Shower Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels

Shower Wall Panels

PVC Ceiling Panel Glossy White 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP26WH]
PVC Ceiling Panel White Sparkle 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP26WS]
PVC Ceiling Panel White Marble 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP24WM]
PVC Wall Shower Panel Ivory White Marble 2400x1000x10mm [TRWP24WM ]
PVC Ceiling Panel Travertine Marble 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP24TM]
PVC Ceiling Panel Beige Marble 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP24BM ]
PVC Ceiling Panel Grey Marble 2600x1000x5mm [TRCP24GM]
PVC Wall Shower Panel Glossy White 2400x1000x10mm [TRWP24WH]
Black Sparkle PVC Shower Wall Panel 2400x1000x10mm [TRWP24BS]
Bathroom Wall Panel White Sparkle 2400x1000x10mm [TRWP24WS]
White Sparkle PVC Wall Panel
Sale price$137.00
Shower Ceiling Panels Starter Cap PVC  – White [TRWS2600]
H Joint for Ceiling Panels – White [TRHJOINT2600]
H Joint PVC Shower Wall Panels - Multiple ColoursH Joint PVC Shower Wall Panels - Multiple Colours
H Joint PVC Shower Wall Panels - Multiple Colours
Sale priceFrom $32.00
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Shower Wall Panels

If you are here to add an elegant touch to your bathroom but need an alternative that serves the same purpose and appeal as a bathroom tile, we have a list of products for you! Tapron’s diversified collection of shower wall panels bring a trendy finish to your shower space and are marked with incredible practicality.

These bathroom panels are made while keeping in mind the various needs of your shower. The beige marble, black sparkle, gray marble, and travertine marble are some choices from this collection. These PVC bathroom wall panels are further classified into a mix of colors that you can choose from!

The best part about choosing your bathroom shower panels with Tapron is that it not only makes your shower space look sophisticated and furnished but comes with remarkable waterproof qualities! The waterproof shower panels protect your walls from unwanted stains and damages and are relatively easy to clean as well; this means that you have a neat and polished looking bathroom all year throughout. With a size dimension of 2400x1000 and 2600x1000, you can choose a design and size without negotiating with your space.

The stylish and upscale bath panels will make your walk-in shower look more sensational than it already is, and it adds a lush element to the overall quality of your space. To further add to the ambience and feel of your bath, we also offer corner shower wall panels that can be used to cover any gap while installing your shower panels. It not only makes your bath space look more exquisite but also leaves no room for unwanted corners and edges. Our corner shower panels are made available in white and silver finishes enhanced with watertight fixing and are relatively easy to clean and maintain!

Shop for your bathroom preferences by picking from our pristine collection of shower panels and pairing it with an equally elegant corner shower wall panel today!

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Shower Enclosures, Concealed Shower Sets

Shower Enclosures

Gold Frame Shower Enclosures

Walk-in showers and shower enclosures mark themselves as essential elements in the bathroom ideas you can add to your bath space. Shower enclosures not only make your bathroom look spacious but also creates the illusion of a bigger space. It also adds a touch of adornment and style to your bathroom, and this is why you should add a walk-in shower to your bathroom today! The bathroom cubicles with a touch of gold will undoubtedly heighten the look of your bathroom by adding an appealing and aesthetic value to your bathroom interior. At Tapron, we offer you a list of the best walk-in shower enclosures with just the right tinge of gold that will make your bathroom look classy and in vogue.

Wetroom Brushed Brass Frame Shower Enclosure

The best part about installing a wet room in your bath space is how much it boosts the overall visuals and elevates the quality of the interior. Walk-in shower enclosures like the Read More

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