Shower Heads

Shower Heads

Shower Heads

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HIX Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Matt Black FinishHIX Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Matt Black

HIX Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Matt Black Finish

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Vos Round Gold Shower Head, 250mm - Brushed Brass Finishbathroom shower head
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HIX Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Brushed Brass FinishHIX 250mm Fixed Shower Head - Brushed Brass Finish, MP 0.5

HIX Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Brushed Brass Finish

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Matt Black Shower Head with Rainfall Spray - 300mmoverhead shower head

Matt Black Shower Head with Rainfall Spray - 300mm

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Inox Stainless Steel Slim Round Fixed Rain Shower Head, 200mmEasy-To-Clean Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Slim Round Fixed Rain Shower Head, HP 1, Height 6mm x Projection 200mm
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VOS Round Fixed Shower Head, 250mm - Matt Black FinishVOS Round 250mm Fixed Showerhead
Save £19.90
VOS Round Fixed Shower Head, 200mm - Matt Black FinishVOS Round 200mm Fixed Shower Head - Matt Black , MP 0.5 [28200MB]
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Stylish Ultra-Thin Round Rainfall Shower Head, 400mm - Chrome Tapronmodern shower heads
Save £720.00
Aquamist Recessed Shower Head with Mist Cascade & Rain Function, 450mmmodern shower heads
Save £52.00
Dual Function Toxcana High-Pressure Shower Head with Waterfall & Rain Effect TapronShower Head Technical Drawing
Save £12.50
Stylish Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Mini Best Water Saving Shower Head With Easy Cleaning Nozzles, HP 1, Height 69mm x Projection 89mm [IX555]waterfall shower head
Save £42.00
Inox Ceiling Mounted Shower Head, 300mm - Stainless SteelInox Ceiling-Mounted Shower Head - Stainless Steel
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Ultra-Thin Low-Pressure Square Shower Head With Silicon Nozzles, 250mmwaterfall shower head
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Contemporary Square Shower Head with Chrome Finish, HP2 - 300mmSquare 300mm Overhead Shower
Save £41.00
Brass Ceiling Mounted Round Overhead Shower, 300mm - Chromeoverhead shower head[WRAS Approved Product]
Save £9.80
Contemporary Overhead Square Shower Head, HP 1 - 230mmContemporary Overhead Square Shower Head
Save £14.00
Ceiling Mounted Round Shower Head with Single Function - 125mmCeiling Mounted Round Shower Head Technical Drawing
Save £27.00
Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Ceiling Shower Head - 300mmwall mounted shower head
Save £26.60
Ultra-Thin Square Waterfall Shower Head, 200mm - Chrome Finishoverhead shower head
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Ultra-Slim Low-Pressure Shower Head Crafted from Premium Brass, 400mmoverhead shower head
Save £33.80
Ultra-Thin Best Water Saving Shower Head, 200mm - Chrome FinishSquare Ultra-Thin Best Water Saving Shower Head
Save £44.20
Glide Stylish Ultra-Thin Round Rain Shower Head, 300mm - Chromewall mounted shower head[WRAS Approved Product]

Shower Heads

The perfect shower space comes with a wide assortment of products that are incorporated together to give you the feel of a classic and luxurious bath. This includes the showerheads, which may seem like a small detail but greatly affects the quality of bath experience that you will have. 

We offer a wide range of products ranging from ceiling mounted to wall mounted shower heads adorned with a good quality and ensured with maximum functionality.

Our Premium shower heads come with a stunning hard-brassware construction, high resistance to rust and corrosion. These overhead showers are devised to bring only the best with adjustability to any water pressure and free water flow. This can also be found in our waterfall shower heads that give rainfall effect with maximum body coverage for a fresh and pleasant shower anytime you want!

Some of these showersheads come with LED functions, a great pick with colour adjustability controls if you want to attribute a mod and fancy essence  to your shower!

We also have traditional shower heads that add a tinge of elegance and vintage feel with its brushed and lustrous finish designed with precision and reassuring quality. Talking about our modern shower heads, they add a more trendy look with their compact and neat designs and suitability to the water pressure of your homes.

Browse through our extensive collection of shower heads made of the finest materials for the best bathroom experience you deserve! Whether you are looking for a gold shower head or a square shower head, we have a crafted selection of timeless designs to fit best with all your bathroom needs. With us, the choices you get are endless. You name them; we have them for you!

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Water saving shower handles

Help the Planet - Water Saving Shower Heads

There's nothing very like an unwinding, hot shower in the wake of a difficult day's worth of effort. Nonetheless, as fantastic as it believes, it's also expensive — both on the climate and the wallet. The EPA gauges that showers represent almost 17% of indoor water use for the typical family, nearly 40 gallons each day. Introducing a low-stream shower head can assist with decreasing water utilization and thus, help save money on energy and water bills. 

Water saving showerheads 

The typical shower in the UK is the most recent 8 minutes, and in that time, an expected 60 litres of water is utilized.

Somewhere else in our water-saving area, we take a gander at conduct transforms you can make to utilize less water when you are in the shower. Yet, a water-saving showerhead is an answer that you can introduce in your shower to decrease the measure of water you use significantly. 

How do water saving showerheads work... Read More

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