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What is a concealed cistern?

by Globo 17 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Dual Flush Concealed Cistern

Aesthetics have been permeating our entire lifestyle. Be it the perfect cup of coffee or the perfect dining table, everyone wants our possessions to define a part of our personality. It indeed helps by adding a state of uniformity in our lives, and it also makes us stand out.

Your house speaks for you, and the way you decorate it should speak for itself. If you are somebody who is into the clean look, or into minimalism, the concealed cisterns speak your language. 

A concealed cistern is a part of your toilet mechanism, and as the name suggests, it is hidden. The cistern part of the toilet refers to the flush tank, and the tools behind it. A concealed toilet cistern system has these parts hidden away inside the wall, so that you can only see the toilet seat.

In easy terms, a concealed WC cistern has only the WC part visible, and whatever you cannot see is a part of the hidden toilet cistern.

A toilet concealed cistern is a revolutionary idea in the field of toilet and sanitation. It has multiple benefits, but before going to that, you need to know, what is a concealed cistern exactly?

What Is a Concealed Cistern

The regular toilets that you might be familiar with usually have the cistern visible, and attached to your toilet seat. It is the part right behind you, and seems like a small tank with the entire flushing system connected to it. 
A concealed cistern, as you can tell, is stowed away in your walls, so that you cannot see it.

toilet concealed cistern

You might be wondering how you can have a toilet with a concealed cistern, especially when the ones that you have seen are structured that way. However, toilet technology is coming up with new inventions every day, and now we have concealed cisterns for toilets that are actually slim enough to fit inside the thinnest wall of your house! 

You can now have a slimline concealed cistern that is smaller and lighter than the regular systems you might be familiar with. These are well-equipped with new technology that will make toilet usage a breeze for everybody.
If you are about to install a concealed cistern unit in your toilet, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. We have highlighted it all, along with all answers to your possible queries in this blog, so keep reading.

C. How Does a Concealed Cistern Work?

Concealed cisterns are mainly of two types - Mechanical cisterns and Pneumatic cisterns.

Mechanical Cisterns

Mechanically operated toilet cisterns are the most widely used and trusted types. They are popular for all the right reasons. Mechanical toilet cisterns are easily available, are cost effective, reliable and easy to use. They also have longevity in their running duration without breaking down, hence they are more or less a one time investment if maintained correctly .

Mechanical toilet cisterns consist of a push plate that is used to activate the process of flushing. There’s a variety of options when it comes to choosing colour, pattern and design of these push plates, hence you won’t be out of options either, when it comes to decorating your WC. 

Most plumbers all over are now familiar with the system, hence it is something that can be readily fixed as well.

Mechanical cisterns are the perfect choice if you prefer your cistern to be right behind your actual toilet and not away in a ceiling space. 

Pneumatic Cistern

A pneumatic  concealed cistern, as the name suggests comprises a mechanism that involves air or gas under pressure. The air travels throughout the system by the help of a hose and enters the valve. 

Having a hose gives you the choice to have your concealed cistern pneumatic flush fitted away from your toilet, inside furniture, cubicles, walls and ceilings. The pneumatic cistern comprises two buttons, which can be accessorised and matched with your tapware. Talk about being fancy!

The only significant downside of pneumatic cisterns is that you need direct access to the cistern if you are not using a backplate. Sometimes the hose inside might come loose as well, however that can be easily repaired.

Why Should You Install Concealed Cisterns?

Concealed cisterns are a modern day blessing for sure. There are plenty of reasons why you should install these in your homes, and we are here to list them for you.

Install Concealed Cisterns

Benefits of Concealed Toilet Cistern

  1. Concealed cisterns are neater to look at, and are the easiest solution for compact bathrooms where you might lose out on space with traditional toilet arrangements.
  2. If you are someone who wants a neat and minimalist look to your bathroom, these cisterns are perfect in that aspect as well. Concealed, and without any fuss, they give you all the practicalities of a modern day toilet without the cumbersome nature of it. 
  3. If you have elders in your house or people with limited mobility, a concealed cistern toilet will be perfect for them as well. It is easier to use and the buttons are built for use by people of all kinds and strengths.
  4. Depending on your mobility and comfort, the cistern button can be placed anywhere as well. 
  5. There is reduced flushing sounds, which is an added advantage, and also adds another layer to luxury. 
  6. Everyone lately is getting into modern sensibilities, so if you are planning on putting your property on the market, installing concealed cisterns will only increase your resale value. 

