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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Buying Guide

by Globo 22 Dec 2022 0 Comments
LED Mirror Cabinet

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It is very well understood why bathroom mirror cabinets are one of the most liked and best-selling bathroom necessities: since in a bathroom, adequate storage and a functional mirror are needed, this component combines these applications turning out to be one of the handiest handy fixtures people can have in their bathrooms. They are not only useful, but they also make a statement in terms of design since the mirror catches the eye easily making them the centre of attention in the area. 

It's vital to get the correct mirror cabinet for your purposes since it may truly tie a room's decor and layout together. Here are some things to think about while choosing the ideal option for your bathroom from among the many lovely mirrored bathroom cabinets that are offered at Tapron.


Bathroom Mirror Cabinet


Why Bathroom Cabinets are so much in demand

Bathroom mirror cabinets may cover all the junk that we don't want other people to see and are useful for spaces that lack storage. They also provide a clean and modern appearance.

They provide symmetry in the area by visually balancing a row of washroom furnishings beneath.

To create a harmonious interior design, you may integrate the cabinet finish with the materials used throughout the space.

Without giving up on either side, they offer storage, contemplation, functionality or the best of both worlds!

Things to Consider While Buying a Mirror Cabinet

1. Cabinet Size

First, think about how big the bathroom is. Perhaps it should go without saying, but smaller spaces typically call for smaller mirrors or furniture units. For smaller bathrooms and ensuites, a slimline mirror cabinet is frequently the ideal option. 

Slimline bathroom mirror cabinets provide your bath space a smooth, modern appearance that, depending on the style, may work with both classic and modern designs. If this is high on your list of objectives, be sure to look at mirror bathroom cabinets that provide additional features.

Bathroom-Mirror-Cabinet-with-Light Tapron

If space is limited, there are many possibilities for all bathrooms, including corner cabinets, ones with sliding doors, and inset units, sunken into the wall. Single slimline mirror cabinets are also available, which are smaller both in depth and breadth. The bathroom shall have a sleek, modern, and large look while yet having great lighting and internal storage space thanks to recessed or semi-recessed cabinets

2. Storage Space

The size of the bathroom mirror cabinet may well be determined by the layout and size of your bathroom, but having enough storage is typically always a good idea if you have the room. If it is a family bathroom, this is especially true. If the mirrored cabinet is to be wall mounted, make sure it isn't too broad or too close to a neighbouring wall or shower screen, as these conditions might prevent the doors from opening.

3.Power Source

It's crucial to remember that cabinets with lighting or shaver plugs must be placed close to a power supply. Always call a professional if you're doubtful regarding the same!


The majority of our bathroom mirror cabinets will need to be connected to your main supply, therefore you will need an electrician's assistance. Please verify that your supply can give the 240V that our bathroom cabinets need in order to operate at their peak efficiency to prevent dissatisfaction.


You can also go in for a battery-operated mirrored bathroom cabinet if you want to forgo the procedure of hooking your equipment to your mains supply. All of these require 8xAA batteries, however by doing it this way, you won't need to engage an electrician and can finish the installation fast and independently.

4. Additional Features

a) Infra-Red/Motion Sensors

The infra-red feature is a motion sensor feature that enables the users to operate the item without touching it since the motion sensor devices sense the presence of the user and enables the item’s function automatically.

b)  Heated Demister Pads

The heated pads are a great invention as they heated up the mirror slightly so that moisture that settles onto the surface of the mirror evaporates thus allowing no steam to cover the mirror.

c)  The Bluetooth Feature

The bluetooth feature installed in bathroom mirrors allows you to connect your tablet/laptop/phone to the speakers in the mirror without the help of any wires.

Types of Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

1). Illuminated Mirror Cabinets

A bathroom mirror cabinet shall fill the area with the perfect amount of brightness and create the appearance that it is larger since mirrors reflect light. However, an additional light source is almost always necessary in bathrooms, so many of our mirrored bathroom cabinets also come with built-in lights.

Tapron Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

The light can be directed using spotlight-style downlighters or a more diffuse LED strip type. Led bathroom mirror cabinet use is essential for activities like shaving, applying makeup, and other personal grooming.

The illuminated bathroom mirrors  must be installed by a licensed electrician, but it is unquestionably worthwhile to have all that really useful light right where it is most needed. Some units also come with helpful interior lighting and downlights that illuminate the sink area under the mirror cabinet.

2). Non-Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

You might want to choose a non-illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet if your bathroom receives a lot of natural light. These bathroom mirror cabinets may blend in effortlessly with more classic decor while yet looking wonderfully futuristic. The reduction in your power cost is still another benefit that the non-illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets provide while giving the user the best of luxury nonetheless!

3). Cabinets with Infra-Red/Motion Sensors

No matter how gorgeous your bathroom looks, the surface of your cabinets has a high tendency to accumulate dirt. Because of this, we can incorporate infrared sensors inside our cabinets, enabling you to access all of your additional functions without ever touching the surface of your item. No need to touch the mirror thanks to the infrared sensor at the bottom right.

Tapron mirror cabinet with infrared sensor, demister and shaver socket

Infrared sensor bathroom mirrors give your bathroom a contemporary feel while also impressing your visitors. With just a brush of the palm, you can turn on an illuminated bathroom mirror while marvelling at a switch- and button-free existence! Infrared sensors are common in bathroom mirrors, and they frequently come with additional helpful functions.

