spikes or drops in water temperature.

The recessed shower mixer valve selection maximises space utilisation in the shower area, ideal for bathrooms with limited square footage. By eliminating visible plumbing fixtures, concealed designs contribute to a clean, minimalist aesthetic while optimising functionality. The separate controls for water flow and temperature allow individuals to easily adjust the settings to achieve their desired level of comfort and relaxation. With universal suitability, these valves can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of modern shower fixtures, including rain showerheads, body jets, and handheld shower wands.

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Importance of Investing in Quality Outlet Valves

Comfort in daily use: The accessibility in controlling water flow and temperature allows users to tailor their shower experience to their preferences, enhancing comfort and relaxation. Whether someone prefers a refreshing blast of cold water or a soothing, warm shower, the valve enables them to achieve the desired level of comfort with the simple press of a button or lever.

Water Conservation: The concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve is equipped with features designed to promote water conservation, such as flow restrictors or eco-friendly settings. By controlling water flow efficiently, it helps reduce water wastage without compromising the quality of the shower experience.

Functionality and Convenience: A properly functioning concealed shower mixer ensures smooth operation and hassle-free routines. Malfunctions are eliminated with the suitability to most standard plumbing systems which prevents issues such as low water pressure, inconsistent temperatures, or leaks, disrupting the showering experience and causing inconvenience for users.



How to Maintain Your Shower Valve: A Comprehensive Guide

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Comparing Shower Valves: Why Concealed Thermostatic Models Stand Out

Explore the advantages of choosing concealed thermostatic shower valves for your bathroom. This blog delves into their aesthetic appeal, temperature stability, enhanced safety, water efficiency, and durability. Learn how these features make concealed thermostatic models a superior choice for modern homes, ensuring a luxurious and safe showering experience. Tapron UK offers a wide selection to complement any bathroom design, highlighting why these models stand out in the market.


The Top 10 Hidden Benefits of Concealed Shower Valves

Explore the top 10 hidden benefits of concealed shower valves, including sleek aesthetics, space maximization, customizable design, enhanced durability, and easy cleaning. These valves also reduce noise, increase home value, prevent leaks, offer thermostatic control, and are future-proof, making them a smart choice for any bathroom renovation. Discover how concealed shower valves can transform your bathroom into a more functional and stylish space with Tapron UK.