Everyone is aiming for a cleaner, neater finish with their homes these days. Since the toilet can be hung above the floor, and the pipelines will be hidden from sight, it is one of the perfect examples of modern sensibilities meeting practical approaches. 

While some people may be concerned about the price at the beginning, a toilet with a concealed cistern is a one time investment that will be useful for a long time, with low maintenance. Get a luxurious experience that is built with modern features and taste in mind.

Are Concealed Cisterns Easy To Maintain?

Many people worry that due to the new modern technology and features, a toilet with a hidden cistern will be tough to maintain. However, it is quite unlike the truth. 

If you plan the placement of your concealed cistern carefully, you will not be fretting too much about maintenance.

Toilet cisterns

                     Concealed Toilet Cistern with WC Frame - 820mm

When you plan out your partition wall, you will need to keep in mind where you decide to put the panel of the concealed wc cistern, which can be either at the top or front of your installed unit. Just remember that accessibility is the key, lest you end up turning and twisting around when you are on the toilet!

If accessibility for people with special needs is an issue, your in wall cistern can also have panels both on the top and front of your unit. 

Toilet cisterns are emerging as the new-age necessity for people because of their ease of use and less maintenance cost. Once you install it, you won’t need to spend a lot on the maintenance of the concealed toilet cistern. 

There is no issue of buildup of moss or mildew, or having to come face to face with water droplets all over your flush tanks or behind it when it comes to a hidden toilet cistern. 

A toilet concealed cistern is indeed the need of the hour, as it isn’t just accessible to all, it is also easier to clean, maintain and increase your resale value. 

A hidden cistern is one of the most practical developments in today’s times. If you are someone who has a huge family with different needs, or you want to make your life more comfortable, you should definitely go for a toilet with a hidden cistern.

Can You Pair Concealed Cistern with Any Type of Toilet?

From what you have read until now, you might have realised that concealed cisterns are built for advanced toilets, which are built upon the framework of modern day toilets. 

Back To Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets are the standard design, which are set against a wall, like most toilets usually are. 

The standard back to wall toilet has a pan-to-floor set-up, which means that it is connected to your floor, like usual toilets. It is backed up against a wall and the cistern is enclosed within the walls. The panel button is either right behind you, or on either of the sides.

cistern panel

                                   Rimless Back To Wall Toilet Pan

The back to wall toilet pan is attached to the floor, and we personally think that gives it a sleek look, with a hint of traditional style that has been reinvented for the new age person.

A rimless back to wall toilet is a classic approach to beautifying your bathroom’s interior. You can match the cistern panel with your tapware and come up with a cohesive look that can accentuate the style of your house. 

We think back to wall wc is one of the best suggestions to pair with a concealed cistern.

Wall Mounted Toilets 

If you have a small bathroom, or you want something even newer than the back to wall toilets, then wall hung toilets are the right choice for you.

These hung toilets give the appearance of more space in your bathroom, and since they don’t occupy any space on the floor, it is easier to clean around your bathroom.

oilet interior. Wall hung wc

A wall mounted toilet is free of pedestals and plumbing below their seats, and adds a classy touch to the toilet interior. Wall hung wc with a hidden cistern is suitable for people who have a finer taste in things.

Wall Hung Frame For WC and Concealed Cistern

Concealed cistern frames are an important component of a concealed cistern toilet. They provide the structure, hidden away in the wall inside of which the pipework is fitted so that your toilet can function smoothly. A toilet wall hung frame integral to the entire functioning of your toilet system as it will tie it all together.