4). Demister Mirror Cabinet

Heated demister pads, which are common in many of our mirror cabinets, instantly solve the problem of a steaming mirror by softly but effectively clearing the mist, allowing you to use your cabinet again shortly after taking a shower enabling you to cut back on the additional bit of time you spend on your morning ritual.
You'll wonder how you ever got by without one after using a heated bathroom mirror cabinet. We have a wide selection of steam-free mirrors that are equipped with demister pads, so you won't have to wait for the mirror to clear before using it.

5). Mirror Cabinets with Shaver Socket

The average guy spends slightly over an hour each week shaving, which is considerably simpler when all of the necessary supplies are placed in one location. Because illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets need to be wired into the mains for operation, they frequently have an integrated shaver plug.

There is a decent selection of contemporary, fashionable illuminated, and demister bathroom mirror cabinets with shaver socket at Tapron that shall transform your bathroom into an absolute trendsetter!

6). Cabinets with Magnifying Glasses

For those morning bathroom practices, magnifying mirror cabinets are ideal since they provide the users with a clear magnified image making it immensely easy to view themselves instead of straining their eyes to do the same! To make getting ready even simpler and save you time and effort in the morning, many of our designs offer both a plain side and a magnifying side.

7). Cabinets with Bluetooth Speakers

Use a Bluetooth bathroom cabinet to perk up your morning shower. Bluetooth speakers that are fitted into your bathroom mirror will allow you to stream music directly from your phone while leaving your phone dry in a different room and getting ready for the day.
Illuminated bluetooth bathroom cabinet
There is a song for every situation, whether you want a rousing hit to get you going in the morning or a calming tune to help you relax at night. Music enhances your bathroom experience no matter what kind you choose, which is why we provide a selection of Bluetooth bathroom cabinets that let you securely play your favourite tunes without having to get out of the tub.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Colour Options

1. Black Mirror Cabinets

Black is always a classy option to go in for if you want a cabinet that fills your bathroom with a modern touch and vogue. Black mirror bathroom cabinets shall always look the best in brighter bathrooms.  If you have a bathroom décor that has lighter hues, you can always opt for a black mirror cabinet to balance the colour scheme of your bathroom making it look tastefully done up!

2. White Mirror Cabinets

Well, the colour white is a classic colour and the safest colour option to go in for if you are confused or unsure about which colour bathroom cabinet shall suit your bathroom the best.
This colour is known to brighten up the area since it reflects light, thus if you have a bathroom that lacks brightness, choosing a white bathroom mirror cabinet is the best deal!

3. Grey Mirror Cabinets

Grey is the first colour that comes into one’s mind when we are talking about the most minimalist colours of all. Thus, if you wish to add a subtle and minimalistic look to your bathroom that smoothly blends in with the rest of your décor, a grey bathroom mirror cabinet is the right fixture to go in for since it shall never seem too tacky or too dull by any chance thereby elevating the looks of your bathroom in the most graceful way!

Where to Place a Mirror Cabinet in the Bathroom

We suggest being extra mindful while picking the exact point to install your bathroom mirror, especially the mirror cabinet since there always exists the risk of the doors banging with the mirror cabinets and as a result damaging them. Make sure you have enough to around the mirror/mirror cabinet and take the size of the door into consideration before fixing the bathroom wall-mirror.
bathroom-mirror-cabinet-with-light - Tapron

When analysing the placement of your bathroom from an aesthetic point of you, in order to make your bathroom look more charming and well-planned look for a place right opposite to the bathroom’s entrance to make sure that it's not the side of the mirror cabinet that one sees when entering the bathroom, but sees the elegant front side instead!

Another important thing to consider is the ratios of your bathroom fixtures and furniture before you decide the size of the mirror you require. To ensure all your furniture in the bathroom is strealines, as a rule of thumb, make sure that the mirror isn’t greater in width than the width of the furniture that shall stand below it. This shall leave your bathroom looking highly immaculate and tastefully decorated. You needn’t worry much about this in case of wall-to-wall mirrors.

Maintaining a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

With a little assistance, our mirrored cabinets may continue to appear brand new even after the lengthy manufacturer’s guarantees they come with have passed. When you clean a mirror, it might seem like you are caught in an endless loop because each time you remove one streak, two more appear in its place. Use cotton buds to remove any little amounts of dirt, toothpaste, etc., then a microfiber cloth to clean the whole surface. 

Instead of using harsh chemicals, try natural cleaning agents like water and vinegar for even better results. Strong cleaning solutions, particularly ones containing ammonia, harm your mirror by removing the top layer and exposing black streaks.

Shop Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet at Tapron

Our bathroom mirror cabinets were made with a lot of love, and we hope you'll cherish them enough to keep them gleaming for years to come. In addition to maximising your storage and enhancing the space in your bathrooms, cabinets behind mirrors are a terrific method to effortlessly access your bathroom basics, toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products. When you share a home or a room with someone else, these bathroom cabinets come in quite handy. The bathroom mirror cabinets at Tapron are crafted with great care and premium materials to guarantee their sturdiness and lifespan.

View our selection of mirrored bathroom cabinets and get the best of deals today!
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