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Guide to Types of Shower Valves

by Cherry K 12 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Guide to Types of  Shower Valves

If you decide it's time to replace your shower, you will probably stump as to where to begin, particularly when selecting a shower valve. With so many different shower valves to choose from, it's no surprise that deciding on the best one can be difficult.


There are many styles of shower valves, including modern and traditional, exposed, concealed, manual, and thermostatic, as well as one, two, and three outlets - it's no wonder it's not an easy choice! You must also ensure that it matches your shower head and is compatible with your home's water system.

What is a Shower Valve?

Shower valves, like the tap on your sink, are used to control the flow of water. They come in various styles to match a wide range of shower fittings, making it simple to choose one that matches your bathroom.

Exposed Shower Valves

Unlike a concealed shower valve with hidden working elements, an exposed shower valve is often a horizontal bar outside the wall and contains all of the functioning parts. It doesn't have as nice a look, but it's usually less expensive to buy and install.

If you have solid brick walls and can't install a concealed shower valve, exposed shower valves are an excellent option. They are quicker and easier to install because only the hot and cold water pipe feeds, not the entire valve, need to be 'chasing in' within the wall.

Another thing to remember is that concealed valves can be mounted on a wall far distant from the outlet they regulate. In other words, you could put the shower valve on one wall and then place your shower kit (slide rail, fixed head, etc.) on the other wall. You don't have as much flexibility with an exposed shower valve because the length of the shower hose limits you.

Our exposed shower valves come in various sizes and styles, all with simple installation and useful features. The exposed shower mixer valves come with attractive spout styles such as curved spout, waterfall spout, fixed, and straight design exposed shower mixers, with everything your bathroom will ever require. These shower valves have a delicate brass construction that avoids leaks that could cause a bathroom disaster.

The exposed thermostatic shower valves can provide a steady flow while complying with the water pressure requirements thanks to the two tap hole exits. Shower valves come in a variety of sizes and can withstand up to 0.2 bar of water pressure. The exposed bar shower valves provide a modern look to your bathroom and have the same features as a thermostatic mixer tap.

Below are some benefits of the exposed shower valve:

  • Installing is quicker and easier.
  • More cost-effective than a hidden valve
  • Designs in both modern and traditional styles are available.
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