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4 Best Bathroom Radiators And Heated Towel Rail Options For Your Stylish Home

by Aarushi Bhaumik 04 Feb 2021 0 Comments
4 Best Bathroom Radiators And Heated Towel Rail Options For Your Stylish Home

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Thinking about installing a stylish Radiator or Heated Towel Rail for your home? Well, we've shortlisted 4 of the best types of radiators for you!

It is smart to invest in a heating solution for your bathroom to perform efficiently for a long time. So, when selecting such a high-quality radiator for your bathroom, think durability, function, and style. Only the best radiators and heated towel rails are built with this perfect combination. Our radiators do just that! The range of radiators at Tapron give you more than just an efficient heating solution for your bathroom. These fine-finish, premium-quality, heated towel rails or radiators also offer a unique and luxurious vibe to your bathroom space.

Made by the industry's best designers, these radiators have been crafted keeping your comfort and taste in mind. You will find the perfect radiator for your home that not just complements, but also enhances your home's overall decor. At Tapron, you can pick your favourite model from a stunning selection of contemporary designs. These radiators also come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and price ranges. The entire range of radiators is made from high-quality stainless steel and has excellent heat conduction. Every model also comes with an impressive 15-years manufacturer's guarantee.

So, here are the 4 best bathroom radiators or heated towel options, we've narrowed down for you!

The Elite Matte Black Radiators

The beauty of elite range of Matte Black Radiators is that they bring a superior edge to any space they're installed. These vertical radiators are perfect for any home decor - modern or traditional. They are the go-to bathroom radiator options for minimalist spaces. Whether it's your bathroom, hallway or even your bedroom, these high-quality designer radiators blend beautifully against every colour palette. Super sturdy and durable, this range of black beauties will bring the edge to any space. The most popular radiator from this elite designer range is the HIX Stainless Steel Vertical Matt Black Radiator. This beauty comes with the whole package - high-quality, adequate heating, excellent durability, and an astounding aesthetic appeal.

The Bold and Brushed Black Radiators

The bold tone and sleek aesthetic it brings to the room give these range of Brushed Black designer radiators range its edge. These premium-grade, high-quality radiators seamlessly enhance the overall look of areas that surround them. They blend beautifully against any dark shaded interior and looking strikingly stylish against lighter shades. The most popular of this range and our personal favourite is the CLEO Stainless Steel Vertical Brushed Black Radiator model. Its uber-stylish contemporary design makes it the perfect fit for any superior modern decor. This magnificent vertical radiator, made from the best materials, offers complete value for money and adds elegance to any space it is installed.

 The Timeless Metallic Gold Radiators

This premium range of heated towel rails and radiators with a timeless metallic gold body is a traditional home owner's delight. Made from top-grade materials, and available in a vast range of sizes, these tested and certified bathroom radiators, have a gold sheen that stands out beautifully against lighter shades. With impressive heat outputs, this range of gold brushed brass radiators come with all the accessories needed for installation. The most popular of the metallic gold radiators range, is the VOS Stainless Steel Vertical Brushed Brass Radiator. With a trendy satin finish look, this model is the perfect, stylish, and affordable addition for your traditional home. It goes perfectly in homes with a Victorian decor or a cosy vibe.

 The Classy Chrome Radiators

These chrome radiators and heated towel rails are the epitomai of class. Extending a luxurious vibe to your modern and trendy home with these sleek beauties brings the edge to your space. Their reflective surface offers a clean and classy look to any space and makes the room look larger. This is also what makes it extremely popular among interior designers. The bestseller from the chrome radiators range is undoubtedly the CLEO Stainless Steel Chrome Radiator. Made entirely from premium-grade stainless steel, a chrome finish, and a lightweight design, this model is perfect for plasterboard installation. With reduced water usage, and quick heat production and dispersion, at its core, this chrome radiator comes with the ultimate promise of durability, efficiency, and class.

So go ahead and pick your favourite from our impressive range of radiator valves and traditional heated towel rails, to add a unique style statement to your home. You can also shop to your heart's content from Tapron's other exciting luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories.

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