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Douche Kits

Douche Kits

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Gold Douche Kit with Cold and Hot Manual Operation - Brushed Brass Finish, MP 0.5VOS Douche Kit with Manual Cold and Hot Operation - Brushed Brass Finish
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Black Douche Spray Kitblack_douche_spray
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Thermostatic wall mounted douche valve for douche kitThermostatic Douche Valve - Chrome Finish

Thermostatic Douche Valve - Chrome Finish

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Stainless Steel Douche Spray Kit with Hose and Wall Bracket - Brushed Steel FinishInox Pure Stainless Steel Round Shower Douche Set with Handset and Bracket HP1, Height 109mm x Projection 55mm

Douche Kits


 Douche Kits, along with bidets, have become more and more popular in the UK as they are considered very hygienic worldwide. This Douche kit is Safe and easy to use and contributes to the most hygienic way of using your bidet. They are used regularly all around the globe in hotels and residences.


The sensation of a warm shower is pleasing to the senses, but for some people it can be a little too much. If you have sensitive skin, have never used a douche, or just don’t enjoy being in an overly-hot environment then a shower douche spray kit with temperature control is perfect for you.





A douche shower spray contains some of the same features as your average tap-based douches but it specializes in water flow and temperature control. When using douche toilet spray, there is no need to worry about the hot water from your douche spray kit irritating your skin or making you feel uncomfortably hot.     








This unique douche valve kit of a douche and a shower head will enable you to get rid of all of the unwanted bacteria and germs on your body, while at the same time providing you with a refreshing feeling. douche kit with thermostatic valve comes with an adjustable temperature for easy convenience,







The thermostatic douche spray kit is perfect for anyone who needs some time to relax and destress from their daily routine and is a great option for anyone who wants to get an instant clean.



The black bidet spray for toilet in this douche trigger spray kit is controlled by the user with a simple twist of the knob. All you need to do is give it a quick twist, then you are ready for your next cleaning.


The douche kit for toilet with spray has a high-quality, adjustable flexible nozzle that can be set at any angle to suit your needs. The hose is also extra-long so you can adjust the distance from your body as needed. This hose also features a secondary setting so you can use it as a conventional shower head if desired.

The quality of the water for douche is the most important thing when it comes to douches, and that’s why we sell such a high-quality douche bidet spray such as this bathroom douche spray, hand held bidet spray comes in bidet spray gold, black douche spray.

The toilet douche spray with douche valve is very convenient to use. It features a shower head and a valve for attaching it to your toilet. The spray bidet kit will make your bathroom clean and fresh.


Many of our douche shower kits are coupled with the handset and hose, and hence need connecting to a shower valve.


Douche kit includes reusable components, 2-quart capacity, and compact design. At Tapron, all of our douche kits and valves come at highly discounted prices, and they all come with extended guarantees as well.

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