Shower Hoses

Shower Hoses

Shower Hoses

Chrome Plated, Metal Hose 1.50m - Tapron
Gold Shower Hoseshower hose in brushed brass- Tapron
Matt Black PVC Shower hoseShower Hose Matt Black-Tapron
matt black shower hose 1.5 mMatt Black Shower Hose 1.5m-Tapron
Shower Hose Matt Black 1.5m
Sale price$78.00
1.50 m brushed black shower hoseShower Hose Brushed Black -Tapron
Save $6.00
1.75m Shower hose
Shower hose, 12mm bore, blister packaging, LP 0.2 [Hose9]
Sale price$24.00 Regular price$30.00
Save $5.00
Shower hose, 1.75m, 10mm bore, blister packaging, LP 0.2 [Hose1]
Save $4.00
Shower hose, 1.25m, 10mm bore, blister packaging, LP 0.2
Plastic Coated Shower Hose 16m
Plastic Coated Shower Hose 1.25m
Chrome Plated , Metal Hose, 1.25m - Tapron
Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Shower Hose - 1500mm Stainless Steel Flexible Shower Hose-Tapron
Save $104.00
Gold wall-mounted shower arm, handset, diverter, and hoseshower handset with single flow
Save $15.00
bath shower handset, flexible shower hose, shower outlet elbowshower handset for bath
Brushed Brass Shower Handset Kit with Hose and Outlet Elbow
Sale price$275.00 Regular price$290.00
Save $7.00
Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose 1.5MFlexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose 1.5M
Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose 1.5M
Sale price$16.00 Regular price$23.00

Shower Hoses

If you are looking for trendy bathroom ideas and want to renovate your bathroom space, you are at the right place! We are here to help you create a bathroom that looks not only good but also feels good! A shower hose may seem like a minute detail but choosing one that comes with excellent quality dramatically boosts the overall functionality of your bath space.

Our collection of shower hoses come with a uniquely crafted polished chrome finish made of sturdy brassware. The sturdy material leaves no room for corrosion or rusting and is designed to serve long-term purposes. The minimalist and simplistic design of the flexible shower hoses decorates your home space with a compact and neat design. Fashioned to be paired with shower valves and handsets, these products ensure smooth water flow and prevent unwanted blockages and clogging.

These shower hoses can also be used with our other products like the douche kits and shower handsets which helps create a timeless and minimalist look to your bath space. Adjusted for any water pressure requirements, the high pressure shower hose ensures that your bathroom reality is just as pleasant.

We offer Shower hoses in a variety of finishes, lengths and colours including gold shower hose, black shower hose and extra long shower hose up to 1.6 metres for comfort and convenience.  

These designed shower hoses for bath taps are assured with a generous manufacturer’s guarantee. We do not compromise with even the smallest details. Be it a shower head with hose and even the smallest bathroom accessory detail, we strive to deliver the best!

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Water saving shower handles

Help the Planet - Water Saving Shower Heads

There's nothing very like an unwinding, hot shower in the wake of a difficult day's worth of effort. Nonetheless, as fantastic as it believes, it's also expensive — both on the climate and the wallet. The EPA gauges that showers represent almost 17% of indoor water use for the typical family, nearly 40 gallons each day. Introducing a low-stream shower head can assist with decreasing water utilization and thus, help save money on energy and water bills. 

Water saving showerheads 

The typical shower in the UK is the most recent 8 minutes, and in that time, an expected 60 litres of water is utilized.

Somewhere else in our water-saving area, we take a gander at conduct transforms you can make to utilize less water when you are in the shower. Yet, a water-saving showerhead is an answer that you can introduce in your shower to decrease the measure of water you use significantly. 

How do water saving showerheads work... Read More

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