These toilet support frames come with integral built-in support which is required when you are mounting a complex and heavy structure such as a toilet on a wall. 

The mechanics of a toilet wall hung frame are simple. The entire structure, including the concealed cistern and the bolt for hanging your toilet is fitted inside the concealed cistern frame kit.

wall hung toilet frames

                           Concealed Cistern with WC Frame -1200mm

A regular wall hung wc frame is made out of polyethylene and is made under standard conditions to ensure that it can hold weight and not break under pressure or have faulty pipes. 

The frame for the toilet is usually coated with powder to prevent coating, as it deals with water a lot. It has super-strength, and once installed won’t need a lot of repairing or maintenance as most wall hung toilet frames are tested to hold up to 400 kgs.

Most wc frames come with retractable legs, like in a bicycle or chairs so that you can adjust it according to your needs. After all, not everybody is of the same height, right?

One thing that you should keep in mind is that while you can easily buy concealed cistern with frame, sometimes you might need to buy it separately. This is done in order to ensure quality and so that the customer can choose things per their preference.

If you are looking for the perfect frame for a toilet, you need to keep a few things in mind. Make sure it can bear enough load, has coating that makes it rust-proof and is of top quality. The skeleton of any structure should be strong enough that it can sustain the other parts efficiently, and that is exactly what a concealed toilet frame is when it comes to your washroom needs. 

Together, you need to have two parts that you need to put together to have your complete concealed cistern. One of these is the frame for the toilet, and the other is the concealed cistern. Make sure you buy top quality things so that your frame for wall hung toilet is a one time investment that you can keep using for a long time with minimum repairs.

Flush Plates For Concealed Cistern

Flush plates are the flat button like things installed in your walls that you press down to activate the flush mechanism of your toilet. If they are on your wall, facing you, they are termed as front operated flush plates. 

When you buy a concealed cistern, you usually get a toilet flush plate along with it, but don’t be surprised if you have to buy it separately. No matter what the scenario, you need to keep a few things in mind while purchasing a toilet flush plate.

concealed cistern flush plate

                                       Black Pneumatic Flush Plate

The concealed cistern flush plate that you buy should be compatible with the system that you are planning to install. As you might remember from above, there are two types of concealed cisterns - mechanical cisterns and pneumatic cisterns. Both of them have different mechanisms and hence would require separate flush plates. 

The flush plate you buy should fit in the designated space, so make sure you remember the measurements correctly. You also need to remember what kind of a flush mechanism you have, and what your particular needs are, as you might need either a single or dual flush plate depending on it. The single flush plate has a capacity of 3-5 litres, whereas the dual flush plate has double its capacity, so around 5-8 litres. 

The flush plate for your cistern is usually made of PVC, but they are also available in stainless steel and brass. As we mentioned earlier, since the flush plates will be visible, you can choose what colour they are depending on your decor. 

You can have  a black flush plate, a gold flush plate or if you are going for the dual flush plates for cisterns, you can choose complementary colours as well!

Our personal favourite is the chrome flush plate that has a very neat and polished look. 

buying flush plates

                                      Chrome Dual Flush Plate

Things that you need to keep in mind while buying flush plates for your cistern include - 

  • Toilet frame type
  • Size of the flush plate 
  • Type of flush mechanism 
  • Style and materials

Shop Concealed Cistern At Tapron

We at Tapron believe in delivering only the best. No matter what you choose from our selective but varied catalogue, you will be getting the best deal. 
We personally believe that concealed cisterns are here to stay for a long time, unless something even better comes up. If you are thinking of investing in these concealed cisterns for your toilet, this is your sign.

No matter what kind of needs you have, and what your approach towards bath, shower, taps and toilet is, Tapron is surely here to guarantee you the best of everything - from technology to design, we have curated perfect pieces that will determine your lifestyle and will make it a smooth sailing for you.

If you want luxury but also want to not let go of your practical side, our catalogue is where you should be headed. Partners might bicker about everything, but it is our Tapron guarantee that you will agree upon things as we cater to everyone’s needs, something that not many brands can say.

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